8 leading Survicate alternatives for customer feedback in 2024

If you’re interested in increasing sales, gaining a loyal customer base, and keeping customers happy, customer feedback can make or break your success.

Luckily, 83 percent of all consumers have completed at least one survey in the past 12 months, so they’re willing to provide their feedback when asked for it. But getting that feedback and analyzing the results can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools. That’s where customer feedback software like Survicate comes in — it’s designed specifically to help you tap into those insights.

While Survicate is a robust customer feedback tool, it’s certainly not your only option. There are many Survicate alternatives that enable you to do everything you can do with Survicate and more. In this article, we’ll look at what Survicate is and why you might need to research alternatives based on your business needs. We’ll also share the top eight Survicate alternatives below to get you started.

Survicate basics and the potential need for an alternative

Survicate is a customer feedback survey tool for small to midsize organizations. Companies can use it to run different types of feedback surveys at different points of the customer journey to learn more about customers’ perceptions of the business, its products and services, its customer service, and many other elements.

Survicate is easy to use and doesn’t require any coding, so you can set up a customized survey within minutes.

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Survicate is an omni-channel solution, meaning you can send surveys to customers in different ways, such as within a software product, through a website, over email, or even through mobile. Survicate offers many one-click integrations, making it easy to connect the solution with other business tools like Slack, Salesforce, or Google Sheets.

Survicate is available in a free plan as well as two paid plans with additional features starting at $119 per month.

Survicate sounds like a pretty good option for businesses that want to learn customer feedback, so why even bother looking at other options?

Consider its monthly cost, overall feature set, and usability. According to some businesses, Survicate is too generic a solution and unable to meet the customer feedback needs of certain industries, like SaaS. Others find the monthly cost too high for small to midsize businesses, and some say there aren’t enough features for large or enterprise organizations.

If Survicate doesn’t work for your organization, don’t worry — you have options!

8 leading Survicate alternatives

1. Jotform

Jotform is a popular online survey tool that’s great for creating customer feedback surveys for any business in any industry.

One of the biggest advantages of Jotform is that it comes with hundreds of survey templates, including customer feedback surveys and customer satisfaction surveys, which you can customize using the intuitive drag-and-drop survey maker.

Each survey comes with embed and share options, so you can place it on a website or send the link via email to survey respondents — or you can even use a QR code. You can also use Jotform in kiosk mode, such as on a company tablet, so multiple respondents can fill out a survey one after the other. You can even collect survey responses without an internet connection with Jotform Mobile Forms — the responses will be saved and sent once the device reconnects.

Jotform Tables makes it easy for you to analyze your survey data. It enables you to view, track, and manage each of the responses to better understand customer sentiments. The spreadsheet-powered database lets you search and filter data, run calculations, send data to other platforms, and so much more.

Jotform is available in a free plan as well as four tiers of paid plans starting at $34 per month.

2. Qualaroo

landing page of qualaroo

Qualaroo is a user research and customer feedback software that enables you to survey customers directly on your website or through your software product.

It comes with a guided survey creator that has 40-plus survey templates, 12-plus question types, and 50-plus language translations. Qualaroo also has advanced targeting options, which enable you to nudge the right audience at the right time to take the customer feedback survey. For analyzing survey results, Qualaroo has AI-powered analytics and reports, so you can gather insights from raw data.

Qualaroo has a 15-day free trial and three paid plans for contextual, email, and combined surveys, starting at $19.99 per month.

3. Formstack

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Formstack is an all-in-one workflow automation software that you can use as a customer survey feedback tool.

“I recommend Formstack as a good alternative to Survicate because it not only has survey capabilities, but also the ability to create automated workflows and forms,” says Yogesh Choudhary, cofounder and CEO of Finoit and FieldCircle.

“It’s fair to say that it goes beyond just surveys,” he says. “For example, if you’re organizing a conference and need a solution for both event registrations and feedback collection, Formstack offers dual functionality, which means you’ll need a single form for both. Plus, with automated workflows, once participants submit their forms, you can automatically send them event details. Another feature of Formstack that I like is that you can use conditional logic in surveys.”

Formstack offers a free trial and five types of paid plans; the Forms plan for data collection starts at $50 per month.

4. GetFeedback

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GetFeedback’s customer experience platform is perfect for enterprise organizations.

It’s a leading Survicate alternative, thanks to its intuitive survey creator, which comes with many survey templates and question types, so you can edit and customize surveys based on your needs. Plus, GetFeedback enables you to share surveys via website, email, SMS, and mobile. It also comes with an advanced sentiment analysis tool so you can better understand insights from survey responses.

GetFeedback has three tiers of paid plans. Contact GetFeedback for customized pricing based on your needs and plan.

5. Qualtrics

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Qualtrics is a robust enterprise-level tool with leading data analysis techniques. You can use it to conduct customer feedback surveys in different channels — such as your website, email, or SMS — and use predictive analysis, sentiment analysis, and other techniques to understand insights from survey responses. Plus, it keeps a detailed record of every customer interaction. Qualtrics also helps identify key issues your customers face in real time.

Qualtrics offers customized pricing and plans. Contact them for more details.

6. LimeSurvey

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LimeSurvey is a good solution if you’re looking for quick and simple software without too many bells and whistles.

“My second recommendation is LimeSurvey because it’s open source and can be hosted by your own server,” says Choudhary. “This is gold because you have full control over data privacy and security, which is especially useful while dealing with sensitive information. Also, I love it for its multilingual features.”

You can also add your company logo and brand elements to LimeSurvey to create a seamless experience for users.

LimeSurvey has a free plan and three tiers of paid plans starting at $36 per month.

7. Typeform

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Typeform helps you create people-friendly surveys that emphasize visually pleasing design. Typeform comes with many prebuilt, mobile-friendly templates. You can embed your Typeform survey on a website or send it to survey respondents via email or link. And there’s a bonus feature: You can turn your surveys into website chatbots that converse with your customers in real time.

Typeform offers a free plan as well as four paid plans starting at $25 per month.

8. ProProfs Survey Maker

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ProProfs Survey Maker is an excellent Survicate alternative that enables you to make surveys, polls, and quizzes. It comes with many templates, question types, and design features. You can embed these surveys on your website or share them through other channels such as through email or within apps. ProProfs Survey Maker also has advanced reporting and analysis features to help you learn more about customer sentiment. You can even use it to create visually stunning reports of the collected data.

ProProfs Survey Maker has a free 15-day trial and three tiers of plans for contextual, email, or combined surveys, starting at $9.99 per month.

Jotform: A Survicate alternative ideal for gathering customer feedback

Jotform is as easy to use as Survicate and has many of the same features, which makes it an excellent alternative. With its hundreds of survey templates, you’ll never have to create a customer feedback survey from scratch. Just customize a template with the easy-to-use editor, and you’re good to go.

Jotform is flexible, so you can use it to conduct surveys of any kind. In addition to customer feedback surveys, you can also use it for employee surveys, onboarding questionnaires, contact information forms, and so much more. Plus, with its attractive price point, it’s more affordable than Survicate for small to midsize businesses, and it still delivers a robust feature set for large and enterprise businesses.

Customer feedback is immensely valuable in your business, and Jotform can help you get the important insights you need.

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