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    Volunteer Certificate Template

    by Maricor_b Cloned 24
    Express your appreciation and gratitude to your volunteers by rewarding them with a Volunteer Certificate. Whether you are from a non-profit or for-profit organization, recognition is an important part of any program. A Volunteer Certificate is given to the participants who agreed to do a specific task without getting or expecting anything in return. This certificate also serves as a proof that they have participated in the program.

    Try this Volunteer Certificate template and customize it to suit your program. The standard design has a white background with purple and yellow borders on the side but you can edit and change the colors based on your own liking. The template has information such as the company’s name, name or title of the event, participant's name, place, and signature. Use it for your upcoming and future programs.


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    Volunteer Certificate Template
    Volunteer Certificate

    Presented to

    Donella Shearman

    In recognition of your time and dedication in making the Cleaning Library a success held in

    8 Ludington, 2 Emmet Place
    Baltimo, Maryland, 2120

    Awarded on 

    Volunteer Certificate Template

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