8 employee-of-the-month survey questions you should ask

Work surveys are rarely fun to fill out. More often than not, you’re rating a vendor or completing a performance review. Or, if you’re receiving the submissions to a form or survey, you might be culling through anonymous feedback about your colleagues, the workplace culture, or yourself.

Fortunately, there’s one survey that’s fun and incredibly valuable to administer or fill in: the employee-of-the-month survey. Employee-of-the-month surveys give team members the opportunity to reflect on their fellow colleagues’ standout performance and acknowledge the reasons they make great team players. Plus, employee-of-the-month surveys can boost company morale — especially if there’s an incentive to win — by publicly reminding employees how much the team and company values them.

But what employee-of-the-month survey questions truly lead to nominating and choosing those who deserve the honor? Here are eight key questions to ask.

8 must-have employee-of-the-month survey questions

All employees (managers included!) should strive daily to exhibit credibility, respect, engagement, and diligence. Whether managers or department employees are filling out your employee-of-the-month survey or the entire company is taking part, these eight questions will guide survey takers.

  1. How does your nominee exemplify excellent teamwork?
  2. What specific tasks or projects has your nominee completed that went beyond the call of duty?
  3. In what ways has your nominee demonstrated excellent customer service?
  4. How well does your nominee align with the company’s mission statement and overall standards?
  5. How does your nominee show respect to others — both colleagues and customers?
  6. How does your nominee contribute ideas and opinions in the workplace?
  7. How has your nominee helped you succeed in your position?
  8. What are some positive behaviors of your nominee that you’ve personally adopted?

How to create an employee-of-the-month nomination form

Now that you know which questions to include in your employee-of-the-month survey, you need to actually build and distribute it — preferably in an engaging and interactive format to increase the response rate. Fortunately, that’s easy to do with online form builder Jotform.

Jotform allows you to build, share, collect, and analyze dynamic employee surveys quickly and efficiently from one streamlined platform. No need to jump from app to app to get your employee-of-the-month nomination form out the door. Jotform is intuitive, fully customizable, and completely code-free, helping you create powerful, stunning surveys — regardless of your coding knowledge.

Here’s how to make an employee-of-the-month nomination form in Jotform.

  1. Log in or sign up to Jotform to access the Form Builder.
  2. Click the orange Create Form button in the top left corner.
  3. Choose a form template. While you can build a form from scratch with Jotform, for the sake of simplicity, we’ll select Use Template. Jotform has 10,000-plus form templates, including more than 800 for surveys. Since we’re building an employee-of-the-month nomination form, type “employee of the month” in the Search in all templates search bar, click Enter, and choose one you like.
  4. Click Use Template.
  5. Customize your template. Here’s how to get started customizing this employee-of-the-month nomination form template:
    • To replace the “Gravitas Systems Inc.” logo at the top with your own, simply click on it to prompt a Logo Properties box to appear. Click Remove Logo and upload your own.
    • To change the look of the form to better match your brand, select the blue paint roller icon to access the Form Designer. Here you can change the page color, form width, and font color, style, and size.
    • To add form elements like additional text boxes or a fun widget, click the Add Form Element button on the left. To add to the list of employee-of-the-month survey questions listed above, select Long Text from the Form Elements menu to enter each question and provide a space for employees to answer. To move this question box to another part of the survey, simply click on it and move it to where you’d like it to appear.
  6. Click Publish at the top of the screen to share your form via a link, embed it to your company website, or email it.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully built an employee-of-the-month nomination form with Jotform. You can get notified of form submissions as they come in and analyze the results in Jotform Tables so you can crown your employee of the month. (And, in case of a tie, you can use another one of Jotform’s templates to list finalists for a final vote among your employees.)

Asking employee-of-the-month survey questions doesn’t have to be complicated, boring, or costly, especially with a platform like Jotform. Employee surveys not only help you keep your finger on the pulse on what’s happening company-wide, but also give you a chance to reward your employees for all they do for your business.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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