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How to Use Google Calendar: Create Events with Your Form

How to Use Google Calendar: Create Events with Your Form

Google Calendar™ is one of the most popular calendaring applications today. It's helpful in scheduling events, booking time, and planning your day.

The Google Calendar™ Integration on JotForm helps you easily and seamlessly connect your form to a Google Calendar in just a few steps.

1. Locate the Google Calendar integration from the form builder and authenticate your Google Calendar™ account:

2. Next, select one of your calendars or dynamically select the calendar from your form using a dropdown or single choice field. (The options in those fields should have the same names as your calendars.) 

3. Once you've decided which calendar you would like to use, select or type a title for the event, then select the start date and time, and the end date and time. You may want to require* the date fields on your form; otherwise the event will be saved as an all-day event. 

4. Finally, select or type the description and location of the event:

You can connect other calendars in your account using the same integration. This will allow you to design multiple workflows while keeping everything synced.

And that's it! Your integration is ready do run, and a Google Calendar event will be created every time you get a form submission.

Have you given it a try? How did it go? Got any ideas that can help make it better? Let us know in the comments below.

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    nao consigo integrar com a agoogle agenda, entra numa tela em branco e ja repeti varias vezes. A assembleia é amanha e naõ consigo integrar.

  • blackpinksrilanka0

    why cant i select the fields

  • ed911

    Does it check if the time that is selected in the form is available in the Google Calendar? I can post new events in the google calendar, but if I add an event in google calendar directly, it continue offering the same day/time as available in the form.
    I'd love to have the calendar integration to read/write and sync to offer availability of Date/time if it's available in the calendar.
    Thank you for your help!

  • Ross_Henson

    Hi Loving this whole platform and taken me a long time to organise all the little tricks and setting which are fantastic and have been feeling all my friends, so a quick contraptions is in order.

    Only question I can't seem to resolve is:
    Can we add more than one email to the google calendar integration, so I can send different bookings to different calendars when needed? (at the moment it is just set to my login email, which is one I want to use but I just need one other)
    (I see in your demo above that you have capability to do this but I am not finding how to get this choices to come up from the beginning)

    Thank you

  • Alliance_Health

    I have connected multiple calendars to a form and am I am showing them through a conditional tied back to a dropdown field so my question is up to how many calendars can i connect to my form so I can pass booking back to google calendar

    Location 1 - Shows Calendar 1
    Location 2 - Shows Calendar 2
    Location 3 - Shows Calendar 3
    Location 4 - Shows Calendar 4

    And so forth, is this possible?

  • tuincentrumrebelhuizen

    And how about an application being cancelled? The timeslots remain taken and in Google Calender it is not automatically deleted?

  • duvallfamilydrugs

    Is there a way to use the appointment feature at the top of the PDF as a widget? And then be able to integrate the appointment into google calendar?

  • Justin Kramer


    I have 5 different products which are available for rental every day.

    Can you use this feature to automatically remove an item per day.

    EG: if you try book out product 1 on a specific date and it is already booked on this date, the form wont allow you as its already on the calendar?

  • Kimberlyn

    Is there any way to attach a pdf of the submission to the google calendar event?

  • ken.macmorran

    Using Google Calendar Validation, can I have events in each calendar box and have the user select one of the events he wants to schedule?

  • gpsinfo

    Can I use this feature to send a calendar invite to people who we are sending this form too?

  • Stefan Adelbert

    Is there a way to add invitees to the calendar event that gets created by this integration? I hope so!

  • KBLEE206


  • yborcats

    I am choosing a date/time field to use as the start time but the 'required' flag won't go away and I can't save.

  • BringitonSports


    What happens if somone books an appoinment but they want to change the time? Do we have the flexability to do that as builders of the form?

  • homesbymason

    I agree with Alexio_cz, I would like to give Jotform permission to "read" my Google Calendar in order to create appointment options based upon the overall availability on my calendar. I saw in your response to him that when someone schedules an appt on Jotform that time slot goes away, but we all will have OTHER appts on our calendar that need to be worked around. I currently use Calendly to do what I am asking for here, but would love to use Jotform instead because it has much broader capabilities. Thanks for considering!

  • RoSBC

    I am having problems with Google Calendar. I have saved a basic calendar and got an appropriate google account. I am totally lost.

  • Alexio_cz

    Without 2-way sync with Google Calendar still useless. I do not want people to book a slot when it is not available.

  • emucoe

    It *is* possible to create a condition where the Google Calendar won't be populated unless the item is approved.

    1. If you are having the item be approved, create date fields in the approval area that match the date fields used by the the person originally filling out the form.
    2. Create conditional logic, where those matching fields only populate if "approved" is selected.
    3. In the Google calendar integration setup, link those matching date fields to the Google calendar, rather than the date fields filled in by the person initially making the request.

    The only hiccup in this seems to be:

    Even though I have the duplicate fields hidden, they still display in the approval area.

  • allsquarempls

    Love that there are several pre-defined appointment time intervals in the integration, but we're unsure how to set a custom default time interval (ex: +90 minutes or +x minutes). Any idea how to work around this, such as using form calculation to add 90 minutes to a user selected time value that the integration will allow you to select (seems to only allow selection of time and date fields)? Trying to create fixed duration, non-user selected calendar time slots that are > 60 minutes to no avail. Seems like a hidden form number field that contained the value x (minutes or Epoch time) could relatively easily be added as an option in this integration rather than finding a convoluted workaround.

  • Mayeong

    Hi, I just started to use this form for staff leave planner. I tested and found a problem in the END DATE.
    For example, I tried to select from 1st October to 5 October. The google calendar show end date is 4 October!
    Need your help on this.

  • ikramputramahkota

    can I set the condition to create the event? For example IF certain field IS EQUAL TO certain VALUE, THEN create event in Google Calendar.

  • kmuldoon

    Is it possible to use this with the configurable list calendar?

  • Aj

    Does this support two way live sync with google calendar? Does the calendar in form block out time slots not available?

  • asakuramk

    Hi, I love this integration.
    But I found that I can't use with Date reservation widget.
    With only date picker.
    If I could send date date from Date reservation to date picker, it is easy to show the date resarvation on my Google Calendar...

  • Oneka

    Hey Jotform Family,
    This was a pleasant surprise. As I was setting up the integration, I didn't see a way to make my event /appointment a reoccurring one.

    For example, when my clients sign up for a new service and make a payment, I would like this to show up in my calendar as a monthly or weekly event showing that their next payment is due.

    Will this be available soon?

  • Dongseok Kim

    If there is a change in the event and subsequently submitted a form with the change, then the even change will be reflected in the Google calendar? i.e)delete old event/ create new event, change the event time

  • muskingum

    This new feature is very exciting! We're having a hard time being able to set the date and time as the "Start Time." Which widget(s) will work for this? Is anyone else running into this issue?

  • Serge Ecoiffier

    How about having the ability to check if the block of time about to be created is available ?

    What is the behaviour of the form, if already accounted for ?

    Otherwise, I could see many form submissions overlapping and creating a mess, if used as shown in the screen captures ("booking from" and "booking to").

    JotForm is growing in leaps and bounds. Fantastic.

  • Serge Ecoiffier


    Can this be used to make actual appointments with the person submitting the form, or others 'named' in the form (through appropriate email fields) ?

    I don't see a "from" (which should be the account used anyways) nor a "to" which could be the person submitting the form (asking their email address obviously in the form).

    Of course, there are dangers of facilitating spams / junk email where the person enters some random email address instead of theirs. However, we would see that in the Google Calendar since the "from" is know / set (and accessible).

    JotForm keeps on growing and growing. Fantastic !