How to streamline Salesforce donation management

Collecting and organizing donor data is an essential but tedious aspect of nonprofit work. For many organizations that use Salesforce, this can mean hours of manual data entry that ultimately could result in misspellings and other errors. This is what makes a Salesforce donation management solution so essential to your team’s success.

The right software can optimize your team’s time while improving the overall efficiency and quality of your data collection process. Discover how these solutions can benefit you as we break down the essential elements of donation management software.

How donation management software works

Donation management software are programs designed to help nonprofits keep their donor database organized and running smoothly. These tools collect, sort, organize, and store donor data so you can follow up or manage relationships with your donors.

For modern, growing nonprofit organizations, these solutions provide a one-stop shop for all the information required to run and manage their donation campaigns. These systems should help your organization gather donations, track donor information and metrics, and sort important information directly into your customer relationship management (CRM) system for future use.

Choosing the right donation management system for your organization will come down to your needs, existing systems, and future goals. With all the work you do for your organization, it’s important you invest in a system that works for you and provides additional value to your donation process.

How donation management solutions in Salesforce deliver benefits

While Salesforce has some donation management capabilities built into its CRM system, there are some gaps in its functionality that make it potentially beneficial to use third-party software — for donation collection, for example.

Your organization can use Salesforce to store and manage donor data and campaigns, but it may be better to let a secondary software handle collecting and importing this information to Salesforce. Using dedicated Salesforce donation management software to collect donations directly from donors can improve the donor experience, streamline payments, and create a seamless process for your organization.

One of the challenges of working in Salesforce is that it requires manual data entry for much of your donor data. Luckily, solutions designed to integrate with your Salesforce ecosystem can retrieve information and payments from donors, then import it directly into your Salesforce fields for later use, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

You can also use donation management tools to collect donations across a variety of different media, including

  • Your organization’s website
  • Social media
  • Email
  • In-person events

By diversifying your donation collection methods, you can maximize your fundraising efforts while minimizing the work required from your team. Choosing the right Salesforce donation management solution may change the way your nonprofit organization approaches fundraising, as well as how you interact with Salesforce.

How Jotform enhances your Salesforce donation management

To ensure you have a donation management solution that creates a seamless collection process, you need a program directly connected with Salesforce. Jotform is one such solution. With Jotform’s intuitive, interconnected platform, you can easily collect donations, customer data, and analytical insights to share with your organization.

Jotform’s free donation software gives your team access to a number of unique benefits to boost your upcoming fundraising campaigns, including

  • Seamless data capture: Jotform forms directly integrate with your Salesforce CRM, allowing data to be routed to each specific field you need filled out. This minimizes the need for repetitive manual data entry that burns out your team and uses up resources.
  • Improved data quality: By using Jotform to import your donor data, you can reduce the mistakes associated with manual entry and receive information exactly as your donors intended. Forms can even have built-in error correction to prevent mistakes from making it into Salesforce.
  • Integrated user experience: Easily access Jotform within Salesforce and without switching apps or logging in and out repeatedly. Removing this extra step can help improve your team’s productivity and minimize pain points common in less-integrated solutions.

Connecting Salesforce to Jotform can boost the performance of each program to give your team the extra help they need to meet campaign and annual fundraising goals. However, the benefits of Jotform go beyond the Salesforce ecosystem to further supercharge each donor interaction.

How Jotform’s suite of features can benefit your nonprofit

Jotform offers nonprofits a variety of helpful features to help streamline their donation process and get more out of each interaction. The Jotform suite of tools includes

Your organization can also rest easy knowing that your donor’s data is safe and sound. Jotform protects your data using a 256-bit SSL connection, follows GDPR and PCI compliance rules, and provides multiple encryption methods.

Implementing a Salesforce donation management system can help your team stay organized and improve each campaign’s effectiveness. But choosing the right one for your needs is key to your success. Using well-integrated tools like Jotform reduces your team’s workload, allowing them to focus on higher priority tasks, do excellent work, and raise money to support your cause.

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Jotform is now on Salesforce AppExchange!

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