Peakon alternatives in 2024

No doubt you know how important surveying your customers is to business success. Surveys are cost-effective, easy to create, convenient to take, and great for understanding the needs and wants of your current and prospective customers.

But they’re also a valuable way to collect feedback from another important source: your employees. Collecting feedback from your employees allows you to

  • Engage and connect with them to build strong, productive working relationships
  • Learn more about their everyday experiences and what changes you can implement — like automating processes and tedious tasks — to make their work life easier and more efficient
  • Make them feel valued and included in your business operations (especially if you make changes based on the feedback they provide), which can boost productivity, morale, and retention

Employee feedback surveys are pretty easy to build, too — if you use the right software, like intelligent listening platform Workday Employee Peakon Voice.

Peakon overview

Peakon uses machine learning and advanced natural language processing to convert employee feedback into actionable insights. The result is more of an employee listening platform than a survey tool — though surveys are a big part of the software. 

With Peakon, you can track and measure employee satisfaction, improve productivity, and predict attrition. The software integrates with popular human resource information system (HRIS) providers to sync employee records and build custom apps.

Peakon is powerful, comprehensive, and designed specifically to help you listen better and act faster to reach your goals. But no matter how impressive Peakon is, it’s not the only tool on the market that collects employee feedback.

Here are six Peakon alternatives to consider.

Peakon alternatives

1. Jotform

With code-free online form builder Jotform, you can create customizable forms, tables, PDFs, apps and tests in mere minutes. This powerful, intuitive, and user-friendly tool allows you to make stunning forms — either by building a form completely from scratch or using one from its library of premade templates — regardless of programming experience. Whether you need an employee feedback form, an employee satisfaction survey, or one of the other 70-plus employee surveys to engage and connect with your team, Jotform has you covered.

2. Officevibe

Image of Officevibe

Cloud-based employee engagement solution Officevibe improves team collaboration and communication, cultivates trust, and provides a safe space for employees to give honest, anonymous feedback. With survey templates that explore everything from communication challenges and performance development to stress, well-being, and team dynamics, Officevibe helps employees and managers tackle challenges, set action items, have productive meetings, and build a thriving company culture.

3. Lattice

Image of Lattice

By putting employees first and turning insights into action, users can build engaged, high-performing teams with people success platform Lattice. It’s innovative, powerful, scalable, and data driven — enabling teams of all sizes and industries to perform, engage, and develop effectively and efficiently in one streamlined solution. And with features like the employee Net Promoter Score® (eNPS®), and pulse and automated onboarding surveys, Lattice helps you listen, reflect, and respond to your employees’ feedback so you can make important, company-wide changes that will (hopefully) retain your most valued workers year after year.

4. Culture Amp

Image of Culture Amp

With features like powerful analytics to turn insights into action; algorithms to get ahead of unwanted attrition; objective and key result (OKR) tracking to set and manage goals; and ready-made, science-backed survey templates, people and culture management solution Culture Amp has all the tools you need to create skilled, high-performing teams across your organization.

This all-in-one platform connects with the tools you use every day — including Namely, Slack, and Microsoft Teams — to help you listen to and understand your employees better than ever before. What’s more, some reviewers believe Culture Amp is both easier to set up and provides better customer support than Peakon.

5. Gallup Access

Image of Gallup Access

Designed to develop employees’ strengths, build productive teams, and measure key issues like well-being and diversity, workplace survey platform Gallup Access helps businesses all over the world engage and cultivate their workforces. With reporting capabilities, administration tools, powerful surveys, action planning, and accountability features at your fingertips, you’ll have all you need to drive performance, make better decisions, and create meaningful change year after year.

6. People Element

Image of People Element

Best for small to mid-sized companies, People Element helps users improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty by focusing on the full employee life cycle from onboarding to exit interviews.

Through new hire check-ins, recruiting fallout studies, dashboard customization, insightful reporting capabilities, and, of course, effective engagement and pulse surveys, you can better understand your employees — all from one streamlined platform. People Element is user-friendly, innovative, powerful, and fully equipped to help you reach your engagement and retention goals.

With the right survey tool, you can collect insightful employee feedback, track and measure employee engagement levels, and respond to pain points to make important improvements within your organization. Whether you pick Peakon or one of these six Peakon alternatives as your survey tool of choice, you’ll be well-equipped to drive real, effective change that will keep your employees happy, productive, and loyal.

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