How to make personality quizzes in Google Forms

Are you looking to increase social media traffic and generate more leads?

Consider administering a personality quiz to your customers for an in-depth look into their personal characteristics, motivations, and interests. Not only do personality quizzes give you a greater understanding of who your customers are, but they’ll also help you solve their problems and make better decisions about the types of products to offer them in the future.

Most importantly, personality quizzes work. People feel good when they get validation for their attributes — particularly their strengths. This makes personality quizzes an effective way to engage people while you gather information on how to improve both your overall customer experience and the services you provide.

Luckily, creating personality quizzes isn’t too difficult. Here’s how to make personality quizzes using survey administration software like Google Forms.

How to make personality quizzes with Google Forms

In Google Forms, you can design a personality quiz that will deliver your respondents’ results to you for analysis in Google Sheets.

Before getting started, however, consider the type of personality quiz you’d like to create. For example, is this personality quiz meant to be fun and playful (like showing people which of your products best represents them) or more serious and purposeful (like whether they’re fit for a position at your workplace)? By understanding the goal of the personality quiz, you’ll be better equipped to settle on its overall tone.

Once you have an idea of what you need from your personality quiz, you can get started building it:

  1. First, create a new blank Google form by clicking the plus sign under Start a new form.
A webpage displaying options for creating new forms, including a highlighted 'Blank Quiz', with a list of recent forms below
  1. In the space that says Untitled form, type in the name you’d like to give your quiz, such as “Personality quiz.”
An online personality quiz form with questions to select between tea or coffee and iPhone or Android
  1. Choose the format of your questions from the dropdown menu on the right. (You can choose multiple choice, checkboxes, linear scale, dropdown, multiple choice grid, or checkbox grid options.)
A screenshot of a personality quiz form in editing mode, showing options for 'Tea or coffee?' and 'iPhone or Android?' questions
  1. Once you’ve chosen your question format, add the questions you’d like to ask in the Untitled Question area.
  1. Add your answer options.
  • If you chose the multiple choice or checkboxes as your question format, you can add your answers by clicking on the Option 1 box. Repeat with Options 2, 3, 4, etc. until you’ve added all the answers you’d like to include.
A form editing view showing a multiple-choice question 'Apples or oranges?' and a linear scale question 'How hot do you like your tea/coffee?'
  • If you chose linear scale as your question format, click in the Label (optional) box to add your answers.
An online form showing a linear scale question 'How hot do you like your tea/coffee?' with a scale from 1 to 10, and a section for 'Favorite ice cream flavor'

Pro Tip

For more details onhow to use linear scale questions in Google Forms, check out our guide

  1. To add the next question and set of answers, simply click the + in the vertical box on the right side of the form.
A form interface showing an option to add a question above a linear scale question 'How hot do you like your tea/coffee?' and a list of ice cream flavors
  1. Repeat steps four through six until you’ve added all your personality quiz questions and answers.
  2. After you’ve built your quiz, click Send in the upper right corner of the screen to distribute it via email, create a shareable link, or embed it on your website with HTML code.
A form editing screen with a 'Send' button highlighted, indicating where to share the form once completed
  1. Once you start collecting responses, you can view them in this same screen in Google Forms. To access feedback, click Responses in the center of the screen.
The 'Responses' tab of a personality quiz form showing an equal split in preferences for 'Tea or coffee?' and 'iPhone or Android?' with six responses each

If you’d like to make personality quizzes that provide respondents with some type of score or feedback after they complete the quiz, you may want to use software other than Google Forms. Though it’s possible to do this with Google Forms, the process is much more complicated (for example, you have to assign point values to each question) than it is using other form builders — like Jotform.

How to make personality quizzes with Jotform

Because personality quizzes are so effective, it’s worth knowing how to make the most of one. Online form builder Jotform can help.

Using Jotform, you can

  • Change the colors, styles, themes, and overall layout of your personality quiz
  • Add form elements to enhance your quiz, including fun widgets and images
  • Include “Terms and Conditions” or CAPTCHA fields for extra security
  • Move and delete fields and boxes easily with its drag-and-drop functionality

Not only is Jotform easy to use and fully customizable, it’s also code-free, allowing users to make personality quizzes regardless of their programming experience. Plus, if you don’t want to build one from scratch, you can use one of its ready-made templates. With 100-plus quiz form templates to choose from and customize — including personality assessments and surveys — Jotform makes it easy to make a personality quiz that suits your needs.

Here’s how to create a quiz form in Jotform:

  1. In your Jotform dashboard, click the Create Form button in the upper left. 
A user interface of Jotform with a 'Create Form' button highlighted, showing various forms
  1. Select Start from scratch to create a blank form or click Use Template to search for a quiz template. Click on a template to open a preview and click Use Template in the top right to select it.
An interface showing options to create a form: 'Start From Scratch', 'Use Template', 'Import Form', and 'Create Signable Document'
  1. Click the blue paint roller icon to open the Form Designer and start customizing your quiz design.
A form builder interface for a 'Personality Assessment' with a 'Help' option highlighted, providing instructions for completing the assessment
  1. Add questions and widgets by dragging and dropping them from the Add Form Element menu on the left.
A form editor interface with the 'Add Form Element' button highlighted for adding new components to a 'Personality Assessment' form
  1. Once you’re satisfied with your quiz, click on the Publish tab at the top to see options for sharing it — you can embed it to a webpage, email it, or use a link or QR code.
A form builder interface with the 'Publish' tab highlighted, indicating where to share the 'Personality Assessment' form once it's ready

Once submissions start rolling in, you can review the results in Jotform Tables.

Personality quizzes provide significant data and metrics for improving your relationship with prospective or current customers. And since personality quizzes are so easy to create and disseminate with software like Google Forms and Jotform, they’re worth considering if you’re looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction, service, and loyalty.

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