3 of the best WordPress course registration plug-ins

Whether you’re offering a course online or in person, embedding a course registration form on your website can help encourage registrations and keep the process organized. If your website is built on WordPress, using a WordPress course registration plug-in can make it easy to create and share your registration form on your site.

Top WordPress course registration plug-ins

Unless you’re a talented coder, you’ll likely need to use a plug-in to add a course registration form to your WordPress site. Plug-ins are easy to use and simplify the form-building process, so you won’t need coding skills to be able to create your own custom, professional-looking registration form.

Features to look for when choosing a course registration plug-in

Fortunately, there are many WordPress course registration plug-ins available to help. For the best results, look for one that’s a good fit for your needs. Consider these features.

Ease of use

A plug-in that’s easy to use will save you time and frustration. Look for a simple and user-friendly tool. For example, many plug-ins offer a drag-and-drop designer to save you time and help you create a clean, attractive form.

Customization options

A course registration plug-in is only a good fit if it gives you the flexibility to design the form you need. As you consider various tools, think about the types of features you need your form to have — like the ability to process payments or to include custom fields like a scheduling option.

Communication options with registered users

As you collect user registration data, it’s also important to be able to communicate with those users. A plug-in that allows you to easily email your registrants as a whole or in groups can save you time.

Top plug-ins to consider

We’ve highlighted three top WordPress plug-ins that can help you create your course registration form.

1. Jotform Online Forms

Jotform is an ideal solution for collecting course registrations. With Jotform, you can start with one of 70-plus course registration form templates and customize the template to your needs. Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder also makes it easy to build a professional-looking form from scratch. 

Once you’ve created your form, you can embed it into your WordPress website in just a couple of clicks with the Jotform Online Forms plug-in. It’s also possible to share the form using a unique link, so you could send it via email or text to drive registrations.

Jotform offers many helpful features ideal for course registration. The platform pairs with more than 30 trusted payment gateways, including Stripe, Square, and PayPal, so you can collect payments from students when they register for a course.

You can choose from hundreds of widgets — like an email validator and a unique ID creator — to enhance your form’s functionality. You can even connect Jotform with Google Analytics to collect and review detailed information about your course registrants. And Jotform Tables automatically collects and organizes registration information in a convenient spreadsheet.

2. Ultimate Member

user interface of ultimate member

Ultimate Member is a WordPress plug-in that offers both front-end elements, like registration forms, and admin capabilities. You can use the plug-in to create customized registration forms, and it gives you plenty of control over the form’s appearance, including the ability to create a multicolumn layout, rearrange form elements, and more.

Ultimate Member is a user-friendly plug-in with a drag-and-drop form builder interface. Users can create profiles and easily manage accounts and user roles. The user restriction feature allows you to limit which users can access certain content, ideal for paid subscription courses or course upgrades. The easy-to-use admin features also include the ability to email some or all of your registered users from the plug-in.

The core plug-in plan is available for free. The Extensions Pass subscription costs $249 per year, and the Extensions + Theme Pass plan costs $299 per year.

3. RegistrationMagic

user interface of registrationmagic

The RegistrationMagic allows you to create unlimited WordPress registration forms, ideal for offering multiple courses. You can add custom fields, including text, dropdown, and checkbox fields, allowing you to collect the information you need.

This plug-in offers many valuable admin features. It allows you to analyze user registrations overall with graphs, charts, and tables. It also provides data on user login attempts, form conversion rates, user locations, and more. The user control feature lets you deactivate features, provide users with one-time password logins, and even automate workflows for a streamlined registration process.

The Standard plan is free to use. The Premium plan costs $89 to download, and the Premium+ plan costs $189.

A more effective course registration process

Any of these plug-ins can help you design one or more course registration forms to embed in your website. Once you’ve published your form, you can start driving leads to your website and preparing to launch your new course. A quality form can speed up and organize the registration process, leaving you to focus on teaching your course. 

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