How to capture leads in Salesforce

Leads are the key to unlocking your company’s sales potential. Without a way to capture leads in your customer relationship management (CRM) system, your team could lose out on potential revenue. If you use Salesforce as your CRM, effective Salesforce lead capture is an essential part of your operations.

With the right tools and processes, you can funnel accurate, quality leads directly into your Salesforce database for future use. Follow along as we break down the basics of lead capture and highlight a solution that can reduce the amount of work involved in this essential process.

What Salesforce offers

For companies looking for an affordable CRM, Salesforce is often one of the top names on their list. Salesforce helps companies connect with and understand their target customers through cloud-based data storage, customer lifecycle management, and tools for tracking customer analytics as they’re generated.

Salesforce has grown beyond the traditional limitations of a CRM to provide a full suite of cloud-based solutions for businesses looking to expand their reach. Salesforce’s CRM is made up of a variety of cloud-based products that come together to make a full system, including

  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Analytics Cloud

This comprehensive toolkit has made Salesforce the most-used CRM application in the world, with a self-reported count of over 150,000 users worldwide.

How lead capture works

In the world of sales, a lead is an individual who has the potential to become a customer. Salespeople use leads to build your business’s customer base and generate revenue. The process of gathering this information on potential customers and directing it to your CRM is known as lead capture.

You can capture leads through specific lead capture pages on your website, lead capture web forms, or on your e-commerce page. These three areas on your website offer your team the opportunity to collect information to follow up with users through marketing materials, surveys, and more. Using this data, your sales team can then pursue leads to convert them into new or returning customers.

How to ensure effective Salesforce lead capture

The effectiveness of your lead capture tools will ultimately determine the quantity and quality of the leads you obtain. Creating engaging forms and well-designed web pages can help funnel new leads into your sales pipeline without alienating users with obnoxious or overly promotional tactics.

Once someone fills out your lead capture form, the lead should go directly to your CRM for your sales team to use. The accuracy and efficiency of this process can determine each lead’s value to your team. Ineffective lead capture tools may cause your team to receive partial, inaccurate, or disorganized information that will ultimately create more work than necessary.

Since the lead capture process is so important, choosing the right program to handle it is essential. The right tool should make it easy to create a way to collect leads and automatically send them to Salesforce.

How to optimize Salesforce lead capture with Jotform

When you need an easy, high-quality Salesforce lead capture tool, Jotform can keep your tactics fresh and effective. Not only does Jotform facilitate Salesforce lead capture through a direct integration, but it also provides a full suite of additional tools to boost the effectiveness of each form.

To keep your customers engaged, Jotform offers a variety of unique lead capture options, like lead generation quizzes. Through Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder, your team can create interactive lead capture quizzes and forms in minutes. These forms are fully customizable, engaging, and secure, so your sales team can receive customer data with confidence.

Beyond the form builder itself, Jotform’s suite of features offers additional value to your team with tools such as

Jotform offers your team the tools they need to maximize the return on each lead capture channel you use. Easily embed forms on any web page, share them through a link, or post them on social media. You can customize, update, and use your forms over and over again to save time and effort.

Your Salesforce lead capture tactics could make the difference between generating revenue and taking a loss, so don’t settle for a program that can’t keep up. Build lead capture methods that fit your customers’ behaviors, keep your tactics fresh, and consider the impact your tech solutions can have on your business’s bottom line.

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