The top Salesforce events in 2024

Companies of all sizes and across all industries trust Salesforce to help them run their businesses. From CRM tools to logistics management and more, the technology has evolved to become an all-encompassing business solution that employees and managers alike want to learn more about. 

Salesforce events that include education, networking, and interactive opportunities to dig deeper into the use of this multifaceted platform have popped up across the globe. Here are some of the best Salesforce events to attend in 2024 and what you can expect to learn at each of them.

The benefits of attending Salesforce events

From meeting like-minded professionals and potential customers to learning about new Salesforce technologies and integrations — like Jotform for Salesforce — these events offer a ton of opportunities for businesses of all sizes to expand their understanding and implementation of this CRM software.

Though Salesforce hosts many of these events, the larger business community organizes and runs even more of them. As you scroll through the following events, consider which professionals you’d like to hear from, which topics you’d like to learn about, and how the insights you could gain from each could be beneficial to your business.

The best Salesforce events to attend in 2024

Salesforce events happen year-round and focus on various aspects of the platform. Wherever you are in your journey with Salesforce, you’ll be able find an event or discussion for you and your company.

Salesforce-sponsored events


What: A massive annual Salesforce event, Dreamforce highlights all of the latest developments from the past year in the fields of AI, data, and trust in technology. Combining conversations about implementing advanced solutions along with the ethics of these tools, this multiday affair includes several guest speakers and attracts thousands of attendees. This year’s event is scheduled for mid September, and the 2024 event is expected at the same time next year.

When: Exact dates TBD

Where: San Francisco (remote also available)


What: TrailblazerDX provides the most comprehensive educational environment for Salesforce users and developers, offering hundreds of hands-on learning experiences, classes, and seminars for those looking for even more CRM applications. With partnerships across various workplace tools, like Slack and Tableau, attendees will learn the power of integration and of managing their professional lives in the most technically advanced ways.

When: March 6–7, 2024

Where: San Francisco (remote also available)

Tableau Conference

What: A specialized event for Salesforce’s Tableau end-to-end analytics platform, this yearly event brings data professionals together to discuss and share lessons about product innovations from around the world. Topics include cloud-based analytics, security, generative AI, and even more futuristic applications of data, inspiring attendees to think big about the future of intelligent workspaces.

When: April 29–May 1, 2024

Where: San Diego 


What: One of the most widely attended Salesforce events, Connections hosts marketing professionals who use the Salesforce platform to share innovative insights and success stories for businesses across industries. With a focus on driving commerce and customer engagement solutions, Connections hosts over 10,000 industry professionals for this multiday event.

When: May 22–23, 2024

Where: Chicago 

Salesforce-supported community events

London’s Calling

What: One of the most widely attended international Salesforce events, London’s Calling is a yearly one-day opportunity for European businesses to get together, discuss lessons learned and innovations, and gain valuable insight into the Salesforce ecosystem.

When: TBD

Where: London 

Midwest Dreamin’

What: A Salesforce community-led, community-run event, Midwest Dreamin’ bills itself as a collaboration of the Salesforce “super user group” — highly dedicated users of the platform who bring deep insights from their years of working with the technology. This multiday affair focuses on sharing lessons and networking with the larger Salesforce community. 

When: July 17–19, 2024

Where: Minneapolis 

WITness Success

What: This two-day event focused on women in tech (the WIT in WITness), particularly within the Salesforce community, provides networking and mentoring opportunities for women of different experience levels and backgrounds. This year, WITness Success is a co-networking event with Midwest Dreamin’, offering U.S.-based attendees a chance for even greater connection with fellow Salesforce community members.

When: August 2–3, 2024

Where: Louisville, KY


What: A popular European edition of similar Salesforce community events, CzechDreamin draws a big international audience from multiple continents for a jam-packed, single-day event conducted in English. Given the diverse pool of attendees, this event will expose individuals to unique learning and networking opportunities and give growing companies a chance to share their insights and innovations about the Salesforce platform.

When: May 17, 2024

Where: Prague

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