How to use a Salesforce authentication token

In an era when information security is a massive priority for businesses, more companies are looking to authentication tools to ensure their data isn’t used improperly. From digital methods like multifactor verification and single sign-on to physical methods like fingerprint recognition and biometrics, authentication is a cornerstone of modern security infrastructure.

Salesforce is a top-choice customer relationship management (CRM) and business platform, and it uses authentication tokens to protect the unique data of the platform’s hundreds of thousands of customers. Though the prospect of safeguarding all those profiles may seem daunting, the genius of these tokens demonstrates why Salesforce — as well as the various apps available within the platform, like Jotform for Salesforce — is worth the investment.

Here’s how it works and how you can activate your own Salesforce authentication token.

How an authentication token works

An authentication or access token is a form of digital ID that contains the precise security credentials and login information for a system’s user. Functionally, a user would enter an authentication token into a program (like Salesforce) rather than a password.

In Salesforce, authentication tokens are generated by the logon service itself after the user provides credentials. As digital entities, these tokens are difficult to steal or access externally other than through the information provided by the initial user —making them one of the safest forms of digital security on the market.

For a platform like Salesforce, with its impressive array of third-party applications that require personal data within the larger Salesforce ecosystem, authentication tokens provide a sense of security to users and developers alike. Through a few quick steps, any individual can acquire the authentication tokens they need to connect essential digital tools without worrying about the security of their digital information.

How to get a Salesforce authentication token

Salesforce authentication tokens allow you to connect various apps to the interface, such as Jotform for Salesforce. To generate your own, access your app manager in the Salesforce API and follow these steps:

  1. Locate your OAuth-connected app in the apps list, click the Action dropdown, and select View.
  2. In the section called Initial Access Token for Dynamic Client Registration, click Generate.
  3. If a token has already been created for the app but you need a new token, click Regenerate. Note that this will invalidate the previous one you generated, so make updates accordingly.
  4. Select Click to reveal, then copy the token for registration with the app’s OAuth 2.0 client.
  5. Register this initial access token with your external API gateway.

By using tokens, you can grant third-party apps unique access to your Salesforce account. This method allows you to quickly and easily access third-party apps within Salesforce in a frictionless yet deeply secure way.

How to reset your Salesforce authentication token

Sometimes, you’ll need to reset your authentication token to reroute access or change permissions within the token. To reset or enable your Salesforce authentication token, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Salesforce account.
  2. Once in Salesforce, go to the Settings menu and click on My Personal Information.
  3. Under My Personal Information, select the Reset My Security Token tab from the dropdown list.
  4. Select Reset Security Token in the right panel.
  5. Check your email for your new Salesforce authentication token, which allows renewed access to whatever the token was connected to.

In a few quick steps, you can reset any token and provide the necessary access to each user without impacting security. This keeps business moving when users forget passwords, and it makes it easier to complete those pesky tasks that once required an IT professional to resolve.

With a Salesforce authentication token, users can feel far more secure when incorporating data from numerous third-party applications, without adding friction or losing information in their normal business processes. By combining the twin benefits of security and convenience, Salesforce offers an effective system to get you back to the main focus of your organization — without worrying about your data.

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