5 best WordPress job board plug-ins

Are you looking to accept job applications from candidates through your WordPress site? If so, you’ll need to create a job board.

A job board is an online platform that lists open positions and allows interested candidates to submit applications. Job board functionality isn’t built into WordPress, but you can enable it with a WordPress job board plug-in.

There are many such plug-ins available. Some of them also allow you to accept, review, and track applications and responses. In this article, we’ve rounded up five of the top WordPress job board plug-ins for your consideration.

Leading WordPress job board plug-ins

1. WP Job Manager plug-in

The WP Job Manager WordPress plug-in is a great way to add a simple job board to your WordPress site. The plug-in is shortcode-based and easy to use, even for those who don’t have any WordPress development experience. You can add and delete job listings, sort and manage them using the WordPress interface, and preview them before they’re public. 

While WP Job Manager has many good reviews, some users have had issues with support and found the free version’s capabilities to be limited. The core WP Job Manager plug-in is available for free, with various paid add-ons offered, including a resume management tool and a new job notification feature.

User Interface of WP Job Manager Plug-in

2. Jotform WordPress plug-in

Jotform’s WordPress plug-in can support the creation of a job board and help you manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish.

One of Jotform’s standout features is its templates. It offers 400-plus job application templates, all of which are easy to customize with the simple drag-and-drop Form Builder. Just add, remove, or edit form fields to get the exact job application you need.

Using the Jotform WordPress plug-in, you can then embed your job listing forms into your website. You can also track application submissions in List view with Jotform Tables.

Jotform can also help you manage related processes, such as tracking new employees’ onboarding and training. The Jotform WordPress plug-in is available for free with a Jotform account.

User Interface of Jotform WordPress Plug-in

3. Simple Job Board WordPress plug-in

User Interface of Simple Job Board WordPress Plug-in

The Simple Job Board WordPress plug-in lets users easily create and customize job posts and application forms. Users can also add comments to applications. It’s available in multiple languages, including Arabic, Dutch, French, Italian, and beyond.

The plug-in is available for free and offers numerous paid add-ons, such as a mobile app management tool and a feature that lets website viewers refer a job posting to a friend.

4. Apply Online WordPress plug-in

Apply Online lets users create easily customizable application forms. Its drag-and-drop builder simplifies the process of designing your postings, and it comes with documentation to help those who are new to using plug-ins. 

Users can add thumbnail images, summaries, and a clear application button to each listing. Hiring managers can add comments to incoming applications to help narrow down candidates.

While users have complimented the plug-in’s ease of use, some have noted bugs and other issues. The Apply Online WordPress plug-in is available for free, with paid add-ons also available.

User Interface of Apply Online WordPress Plug-in

5. WP Job Openings WordPress plug-in

The WP Job Openings WordPress plug-in lets organizations manage job postings and applications from a central customizable dashboard. Users can tag and sort job postings with custom categories, choose from two different layouts for the job board, tailor email notifications for job applicants, add closing dates to job postings, and more. 

Users have praised the plug-in’s ease of use, but some have noted limitations in the ability to filter job postings. The WP Job Openings WordPress plug-in is available for free and offers a paid Pro plan with additional features.

User Interface of WP Job Openings WordPress Plug-in

How to choose the right job board plug-in for you

It can be difficult to decide which WordPress job board plug-ins to use. Compare what kind of help you need with the functionality each plug-in can provide.

For example, do you just want something simple that enables you to post jobs and accept job applications, or are you looking for a more robust solution that provides support during the full hiring and onboarding process?

Once you’ve outlined your needs in detail, you’ll be better equipped to find the tool that’s right for you.

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