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How to Use Different Filters to Easily Manage Your Data in JotForm Tables

How to Use Different Filters to Easily Manage Your Data in JotForm Tables

JotForm Tables makes it easier to manage form data. Different filters can help you locate specific submissions based on date, answer selection, and unique information.

Let’s start with the date filter. Clicking the All Time button in the top toolbar provides you with a predefined list of date filters. 

After selecting an option, close the window by clicking outside the popup to save the filter and display the results. Here’s an example when I choose Today.

The filter populates the filter bar on the left side and looks like this:

If you choose Custom dates, you can select the date range. To do this, first click the start date and then the end date. Here’s an example:

This specific date range creates the following filter:

To filter submissions based on an answer selection, click the Filter button and set your filter. For example, you can filter for submissions with an answer of “Yes” to the question, “Is this your first time reaching out to us?” This is a single-choice field, but you can use the same method for a dropdown field. 

Click the Apply Filter button to display the submissions with “Yes” answer selections.

It’s currently not possible to filter answers to multiple-choice questions. This means you can only filter one answer selection at a time, and that selection will be displayed whether or not there are other selections in that field. Here’s an example where I filtered for “Facebook”.

If each of your forms has a unique reference number, you can filter for it using either equals or includes:

You can also filter elements that are text boxes or text areas. This applies to name, email, short text, and long text elements. For example, here’s a filter in the long text field for answers that include “amet.”

Click the Apply Filter button, and that’s it! 

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    Buongiorno il campo ricerca non funziona per la colonna 2 Targa. Può essere perché trattasi di colonna collegata ad altro Tabella? E' possibile implementare una soluzione ? Grazie .

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    how can I organize the columns back the way they were before I filtered them?
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