10 best survey tools worth checking out

Whether you’re looking to conduct market research, collect customer feedback, or gauge employee sentiment, surveys can be a great way to aggregate and analyze many responses.

These responses can help you build new product features, provide better customer support, improve employee morale, and more.

  1. JotForm
  2. With over 4.5 million users, 9,000 templates, hundreds of themes, and customizable widgets to choose from, JotForm makes it easy to build and design online forms and create surveys. Advanced functionality — like conditional logic, which shows different questions based on a respondent’s answers — and a plethora of integrations make this a premium tool. 

  3. Google Forms
  4. If you already use Gmail and Google Drive, then Google Forms is a convenient, free survey tool. It allows you to customize the form, get feedback quickly, and makes it easy to collaborate with your team. In addition, all the data you collect is automatically transferred to a Google Sheet. Bonus — you can create an unlimited number of surveys without having to pay extra for them.

  5. SurveyMonkey
  6. SurveyMonkey is one of the most well-known survey platforms out there, and it costs $0–$100 per month. While the free plan offers unlimited surveys, you can only ask up to 10 questions and collect 100 responses. Depending on your survey needs, that may be enough.

    One cool feature of SurveyMonkey is their multilanguage support; the platform is available in 58 languages.

  7. SurveyGizmo
  8. Another well-known survey platform is SurveyGizmo, which also has a freemium version. It offers many of the same features as SurveyMonkey. However, it has better email marketing integrations. If you connect to your email marketing platform directly, through a tool like Zapier, or import your email list, you can quickly create and send surveys from within their platform.

  9. Airtable Forms
  10. Airtable Forms offer a plethora of features that rival Google Drive’s functionality. Creating a form in Airtable allows you to easily store and categorize the responses within your Airtable base. You can collaborate with your team, leave live notes, and quickly summarize your findings.

    This option works particularly well for marketing, communication, and project management teams. For advanced survey functionality, try Airtable’s integration with JotForm.

  11. SurveySparrow
  12. SurveySparrow was considered outdated at one point, but they have recently revamped their look and feel. They allow you to create a more conversational survey with vibrant color palettes, diverse fonts, and “classy background” images.

    Where Survey Sparrow shines is in their personalization features. You can personalize surveys for individuals instead using a “one-size-fits-all approach” and create custom “thank you” pages.

  13. AskNicely
  14. AskNicely takes Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to your email, your text messages, and even a popup on your website or app. These surveys can be completed without ever leaving your inbox.

    This option works particularly well for product and customer support teams.

  15. Responster
  16. Just like AskNicely, Responster focuses primarily on customer satisfaction surveys. They made the tool easy to use and allow you to collect data in real time. One feature that they do better than most is their smart question logic, which, like JotForm’s conditional logic feature, will enable you to show different questions based on a respondent’s answers.

  17. Crowd Signal
  18. Crowd Signal, formerly known as Polldaddy, offers unlimited surveys, responses, and questions with the free plan. This online survey also allows you to customize the look and feel, collect data in real time, and integrate directly with WordPress. This is a great, light-weight option for bloggers.

  19. Zoho Survey
  20. Zoho Survey offers a free plan with unlimited surveys. However, it’s limited to 15 questions per survey and up to 150 responses. One nice feature is that Zoho Surveys integrates with their CRM software. You can also send surveys through custom domain links or through QR Codes.

    Whether you’re conducting market research, developing a new product, improving your customer support experience, or simply looking for a quick and easy way to survey friends and family, these are 10 great online survey tools that you can use. When deciding which one is right for you, it’s important to determine your goals, the features you need, and your budget.

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