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How to Set Unique Submissions on a Form

How to Set Unique Submissions on a Form

Sometimes you may want to prevent your respondents from making multiple submissions in a form and this is when the Unique Submission is most useful, and it has three options:

  • No Check (default) - duplicate submissions will not be checked in this state.
  • Check cookies only (loose check) - checks whether the submission came from the same browser. It uses cookies stored in the browser's storage to verify duplicate submissions.
  • Check cookies and IP (strict check)- aside from cookies, it also checks if the submission came from the same IP address.

If you select strict check, people in the same network (in the same school, college, university, institution) will not be able to make submissions, as the IP address for the network would be the same. If you are considering the target audience as students in the same school, the loose check should be chosen.

The instructions below show how you can access the Unique Submission settings through the form's builder page:

  1. Go to Settings > Form Settings > Show More Options.
  2. Look for the Unique Submission and select an option from the drop-down.
    Unique Submission
    Unique Submission
  3. After selecting an option, notice at the top of the builder page (below the form title) that all changes have been saved.
    All changes saved
    All changes saved

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  • Anayatullah

    Can we send Jotform Responses to different Google sheets.

  • gasman0155

    Hi After using your form for a while now if find it the best form building and user friendly form out there. I have one request to prevent users submitting twice. Is it possible to only let users submit once from a list. On my form I have 42 option to choses from after one of the options is used can it stop this option from being used again?
    Regards Peter

  • djbre58

    I'm getting this Sorry! Only one entry is allowed and I would like to increase the number to say 2, cant you tell how I can do that.


  • daggarza

    Can I reset the time for when a user can submit a second form? Or is it permanent?

  • EACCIevents

    Good morning

    I have cleared the databases on my form - EACCI November Biz-Link Connect Event. However, when I register as a test and as a participant it gives me this error message "Sorry! Only one entry is allowed".

    This has also occurred with two of my regular attendees.

    From the above information on this page, this is my request "No Check (default) - duplicate submissions will not be checked in this state."

    Please advise how to fix this.

    Many thanks

    Heather Smithard

  • stong226

    I received your answer but I am not clear on the drop down menu I don't have the option to select (Loose Check) or (Strict Check). The three options are No Check, Check Cookies only, and Check Cookies and IP. I just want to restrict multiple submissions to the same event. The answer you gave me is not clear. Please advise!

    Thanks for your help

  • NewLifeSociety

    Hi there! I would like to allow duplicate submissions from the same cookie and IP. I changed the settings and the form is not allowing another entry.

    This is their problem: filled out the form and submitted. I got no Thank You Page. So I submitted again. This time I got an error message about registering twice

  • Hooker_Angel

    The customer may need to submit an other submission. What with check stop them from doing that?



    I've been encountering an issue where some forms are being sent in duplicate. Usually the duplicates are sent hours or even days after the original was submitted. In some cases multiple duplicates (up to 4) have been received. We've contacted some of the customers who we received duplicates from and in all cases they claim they have not initiated the duplicate form. Any idea what this is caused by? Would you recommend adjusting unique submissions settings? Would doing so prevent carbon copies from coming in or would it target all future submissions by the customer? Thanks!


    my name is big letter my number is correct try again this matter is next no any problems I promise me no mistake this is correct at sab you thank you so much

  • ErgovateConsulting

    We want to have a poll, where (i) only specific users can vote, (ii) only once, (iii) without been able to forward the vote to another PC/IP address, and (iv) without admin been able to track responses to users but only get the results of the poll. How can this happen?

  • renatoborges

    I made a form for a friend and I would like to know if it is possible to export this form to my friend's account. It is possible?

  • flgd

    Thank you. I tried both cookies only and cookies with IP. It works, but I cannot access the linked website attached to the form after this. Is there any way that after I accomplished the form. and everytime i visite the linked website the form will not load again?

  • cygreen

    Dear Sir ,

    I want to use QR reader as one of data collection field . The QR codes are provided to some people ( Common Man ) . All of them have been told to maintain a "Q" . The mobile form with JOTFORM app is scanning the QR codes of the people , to whom the items are being distributed . I want to check to stop the repeated entry of any person during a particular interval of time . Please help me to include this condition in my form creation.

    Manoj K Jain

  • ivan.abrego05

    about Unique Submission
    I have been testing the IP option, and it does not let me send more than once, it is perfect, but the cookies option that it specifically does .. I tell you, I have an order form, where I send them to my clients they fill every time What they want, I want to avoid in some way, that my clients do not forward the link to friends of theirs and they send me a request (without knowing who they are), with cookies this is avoided, or there is another way. Limit if someone who has my link, and forwards it to someone else, this will not work unless I send it to them .. let me know if it can.

  • mrpjb2u

    Thank you guys for the quick response. I don't think this answers my question or maybe there's more of this I need understanding on.

    Here's what I am looking to website is a membership site however I currently don't have an option that allows members to be identified by way of a user name. For example on your site my user name is "mrpjb2u" and because I've created that user name no other user can create it. Also, when an identifier is necessary on the front end of your site, my user name (mrpjb2u) is displayed and not my full information. On the back-end the user name gives you a quick way to identify me and my full information.

    This is what I'm looking to hopefully achieve on my site. Can you help?

  • David Cruz

    Is there a way that I can change the message that is shown?

    Sorry! Only one entry is allowed.


  • Ronald

    I think I already found the answer below in the old replies (2013 - 2017) that this is not possible... or has it been added in the meantime? It would really be a big plus for Jotform if you would offer this feature.

  • Ronald

    Can I also set unique submissions with a time limit? So let's say I have a voting form for 2 weeks and I want to allow a user to vote once per 24 hours, is that possible too?

  • e4pn123

    thank you much appreciated

  • suewams

    found this very helpful ... however took forever to figure out the proper wording of my question. "How to change the number of form submissions allowed" should be searchable terms, IMO.

  • CSantai

    very helpful

  • taholliday21

    Thank you.

  • Goodwyn

    How can I change the message that appears for unique submissions.

  • alvaropatino.concejal



  • MCRPC2018

    Is it possible to only allow one submission per email address?

  • My Charity

    If I set the Unique Suhbmission to No check, will the CAPTCHA feature still work to protect my form?

  • Chacole

    Yes, this worked but my form is used monthly. Is there a way to reset (delete the cookies) upon deleting each months submissions? So attendees can still sign up next month without being blocked. I tested this and when I deleted my submission and tried to sign up again I still was blocked.

    Getting it to clear cookies or reset on deletion would be a great help.

  • rgannon

    We all have choices of what survey format or company we choose to use. Because of your incredible support network, we will always be loyal to Jotform. Thank you so much

  • laurelg

    Can you tell me what message comes up when they do submit a duplicate submission under "cookies only"? What happens?

  • Johnzen

    I am using my form for my online store website. What if i choose the "Check Cookies Only". Is this also a lifetime limit? I want to block the spammers but i also want my clients to purchase again using the same Purchase order form.

  • j21frye

    Is it possible to direct the user to a "Sign Up" link when they get this error?

  • cecilianovita

    can i limit the number of subcriptions on every choice of single choice type questions

  • uhchockeyclub


  • wehad

    أرغب في انشاء نموذج لا يقبل التعبئة بنفس رقم الهوية أكثر من مرة واحدة

  • facturamelo

    recibo formularios duplicados al parecer los formulario se repiten cuando el usuario vuelve atras en su navegador.

    Hay forma de evitar esto?

    Ya intentamos agregar un captcha pero el problema continua.

  • amyf

    When using "loose check" is the cookie being used a "Session Cookie" (cleared when the browser is closed and reopened) or "Persistent Cookie"? If it's Persistent does it expire? When?

  • calebtaulbee

    Is there a way for people to submit updates to the information they've already submitted? Lets say today my cell phone number is 555-5555 but next week it changes. Can I go in and check a box or something that says "Update my previous information" or something?


    Good afternoon.

    I have created a form.
    For some reason if I follow your answer as shown above. Under the preference button I have a "Form Limits" tab(This might be a new version from the one shown above). Under this tab the "Unique Submission" option is there but as I click on it to change it, it doesn't let me. Why is this?
    Please Help!!

  • satyamwahi

    I want to reset it everyday . i want it to be done automatically?????

  • 1thomh1

    This is great, BUT if you could trigger the email program to run when the next page button is pressed, then you could put in a box for the user to tick if they want the email, and set a conditional email to send when they press next, IF they tick that box. Better yet, if an email could send the moment they tick the box/ press a button that would be fantastic!

    My only other problem is that this assumes they're being sent direct Jotform links, many of your clients, myself included, embed your forms into their own websites and don't want the user to know they're using Jotform - this wouldn't work as it only works with a jotform link!

  • mrmidiot

    Will they be able to come back the next day and submit the forma again? Or does it block them forever on strict?

  • alan120599

    I'm a consultant and want to create forms to send to different users who can save their answers and return to see what they have answered from time to time as a saved formed unique to them so they can refer to it as an ongoing plan that gets adjusted as they go in time?

  • aptus

    Is there a way to change this message to a custom one?

  • mgcaledonian13

    A previous form that I used had a strict check on any one of the fields of the form, does the loose check do this ? I have asked one of our users who has two email addresses to try a submission with the strict check and it of course blocks his submission from their other address, but when I set it to loose check they can send duplicate submission. Can you suggest that the strict check only checks for a specified duplicated field for example email address.
    Willy Scott

  • tadie92

    Is there a way to customize the notification that multiple submissions are not allowed?

  • markashton

    Can you give these guys an answer instead of ignoring this please

  • wrafter

    I have the same requirement as yoyou12121 and bhanu. I want to limit submissions to approx 10 in a calendar month from one IP address.

  • bhanu

    Hello Jotform Team,

    I have a same query as (yoyo12121). I have a similar requirement. Please help.


  • yoyo12121

    i have a blog and im setting up a form where people can send me pictures that i might want to put on my blog, is there a way that i can restrict it so that the same person can only send one picture per day?