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How to Attach a File to Autoresponder Emails

How to Attach a File to Autoresponder Emails

Whether you’re a teacher who wants to send supplemental information to your students or a business who wants to automatically send a whitepaper to new mailing list contacts, this new feature should come in handy.

To enable this feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the Settings tab from the Form Builder.
  2. Click on Emails to see the setup wizard.
  3. Create a new Autoresponder Email or edit an existing one. 124975_edit-form-autoresponder
  4. Under the Advanced tab, you’ll see a field labeled Attach a File that allows you to upload an attachment.
  5. Upload your attachment and click Save.

The following file formats are supported:

  • PDF
  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • JPEG

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  • tgebauer

    Is there a possibility so attach a *.ics Calendar File as Attachment?

  • EVONARecruitment

    I've attached a PDF to come through as an attachment but it's not working even if I make a valid submission (i.e. don't just press TEST EMAIL) Please help

  • John Griffiths

    We use Profit Mail but we cannot send attachments as we get a 404 error.

  • prideglobal

    What about a .ics file? We want to send a calendar invite and it won't allow the upload. That's just silly.

  • Abbiescharbach

    I have followed all the directions above and the PDF will not come through in my test email.

  • belisa78

    Perfect so do I still need to use mailchimp then? Or will jotform make an email list for me?

  • beckettl

    I have followed the directions above. However, the attachment is not coming through in my Test Email. Thanks for your help.

  • weckholz

    Could you please add a "ContentId" header when sending the attachment? This way it would be possible to embed the attached file into the notification email via and prevent blocking of external images in the email body.

  • michelesyog

    What types of files can be attached? I’m trying to attach a voice recording to an auto response email that is a m4a file type and it will allow it. Also what is the max size for a file?

  • nsmd

    Yes I know that. I did it and it failed to send the attachment in the auto response. What it did was send a PDF of what I filled in.

  • kirstypilates

    I've added a PDF file to my autoresponder. It appears on the email but when I try to open it says....

    The file “Terms & Conditions.pdf” could not be opened because it is empty.

  • fatty_hoot_yo

    I do not the option "Emails" as you mentioned in the 2nd step.

    After selecting the form and clicked on more.... then I see only the following options:
    View Form
    View Submissions
    Form Analytics
    Revision History
    Clone Form
    Create PDF Form
    Share as Template

    If I need to check anywhere else where I can find the Emails option please let me know.


  • TRISudbury

    Can I add more than one attachment? I don't see this option but would like to do so if posible.

  • AlanJordan

    I do not see an attach file field for this form:

    I have enabledthe attach file feature. I also closed the form and opened it again.

  • IssuesInk

    I got a message the file type wasn't supported when attaching an Excel file?

  • amit sahni


  • YWAMHolmstedPersonnel

    When I send myself a test email the attachment isn't there. Does this mean that the attachment hasn't worked?

  • FauziNM

    Can I attach multiple files? Zipped file not supported. I'm prefer 2-3 pdf files to attached in to the autoresponder email. Regards.

  • sayitright

    I can't find this feature please help?

  • angelarasmussen

    after I embed a code I want it to say the title of my form not show the code. I want it to be a link. How do I do this?

  • pnaaf

    My form does not show attach a file field.

  • JohnPreble

    What's the easiest way to send a form via email to a client? Keep in mind I don't understand exactly what you mean by autoresponder.

    John Preble