How to change the font in Google Forms

How to change the font in Google Forms

Google Forms is a simple tool. It was originally designed to be an add-on for Google Sheets, but in 2016, it graduated to become a standalone app.

It has incorporated new features over time, but they’ve provided limited functionality. Google has put more work into its prime offerings like Sheets and Docs than into tools like Forms.

So, while you can change the font size in Google Forms, don’t get too excited. But do read on — you’ll see that while your options are limited, there are some add-ons and one workaround that give you more options. 

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Looking for the best alternative to Google Forms?

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Start From Scratch

Changing fonts natively

Google Forms offers a handful of options for customizing and designing your forms, but since this article focuses on fonts, we won’t go over those.  

You’re a smart cookie. All the design settings are in one place, and you can poke around after you figure out the fonts.

To get to those settings, click on the painter’s palette icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Screenshot of the top-right part of Google Forms page, clicking on the palette icon

A menu of theme options will open up on the right side of the page. The font styles are at the bottom of the list. You’ll see that you have a whopping lot to go crazy with.

Screenshot of the list of form styles

Try not to lose your mind over the abundance of options. There’s a generic serif font and a generic sans-serif, which are nice enough. There’s also Playful, which is delightfully close to Comic Sans. And then there’s Decorative, which is impossible for anyone under the age of 20 to read. 

Using an add-on

The best option you have to get more fonts is to use an add-on. Unfortunately, there’s only one available, and it removes Google Forms styling from the equation entirely.

The add-on is called Formfacade. It’s a paid tool designed to let you embed Google Forms into your web page with your own branding.

Formfacade is good enough for what it does, but it doesn’t actually give you any more features. It just sits on top of Google Forms and makes it look a little prettier.

You can install Formfacade from the Google Marketplace. Once it’s installed, you can access it from the Add-ons menu by clicking on the puzzle icon.

That will take you to the Formfacade website, where you can edit the design of your form. To change the font, click on the gear next to the form’s title.

Screenshot of the form title with a gear icon next to it

From the settings menu on the right, select the Fonts tab.

Screenshot of settings menu of Formfacade clicking on Fonts tab

Formfacade gives you a lot of fonts to choose from, so that’s nice. But if all you need is a variety of fonts, it’s a bit of overkill. And at $12 per month for a limited number of submissions, it’s kind of expensive.

If you absolutely have to use Google Forms, it’s probably your only solution. However, if you can talk your boss into paying for this add-on, you could probably talk them into the next solution.

Pro Tip

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Taking the best approach: Using a workaround

As mentioned in the very beginning, Google Forms is really simple. If you’ve read this far, then you’re probably not happy with the options available above. So what else can you do?

Sometimes the best option is to give up — not on creating forms, of course. Maybe it’s time to give up on Google Forms, though. The number of fonts are just the beginning of the tool’s limitations. 

Jotform is a form tool without limitations. That’s not just an arrogant claim, either. Jotform has the most features of any form tool on the market. On top of that, anybody who’s clever enough to do so can actually add new widgets to JotForm.

But what about fonts? Jotform has dozens built right in. And we make it easy to choose them.

Screenshot of the font styles in Jotform Form Builder

What if you’re extra picky and can’t find anything you like in that list? You can inject CSS directly into your form and import fonts from anywhere. You can even control every aspect of your layout with our advanced Form Designer

See also Jotform’s detailed guide about: Google Forms

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