A U.K. charity overhauls its fund application & distribution processes with Jotform and Salesforce

A U.K. charity overhauls its fund application & distribution processes with Jotform and Salesforce

Industry: Nonprofit

Company size: Medium

Use cases: Online forms, funding applications, collecting votes, membership applications


This nonprofit provides its community with a point of access to charities, social enterprises, volunteer organizations, and public social partnerships in the U.K.

Funded by the government and its own social enterprises, the organization’s mission is to promote community growth and support by connecting volunteers from local organizations. It offers support by promoting charities and providing regular newsletters, resources, advice on funding, and more. The nonprofit boasts a growing membership of volunteers and organizations that represent the diverse population and needs of its U.K. community.


In 2022, the nonprofit received a new mandate from the government to deliver funding to the community. The process for distributing funds starts with local applications for financial support. The nonprofit and its peer organizations receive hundreds of applications each year, and each application must be entered into a Salesforce database for the local groups.

As this is a charity with limited resources and a large workload, it needed a streamlined application and data entry process. Manual data entry into Salesforce wasn’t an option because it took far too much time, especially because the applications are so long. Additionally, once the applications were processed and delivered to Salesforce, the nonprofit needed a way for the community to vote on which charities most deserved the government funding.


According to the administrator for data management, the organization and other local groups have used Salesforce for a number of years, especially as they transitioned to working online during the pandemic. When the new funding mandate took effect, she realized part of the solution was already in place with Salesforce. But she also needed a way to streamline the flow of all that application data into the Salesforce CRM.

She heard about Jotform from another local group and discovered the legacy Salesforce integration. She then used Jotform to build online forms that capture the data needed to facilitate funding applications. As the integration delivers the form submissions to Salesforce, the organization produces dashboards within its CRM to present the data.

After the applications were processed, the nonprofit held a vote for the public so they could make the final decision on fund distribution. The organization used Jotform and its Salesforce integration for the voting forms as well, which allowed the votes to be easily recorded, verified, and counted. Nearly 4,000 voting forms were submitted through Jotform, and all the data was automatically sent to Salesforce, saving hours of time.

The nonprofit has now deployed Jotform and Salesforce to accept membership applications. Each workflow eliminates the need for manual data entry by staff. And with each form submitted, time that used to be spent on administration can now be spent on more strategic tasks.

Nearly 1,000 application form templates from Jotform

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