Top 15 employee pulse survey tools

Employee engagement is one of the most important factors leading to the success of an organization. In fact, a study from Gallup found that companies with highly engaged employees are actually 21 percent more profitable than their counterparts. When employees feel appreciated at work and satisfied with their jobs, they’re more motivated to do their best work every single day.

So how can your organization understand how your employees are feeling?

Employee pulse survey tools help companies survey their teams to get a better understanding of how engaged they are. These online solutions provide different ways to ask employees questions related to engagement and satisfaction and to organize the collected data into insights.

Topics for pulse survey questions include remote work, work environment, career opportunities, pay and benefits, paid time off, teammates, and so much more. The company can then use this information to determine where employees need additional support and take corrective action to improve engagement all around.

There are many employee pulse survey tools to choose from, so it may take some digging to find the right solution. We’ve gathered information about the top 15 employee pulse survey tools below to help you get started.

Top employee pulse survey tools

1. Jotform

Jotform is an online form-building tool you can use to create and conduct employee pulse surveys. Used by organizations of all sizes and industries, Jotform comes with hundreds of survey templates — such as remote work surveys, employee engagement surveys, and employee feedback forms — that you can easily customize using a drag-and-drop form builder.

You can choose from the classic survey style with all questions on one page or the card format that shows one question per page. Features include conditional logic, multiple embed options, mobile responsive design, a progress bar, reporting tools, and so much more.

Jotform has a free Starter plan as well as four paid plans starting at $34 per month.

2. Workday Peakon

Workday Peakon is a comprehensive listening platform that helps organizations increase employee engagement, retention, satisfaction, and more. Its features include continuous employee listening, personalized insights for employees and managers, competitor insights, automated notifications, and a trend dashboard.

While Workday Peakon has a full suite of employee pulse survey tools, some users report that this SaaS solution is fairly complex. Workday Peakon offers custom pricing plans depending on your organizational needs.

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3. Qualtrics Employee Experience Management

Qualtrics Employee Experience Management enables organizations to measure engagement across an employee’s entire tenure. It can create a full snapshot of an employee’s level of engagement as well as their drivers of engagement. Features include action planning tools, benchmarking, a survey question library, and more.

Qualtrics receives many great reviews; however, some users note that the platform is difficult to use and isn’t intuitive. Qualtrics offers custom pricing.

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4. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is an omnichannel experience management platform that helps organizations understand the employee experience, the customer experience, and the product experience. It enables different kinds of surveys and provides business intelligence tools to help you understand the data.

SurveySparrow offers a free plan as well as a free trial. It also offers four paid plans starting at $19 per month. Note that some reviewers have indicated dissatisfaction with its customer support.

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5. Leena AI

Leena AI offers conversational artificial intelligence to manage the employee experience. Features include easy integration with business systems, attrition prediction and other data insights, and more. The solution is best suited for large organizations and enterprises.

Leena AI has many positive reviews. Note that some users have stated that its dashboard isn’t comprehensive and could use more detail. Contact Leena AI for pricing details.

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6. WorkTango

WorkTango is an employee experience platform that enables organizations to recognize and reward team members. Features include different types of surveys, real-time analytics, a detailed dashboard, and public and private forms of recognition. It also supports employee professional development by allowing employees to add and track goals and career objectives.

WorkTango has many positive reviews, and users seem to appreciate having the opportunity to call out a job well done. However, some users have noted minor functional glitches. Contact WorkTango for pricing information.

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7. Quantum Workplace

Quantum Workplace is an employee success software that strives to help organizations make better decisions based on data gleaned through engagement surveys and performance management. Features include goal setting and tracking, performance analytics, in-tool notifications, and more.

Quantum Workplace has excellent reviews, though some users have noted that they have trouble understanding the dashboard and reports. Contact Quantum Workplace for pricing information.

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8. Paycor

Paycor is a human resources capital management solution that focuses on driving engagement and results. Organizations can use it to conduct pulse surveys, manage employee learning and development, and oversee career management, as well as to handle a number of other human resources tasks.

Paycor offers several plans. The pricing varies according to the number of employees you have. Keep in mind that some reviewers have noted that the platform is costly for smaller businesses, though the tool itself is quite robust.

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9. Paylocity

Paylocity is a human capital management solution that also has an employee experience module. Features include multiple communication channels, surveys, peer recognition, integrated video capabilities, benchmarks, personalized recommendations on how to increase engagement, and more.

Many organizations use Paylocity, but some users have mentioned the need for improved customer support. Contact Paylocity for pricing information.

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10. UKG Pro

UKG Pro is a comprehensive human resources solution for culture- and diversity-driven organizations. Designed for medium to large enterprises, this solution helps companies make timely, people-focused decisions. Features include communication tools, scheduling tools, employee sentiment tools, and much more.

Contact UKG Pro for pricing plans and details. Keep in mind that some users feel the solution isn’t cohesive and that data-sharing between modules can sometimes be difficult.

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11. Lattice

Lattice is a people management platform that offers tools for employee engagement, performance management, and professional development. With it, organizations can make different kinds of employee surveys from templates Lattice has created using evidence-based methods. It provides real-time insights as well.

Lattice offers a base paid plan for $11 per person per month, with add-ons that cost $4 per person per month. However, note that only the Engagement add-on plan includes employee engagement tools and pulse surveys.

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12. Motivosity

Motivosity is an employee engagement platform that helps organizations create memorable employee experiences. Features include employee insights, rewards and recognition, manager development, and more. It offers real-time insights on any employee survey.

Motivosity has a basic Community and Connection plan that’s available for $2 per month, with add-ons for additional functionality. You’ll need the Employee Insights add-on, available for another $2 per month, to get access to pulse surveys.

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13. ClearCompany

ClearCompany is a talent management software that comes with survey tools and templates. It also includes employee recognition, goal planning and tracking, and more. The surveys are fully customizable, and the solution also comes with a detailed dashboard to track data.

ClearCompany has separate pricing based on modular access or full platform access. Contact ClearCompany for pricing information. Keep in mind that while the platform has great reviews, some users have noted that it has loading and lagging issues and often crashes.

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14. Officevibe

Officevibe is an employee feedback solution with many different types of surveys. Features include pulse surveys, anonymous feedback, employee recognition, multiple survey question types, notifications, and more. It also offers peer-to-peer recognition, goal tracking, and personalized insights.

Officevibe receives many great reviews. Some users, however, have noted that it can be difficult to garner insights from small groups or teams, as it’s more suited for larger organizations. Officevibe has a free plan as well as two paid plans starting at $3.50 per person per month.

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15. Deel

Deel is an employee HR tool with survey capability that works well for global teams. It can facilitate automated surveys at set intervals and offers a range of survey question types and detailed response filtering to identify specific departments or locations that need attention.

There are many great reviews for Deel, but some users have noted confusing functionality as well as software bugs. Deel offers a free plan and two paid plans based on the types of employees an organization hires, such as contractors or full-time employees, from $49.

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Jotform: For surveying employees, customers, and other stakeholders

As you can see, there’s no shortage of employee pulse survey tools to choose from! For human resources professionals who want to be able to quickly and easily create pulse surveys for employees, Jotform is the clear choice.

With many pulse survey templates to choose from, creating a customized survey takes minutes. You can also take advantage of features such as conditional logic and a progress bar to ensure the highest possible rate of completion.

Not only does Jotform make it easy to collect survey data, but it also provides an entire suite of products to analyze that data and turn raw information into actionable insights. Jotform Tables is a collaborative spreadsheet-workspace designed to collect, organize, and manage the data, while Jotform Report Builder can turn data into visually appealing reports and presentations.

Get started with Jotform today to start learning how your employees feel — and to make better decisions about how to increase engagement in the future.

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