How a fintech firm uses Jotform and Salesforce to help home buyers

How a fintech firm uses Jotform and Salesforce to help home buyers

When hopeful home buyers fall just short of loan approval, mortgage professionals refer them to Uqual, a comprehensive loan readiness company that uses the latest technology and techniques to prepare clients for their next home loan opportunity.

Since Uqual works with thousands of mortgage professionals, the company needed a smart way to import data from its enterprise partners into its Salesforce CRM. As Uqual prepared to begin a new partnership with a top 15 mortgage lender, timeliness was a factor too. The solution on both accounts was Jotform, which powers a workflow that helps Uqual, its partners, and its clients.

When Uqual needed a workflow solution ASAP, Jotform delivered with the easy to use Form Builder.

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From months to days

“Where we’ve really used Jotform is with our enterprise partnerships,” says Josh Crabbe, head of marketing at Uqual. “At scale, mortgage professionals need to be able to easily pass us leads.” He explains that it could take Uqual’s large partners months to create a system to transfer data into Uqual’s Salesforce CRM, but with Jotform, the entire process was completed much faster.

“The biggest business outcome for one of our largest partners was the speed that we were able to get a form to our Salesforce CRM,” he says. “I was able to get Jotform going in a week.”

We were able to launch an enterprise partnership within a few weeks of signing a contract, instead of a few months.

Josh Crabbe

As Crabbe received feedback about his form from Uqual’s partners and internal teams, he could quickly make changes in Jotform.

“Our partner and our internal teams constantly had feedback, and I was able to easily go in and make modifications in a few hours. If we were some sort of more custom solution, it might have taken a few days,” Crabbe says.

Streamlining workflows even more

Jotform has had a Salesforce integration for some time, but with Jotform now available on the Salesforce AppExchange, using both services as part of the same workflow will become even easier — and save more time and money.

For example, leads will appear in Uqual’s Salesforce CRM more quickly. Before Jotform for Salesforce, Uqual used Zapier to connect Jotform and Salesforce and perform lookups in its Salesforce database. When a mortgage professional sent a lead to Uqual, the process created a lead in Salesforce, but there was a four- to five-minute gap between form submission and lead generation. Plus, there was an added cost because, as Crabbe says, “Zapier is expensive.”

The lag time isn’t an issue for Uqual in most cases. But sometimes, the situation demands a faster solution. One such case is what Uqual calls “live transfers.” That’s when a lead is on the phone and waiting to talk to an Uqual representative.

Jotform’s new Salesforce forms can perform lookups on their own, eliminating substantial lag time by cutting out the use of another app as intermediary. Now that lead generation happens faster, Uqual and its clients can start their relationship seamlessly and be on the path to home ownership that much faster.

Money on the table

“Being able to launch our form in a matter of a week, instead of possibly a month to two months…that’s money on the table,” Crabbe says, noting that there’s a lot on the line for everyone, most of all potential homeowners eagerly looking to improve their loan readiness.

Using Jotform to send data to Salesforce has made life easier for everyone who depends on Uqual’s workflow: Uqual’s mortgage industry partners, its new clients, and Uqual itself.

“Leveraging Jotform for the passing of leads from a top 15 mortgage lender to our Salesforce CRM has enabled us to launch our product quickly and be agile with the changing requirements, [allowing] us to make the best partnership possible,” Crabbe says.

Whether you’ve used Jotform’s Salesforce integration before or are just diving into the world of Salesforce, there are new possibilities now that Jotform is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. The app is free to use and can streamline data entry into your Salesforce CRM, not to mention bring all of Jotform’s automation tools to your Salesforce dashboard.

As for Uqual, a great workflow is about to get even better, with faster data transfers and more.

Jotform for Salesforce

Jotform’s debut in the Salesforce AppExchange ushers in a new era for Jotform users who also use Salesforce. For Jotform users who have yet to dive into the world of Salesforce, this is the ideal time to do so.

Jotform for Salesforce brings the Jotform user experience to Salesforce, with prefilled forms and a lot more. Once you’ve installed the Jotform app from the AppExchange, you can use Jotform’s suite of automation tools from within your Salesforce workspace with no need to switch between platforms.

We can’t wait to hear how Jotform for Salesforce powers your next workflow. If you’d like to share your story for a possible case study on our blog, fill out this form!

Jotform is now on Salesforce AppExchange!

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Jotform is now on Salesforce AppExchange!
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