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Rail Ticket Booking Template

This Ticket PDF template will definitely help your customers to book their tickets with a minimum problem and they don't need to waste their time searching train ticket. You can collect payment through this template.

Plane Ticket Template

Use our free Plane Ticket Template to create customized domestic or international plane tickets fast. Download, print, or send as PDFs in a single click.

Vacation Itinerary Template

Try this sample Vacation Itinerary Template from Jotform. This sample is designed to suit any kind of vacations but feels free to modify it. It has basic information such as the destination and date and time of arrival.

Hotel Receipt Template

A good Hotel Receipt displays the hotel information and the hotel services purchased by the customer. If you are managing a hotel, it is important to use a ready-made Hotel Receipt Template to enhance the check-out and payment process.This amazing Hotel Receipt Sample Template shows the information about the customer, the receipt number, check-in details, room information, payment details, cashier's signature, and customer's signature. The hotel services table consists of the room number, number of nights, price per night, and the total.This Hotel Payment Receipt Sample Template is using the Form Calculation widget to add the amount of each row in the hotel services table and get the total amount due. The receipt number is generated automatically by the Unique ID widget.

Itinerary Planner Template

Create personalized schedules for your next trip with this free Itinerary Planner PDF Template. Download, share, and print custom itineraries in seconds!

Hogwarts Express Ticket Template

Make your parties become magical to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter by sending your guests an invite with a Hogwarts Express ticket party themed invitation! Built in the early 19th century, the Hogwarts Express is a special steam engine locomotive that traverses between Platform 9 and 3/4 at King's Cross Station in London and Hogsmeade Village. This train brought Harry, Ron, and Hermione to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry every year. But not anyone can board the Hogwarts Express. A Hogwarts Express ticket is required to all who wish to board the train and are attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This Hogwarts Express Ticket Template has an intricate Victorian outline that's common to the designs of the early 19th century. You can use the template for any purpose including party invitations. Simply fill the form with your desired information and print the PDF template. Immerse your guests and let them live to their magical roles in your events starting with this Hogwarts Express Ticket PDF Template.

Travel Plan Template

With this Trip Planning PDF template, you can collect the travelers' data such as personal information, questions about departure and arrival information. This trip planning sample can be used by someone who trips include flight.

Tourist Transport Ticket Template

PDF ticket template will help you turn your event registrations into physical tickets you can print and mail to attendees or digital PDFs you can email them. For collecting registrations, you can use this sample immediately!

Trip Itinerary Template

This sample itinerary template contains the duration of the trip, destination, time and activities for each day. The PDF template only shows 3 days but you can use the PDF Editor to duplicate these elements and add more days.

Travel Information Template

This Travel Information PDF Template will help you in making your travel arrangements service more efficient and hassle-free for your customers. It contains customer personal information such as name, phone, and email address.

Restaurant Gift Certificate Template

Gaining customer's loyalty and increasing your sales can be both achieved by giving them gift certificates. All customers want and appreciate a free or discounted meal. If you manage or owns a restaurant, then you can use this amazing Restaurant Gift Certificate Template and share it with your customers.This elegant Restaurant Gift Certificate contains the name of the customer who will receive the certificate, the amount that will be deducted to the total bill, certificate number, and validity date. If you have any special instructions, then just insert a Text element at the bottom part of the template. This template is also using the Unique ID widget in order to generate a certificate number for every submission.

Travel Gift Certificate Template

This Travel Gift Certificate Template shows the name of the person who will receive it, who gives the certificate, amount value, certificate number, and expiration date. The certificate number is generated automatically by the Unique ID widget for every submission.

Travel Planning Registration Template

Trip Planning PDF template includes personal information and other guests names, travel information, and total trip cost. This Trip Planning sample allows your customers to accept your travel consent and they can sign it.

Restaurant Reservation Template

If you are in the restaurant/food industry, then it is important to have a reservation PDF template. In this Warm and Modern Reservation PDF Template, you are confident that you will engage more customers.

Spa Gift Certificate Template

Encourage people to relax and improve their health by giving them a Spa Gift Certificate. This method will surely increase your sales and gain more customers. As an owner or manager of the spa, you can have these certificates given to existing and potential customers.This stylish and fashionable Spa Gift Certificate Template shows the discount in percentage, certificate number, and expiration date. It also shows the Spa company logo and contact details. You can put additional instructions by using the Text element in the PDF Editor. This template generates a certificate number automatically with the help of the Unique ID widget.

Camp Trip Planning Template

Trip Planning PDF template lets you collect the students' essential personal information such as trip outline, what to bring, food ideals as well as let your students get permission from their parents to take part in the trip.

Campground Reservation Record Template

Campground Reservation Record Template

Student Trip Planning Template

You can collect the students' data with this Trip Planning PDF template which allows you to ask for check out plans from the students' parent's. Also, you can collect students' any crucial information.

Vacation Letter

Create a vacation letter to request annual leave from work. Fill out and sign on any device. Drag and drop to customize. No coding required. Convert to PDF.

Honeymoon Reservation Record

Jotform offers a free Honeymoon Reservation letter in PDF format that you can use for your newlywed customers. This sample is specifically designed for couples availing honeymoon accommodation and service in your hotel.

Travel Booking Request Template

Travel booking request form sample allows gathering your clients' information, the number of adult and child passengers, and their special instructions. This sample is designed with Jotform's PDF Editor.

Cruise Packing List (Customize to your Business)

A customizable cruise packing list

Hotel Group Accommodation Contract

Hotel Group Accommodation Contract

Travel Agency Contract

Quickly create contracts for clients booking travel with your agency. Easy to customize and share. Capture signatures from any device. Save as a PDF document.

About Tourism Sign Templates

You may fancy yourself a super savvy travel agent, but even your booking process could be improved by one of Jotform’s tourism PDF templates! Link an existing booking form to a PDF template of your choice to convert travel requests into easily readable, downloadable, and shareable PDF documents. Whether you’re confirming travel requests, sending out detailed itineraries, or collecting consent agreements, our tourism PDF templates are your ticket to giving customers a better travel experience.

After getting booking requests from excited travelers, you'll want to give them documents that reflect their excitement. Choose a template that most closely matches the trip you're planning, then get started on customization with Jotform's easy-to-use PDF Editor. Drag and drop form fields to securely collect traveler information, departure times, and essential documents. Why not add your company logo and colors to make your documents even more professional? Your PDFs don't just function well — they look good too.

Jotform’s widgets and integrations can take your travel documents up a notch. Process payments with PayPal , add a set of terms and conditions, or collect signed travel agreements with an e-signature . While saving information in PDF format helps you better manage your own records, autoresponder can also send PDFs to travelers as personalized trip outlines and itineraries. A more organized booking process means happier travelers — so try out one of our tourism PDF templates today.

These templates are suggested forms only. If you're using a form as a contract, or to gather personal (or personal health) info, or for some other purpose with legal implications, we recommend that you do your homework to ensure you are complying with applicable laws and that you consult an attorney before relying on any particular form.