Summer Camp Transportation Template

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    In summer camps, a camp transportation vehicle is an essential part of the program. This allows the campers to reach their destination based on the camp activities. It will reassure their safety because the facilitators and counselors will be present in the vehicle.

    This sample camp transportation template asks for information about the camper, parents/guardian, and transportation details. It also has a waiver and release of liability section that requires a signature from the parent/guardian.

    You can use the JotForm's PDF Editor if you want to customize the template to your preferences. After that, you can print it and share it to the parent/guardian and to the camp organizer.


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    Summer Camp Transportation Template
    Summer Camp Transportation
    Pick-up Date
    February 11, 1990
    Pick-up Time
    5:44 pm
    Return Pick-up Date
    August 17, 1952
    Return Pick-up Time
    5:44 pm
    Number of Adults Passenger
    Pick-up Address
    85775 Barby Pass
    San Jose, Ca, 95128
    Number of Kids
    Camper Information
    Camper Name
    Camper Contact No.
    (99) 9684911
    Parent/Guardian Contact No.
    (44) 1883463
    Waiver and Release of Liability

    I authorize __________ (Camp Organizer) to prepare transportation services to the campers and its organizers the activities of the camp. I discharge, waive and indemnify _________ (Camp Organizer) and its owner and staff against all claims, injuries, property damage, accidents, and death.

    Parent/Guardian Signature
    Signature Date
    August 17, 1952
    Summer Camp Transportation Template

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