8 of the best WordPress plug-ins for resellers

Many people aspire to start their own businesses. They want to make their own hours, be their own boss, and sell products or provide services that they’re passionate about.

The good news is you don’t need your own product line to be an entrepreneur; you can be a reseller. Resellers simply purchase products and services from suppliers and resell them at a higher price, usually by including some type of bonus feature or perk. This highly lucrative business model is especially great for people with expertise in niche products, like designer clothing, cameras, or even classic board games.

To have a successful online resale store, however, you need a powerful website that’s responsive, fast, easy to navigate, and engaging. Fortunately, you can easily build a professional-looking website with WordPress, the most popular website builder on the planet, and optimize it with plug-ins to fit your specific resale business.

Here are the eight best WordPress plug-ins for resellers.

1. Jotform Online Forms

No matter what you resell, you can use the Jotform Online Forms WordPress plug-in to build and embed online forms into your WordPress website. With Jotform’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality, resellers can create contact forms, reseller applications, reseller agreements, and customer surveys from scratch or use one of Jotform’s premade form templates. This plug-in is comprehensive, fully customizable, and code- free, helping users of all programming backgrounds optimize their online resale store.

2. Easy Pricing Tables

screenshot of easy pricing tables

As one of the most popular WordPress plug-ins for resellers, Easy Pricing Tables helps you create pricing and comparison tables for your WordPress site. With your choice of six pricing table designs and 15 font options, you can customize your pricing tables to match the rest of your online store.

This code-free plug-in works with any WordPress theme; enables you to build, reorder, and save unlimited pricing table rows; and can even highlight a featured column to draw attention to your most popular products.

3. Advanced Shipment Tracking

screenshot of advanced shipment tracking

With Advanced Shipment Tracking, you can manage and automate your entire fulfillment workflow and choose your preferred shipping provider from a list of 300-plus options. Keep customers informed about their orders by easily renaming WooCommerce order status labels from “Completed” to “Shipped” or “Partially shipped.”

Using a customizable widget, you can even send customers their shipping information and allow them to track their order, reducing time spent on post-shipping inquiries and, more importantly, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Beacon Web Analytics

screenshot of beacon web analytics

One of the most difficult aspects of running an online store is dealing with spam and bots. It can be frustrating to sift through ad campaign data to understand whether your site traffic and clicks are genuine. Fortunately, Beacon Web Analytics provides transparency and click fraud protection on your website, helping you better differentiate between ]human and bot clicks.

All you have to do is install the Beacon Web Analytics plug-in on your WordPress site and watch as it detects and blocks bots to prevent fake clicks and optimize campaign performance and return on ad spend (ROAS).

5. Return Refund and Exchange for WooCommerce

screenshot of return refund and exhange for woocommerce

Return Refund and Exchange for WooCommerce, one of the best WordPress plug-ins for resellers, helps you create a streamlined, user-friendly warranty management system to ensure you and your customers are on the same page.

With this plug-in, you can manage the tax on refunded products, enable customers to request full or partial refunds after they’ve received an item, and communicate with them through messages and emails. Resellers can even use it to customize both the refund button and refund email template for a professional look and consistent branding site-wide.

screenshot of popup ubilder

Looking to create promotional, engaging popups for your resale website? Then check out Popup Builder. This code-free plug-in is one of the best WordPress plug-ins for resellers because it helps you boost conversion rates and sales by allowing you to create unique, fully customizable popups.

Whether you want to create a free popup (such as an image, HTML text, or Facebook popup) or a paid one (like a video, web push notification, or exit intent popup), Popup Builder has you covered. Identify your buyers based on location, demographics, or user behavior and customize your popup’s colors, borders, and messaging to speak to them specifically.

7. Payment Plugins

screenshot of payment plugins

To run a successful online resale store, you need a convenient, secure way to accept customer payments. That’s where Payment Plugins comes in, the WordPress plug-in that lets users accept various payment options, like credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Afterpay. This plug-in, which is an official partner of payment processor Stripe, is easy to both install and use.

8. Hustle

screenshot of hustle

If you’re on the hunt for an impressive email marketing tool for your resale website, look no further than Hustle. By giving you the ability to create powerful opt-in forms and targeted marketing popups, this plug-in helps you build a mailing list, display ads across your website, and convert browsers into buyers.

Plus, you’ll stand out from the crowd with Hustle’s design options — add colors, images, and animations to your ad campaigns, as well as more advanced detailing like borders and drop shadows.

If you’re looking to stand out from other resellers in your niche industry, you need a robust website that’s engaging and convenient for customers and prospects alike. Luckily, any of the above WordPress plug-ins for resellers can take your resale game to the next level, regardless of your industry, budget, or design and coding experience.

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