Salesforce Health Cloud: Pricing, features, and benefits

Healthcare providers are on a never-ending quest for systems that anticipate the needs of patients and providers. Salesforce Health Cloud is a platform seeks to redefine what it means to enhance patient care and provider efficiency. But what truly sets Salesforce Health Cloud apart in a sea of healthcare innovations?

Getting an overview of Salesforce Health Cloud

Imagine a system that weaves together every thread of patient information, forming a complete health narrative. Salesforce Health Cloud is precisely that — a facilitator of patient-centric care. It aims to combine data integration with personalization to deliver healthcare that feels less like a service and more like a partnership.

User Interface of Salesforce Health Cloud

What is its role in healthcare?

Salesforce’s integration into healthcare provides a view of a patient’s entire health history to enable proactive health management. Through better collaboration with patients, providers can transition from a transactional to a relational healthcare model.

A closer look at Salesforce Health Cloud’s features and pricing

Salesforce Health Cloud offers a complete tool kit designed for the modern healthcare provider. Some of its most compelling features include

  • Comprehensive patient profiles: Centralized and detailed patient information showcasing patient histories and treatment plans for better patient outcomes
  • Multichannel engagement: Tools for engaging patients across various channels (email, mobile, social media)
  • Interoperability: Seamless integration with electronic health records (EHR) for real-time data synchronization
  • Care coordination: The ability to connect healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients to ensure everyone is involved and informed
  • Predictive analytics: Advanced analytics for proactive health management and decision-making
  • Healthcare provider directory: A comprehensive directory for managing provider networks and referrals
  • Regulatory compliance: Built-in features to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations and standards

Salesforce can be a powerful ally for your practice. But you must calculate the cost to see if this tool fits your budget and, if so, which plan is right for you. It’s important to note that Salesforce Health Cloud plans are billed annually. It offers the following three tiers:

  1. Enterprise: At $325 per user per month, this version provides an out-of-the-box CRM for healthcare and life sciences. It’s great for simple practices that don’t require much configuration or training to use the software effectively.
  2. Unlimited: At $500 per user per month, this version includes everything from Enterprise, plus tools to help organizations get more out of Salesforce. These services include unlimited online training, toll-free support, developer support, configuration services, and access to premier success resources and accelerators.
  3. Einstein 1 for Service: At $700 per user per month, this version includes everything from Unlimited, plus Einstein AI, Data Cloud, Slack, and more.

Selecting the ideal plan

To choose the right Salesforce plan, you’ll have to weigh functionality against cost. For example, if you need minimal training and configuration support, the cost savings on the Enterprise plan may serve you best. Otherwise, the Unlimited or Einstein plan may serve you better, depending on your AI needs. Contacting Salesforce directly can shed light on costs if you don’t require much support.

Other CRMs for healthcare

This article wouldn’t be complete without discussing other CRM options on the market. Here’s a quick overview of three popular options.

1. Epic Systems

Epic Systems Landing Page
  • Best features: Epic Systems offers robust EHR integration, extensive patient data management, strong interoperability with other healthcare systems, and a comprehensive suite for inpatient and outpatient care.
  • Pricing: Epic doesn’t publish pricing on its website, but sources report the system’s starting price when self-hosted is $1,200 per user per year. Epic offers training and support at an additional cost to help users become familiar with the system.

2. Athenahealth

Athenahealth Landing Page
  • Best features: Athenahealth cloud-based services, streamlined billing and practice management, patient communication tools, and EHR systems.
  • Pricing: The complete solution is quote-based.

3. Zoho for Healthcare

Zoho for Healthcare Landing Page
  • Best features: Zoho for Healthcare offers customization options, a patient-centric approach, and integration with other Zoho apps and services.
  • Pricing: Zoho pricing isn’t readily available on their Health CRM website, so you’ll have to contact them directly for the latest pricing.

When deciding between Salesforce Health Cloud and its competitors, be sure to evaluate not just cost alone but the holistic value each tool offers — including the number of integrations offered, adaptability, and customization potential.

Reviews of Salesforce Health Cloud

User feedback on Salesforce Health Cloud’s pricing spectrum tends to vary. While the platform’s rich feature set and adaptability earn high praise, its cost—particularly for smaller practices — can cause hesitation. The commitment to an annual contract may be another drawback for some. Yet, many concede that the operational efficiencies and enhanced patient management it delivers often justify the substantial investment.

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The integration offers a more personalized and engaging patient experience by enabling healthcare providers to quickly gather feedback, conduct health assessments, and manage appointments. This real-time data flow also leads to more informed decision-making and improved healthcare outcomes. Additionally, Jotform’s intuitive form-building interface and vast template library make it easy to create professional forms that you can customize to meet the specific needs of your healthcare practice. Try Jotform for free today.

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