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Send Notifications to Multiple Recipients

Send Notifications to Multiple Recipients

NOTE: For free accounts, there's a limit of 1 email notification with 1 recipient email address. For all accounts, we recommend only 10 recipient emails per notification. You need to create a new notification if you wish to send it to more than 10 emails.

If you'd like notification emails to be received on multiple email addresses, follow these steps:

1. Click SETTINGS at the top > EMAILS on the left > place your mouse over the notification > then hit the PENCIL icon to edit it.

2. Go to the RECIPIENTS tab > then on the RECIPIENT EMAILS section, add your preferred email addresses. Don't forget to SAVE your changes.

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  • deejonesadams

    Just had a workshop and many people said they didn't get autoresponder emails. I like to send an email with a lot of information right away after they register, then another a week before the event. I'm now reading this:

    For all accounts, we recommend only 10 recipient emails per notification. You need to create a new notification if you wish to send it to more than 10 emails. SO IF I HAVE 45 PARTICIPANTS, THEY EACH CANNOT GET AN AUTORESPONDER EMAIL AND ANOTHER ONE A WEEK BEFORE THE WORKSHOP? Please see my forms -I tried to fix it with August 2021 workshop using conditions, but I don't think it worked.

    And.....the example above is not helpful in that when I click on emails, then recipients, I see no option for recipient emails (plural).

  • Luke_Sullivan

    Instead of adding multiple email recipients in the one email notification, Is it possible to create 2 separate email notifications for the one form with separate information?

  • garrett_vivienne

    this is not what I meant really - I dont need multiple recipients. I just need one email going to whenever an order is recieved. This needs to show the complete order/submission details including what they have ordered, prices etc etc. I currently only get the order/submission which shows the customer details but not the order details which means we have to go online to get the actual order details. I am just trying to reduce the number of steps required to get the full order requirements. I done want to have to go online to get these details just print an email - is this possible ?

  • drjanelle3

    So.. even with a paid account, there is not a way to send no more than TEN emails at a time?


    Hi there, can seperate forms be returned to different Adare Productions email accounts?

    Many Thanks,


  • pgriffith

    This is great to send the submissions to them. Only problem is, they can't read them when they arrive in their email folders. How do you enable recipients to actually read HIPAA compliant emails from JotForm when they are sent to them?

  • Sandra Jones

    Hi If I add several email addresses into a Jotform In the questions will Jotform automatically send the PDF to those email addresses that have been entered on the form?

  • jc3guam

    I have a paid account. I want to send a mass email message to my contacts of a particular jot form. Is this allowed? and how

  • Ackerley

    I have a free account and the email address I am using for notification emails is not receiving anything. Does it have to be the address associated with the account in order to receive these?

    When I test with my own account it works fine, as soon as I switch it no longer works.

  • JosvanLeth

    This is the solution for multiple email adresses for the notification.
    Not for the autoresponse as the text suggest.

    "Additionally, there is also the chance that you may have more than one Email Address that you wish to use in your Autoresponder to be listed with the notification being sent to Multiple Recipients."

    In autorespose this function is not availible (I'm a paid customer)

  • aabdelrahim

    Only one email receives the submission! Please help!

  • RonGaslamp

    If I have a receptionist who needs to log into the form to print out a PDF version, do they need to create a new account?


    Too good to be true. We added 2 more emails (3 in total) and they are still coming in on the same thread. This is a bit much. 2 days now with nothing but frustration. What now?


    It's allowing us now to add additional emails. I imagine we will wait and see how they come through.


    We paid for a bronze plan. Followed your steps and it won't allow us to add another email address. For a form builder that advertises "Simple", it sure is a constant struggle...any suggestions?

  • nathangold

    This does not appear to work anymore. I know how silly this sounds, but no emails are being sent from my account. I would like to know why before I cancel my sub. This is ridiculous after working for so many years. It must be a 3.0 thing.

  • Focus_Silkeborg

    Just to be sure:
    This mail goes for the download link?
    Not for the user submitted form input?

    So, a user 'outside' the admin sphere (anybody in the world) can have and use a download link?

  • darroyolpz


    I'm having problems with this function as the "Reply-to Email" field changes automatically.

    By default I have it empty, but then it just pick one random question from the check list as set it as default.

    Sometimes I don't get the email notification, check it, and it was randomly changed

  • ABTEPProfEd

    I am looking set up a form in which two (2) emails fields are entered in the form, e.g. an employee and their manager's email would both be fields in the form. I would like they both to receive the SAME Autoresponder email. I understand that I can set up two separate Autoresponders, but my goals is to have them on the SAME Autoresponder, so if I need to hit 'Reply All' in the email, all needed partied will be included. Is this possible?

  • HCSolicitors

    I have multiple recipients but the email isn't sending to them? Nobody has a bounce list I've checked

  • newobjective

    I have a paid account, but when I go to the Recipient Email block in my form, all I am given is a pulldown with an option to select just one field (recipient) within the form. How can I add multiple field inputs as recipients?

  • ChoAn Buckley

    Thanks for the method. I have hopes to impliment or similar...emailing seems complicated.There's nothing
    like a helping hand in so cases eg. Automation & Friends...that know the lesser maths:diplomats that help support difficult situations😎😊🤩😍


    I have added recipients but they are not receiving form submissions. They did until September 2019 then it stopped.

  • 4TFM

    If our instructors receive the Jotform registration email, can they pull up the list of participants or only if they also have the log in?

  • cccpresident

    I have a paid account, have four email addresses set up in the recipient emails box and the only the first email address is receiving the email. My email history only shows the email going to that email address and not the other three. Any ideas?

  • sertac1

    so it is not sending the email to the 2nd and 3rd recipients

  • Spollyjhodie

    I have followed the instructions above and while the send recipients address is present in the notifications they are not recieving the test (which says email sent to my address but not the second when I press it). Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  • SMDC

    We have followed these instructions, but we are not receiving notification of submissions at the email address we listed in Recipient Emails box. Email address is correct. How can we correct this issue? Thanks. Lisa Harris

  • Jamiebhammer

    I have set up an Autoresponder email, however when testing the form, the email does not come through to the receipient. How can I fix it?

  • shelliew

    I need to send notification (results) to an email address the guest provided on the form. How do I do that?

  • igorcoelhos

    How many recipients can I include?

  • Beth Steinmetz

    Which level of paid membership do we need to add an additional email address?

  • FlexiVel

    yo tengo varios destinatarios pero y a su bandeja de entrada de su correo les esta llegando 4 copias del mismo formulario ¿Por que pasa esto?

  • pixeldesigns


    Are multiple recipients setup as CC'd, or is the email sent directly to each recipient?


  • DayspringAdmin

    Multiple emails was available to us until very recently. It is not listed as a "perk" of a paid account. Because we have been using this feature free until now and it is not listed in the pricing section of the website, it would be good customer service to "grandfather" in your clients who have been using this feature without charge for many, many years. It would be most appreciated to have this feature reactivated on our account.

  • wolfpaw69

    I get that part. But I want to make those phone numbers to so those receipts receive a text.

  • Penny Georgevich

    I have an order form set up to send notification emails when form submitted. The email is sent on the Test Email. But when an actual form is submitted the notification is not being sent.

    Please help.

    Also, I have tried to submit this question under the support section on multiple times and it freezes up saying "Please wait..." after the submit button is clicked.

  • theautomatic

    I've been on a free account for a while and my form was being emailed (notification) to about 6 people with no issues. Now, I cannot even delete an email address, let alone add a new one. Is it frozen/locked because I now need to pay? Surprised I need to pay to simply remove an email address as a recipient.

  • justretail

    can I paste the link into a normal email and get the same response information?

  • cnumb

    I am sorry, maybe I was not clear with my question, I would only want to send the submission to 1 email address and then if the button was pressed it would go to an alternate email address but not the regular submission address.


  • asapusa

    We recently went in to change an email recipient as we had 2 when our charity originally signed up.
    We were able to delete the current on but unable to replace it. I do see that there is a change limiting the # of email notifications now to only 1.

    Is there anyway to pay a little extra for a second one or be grandfathered in?

    Spending the $19/mo takes much needed funds
    From our programs thanks >^^

  • slobcorg
    When I create a test response, I do not receive notifications. Setup seems to be the same as for other forms that work.

  • juliaemilys

    I need to add 3 email recipients depending on what region a customer is located in. Which plan do I need?

  • wibbu

    When people fill out our form, they have the option to add an additional email address (friend, colleagues, etc.) in order for that extra email person to get the same info.

    Can we send them both (the person who fill the email and the extra email address) an autoresponse?

    If so, would it be possible to know how to do it?

  • dbdelcorso

    Hello! I was wondering if there is a way to, when the form is delivered to recipients, have ALL the recipient email addresses appear in the "To" field so that recipients can see who else the notification has been delivered to. This appears to work on some of the forms I use and not others, so I was wondering if this is a setting that can be changed. Thanks!

  • rotero

    multiple recepient for notification... dosnt work.. i only limit it below 10 emails but the only email that can receive notif email is the first email that i added...

  • bargelady

    Hi I would like to do this but my version of JF looks nothing like this

  • coffeecontracts

    I recently updated an existing jotform (Certificate of Insurance) to notify 5 email recipients. Neither the notifications nor the autoresponder are sending out. Please advise.

  • 3Gee

    So, this doesn't seem to work. I've tried it multiple times with different email recipients and the email only goes to the address associated with my account. Even when that email address isn't in the list, it's the only one that receives the email.

  • russel

    lately, i found out i did not receive notifications in my email thou we are using our form in jotforms in our daily basis. how this happen or what is the cause of this?