The best newsletter survey questions to ask

You put a lot of time and effort into the content you deliver to your newsletter audience. To get the most out of your newsletter, it’s essential to create content that your audience wants to read. Surveying your newsletter audience can help you better understand what they want so you can deliver more valuable content to them.

Best practices for surveying a newsletter audience

When you survey your newsletter audience, make the survey short and easy to complete. Plan on taking no more than one to two minutes of your readers’ time. Keeping your questions short and simple will help your readers give you clear answers and encourage them to complete the survey. Include as many multiple-choice questions as possible, since they’re easier to answer than other question types, like ranking or open-response questions.

Providing incentives can also encourage your audience to complete the survey. Consider entering those who complete your survey into a giveaway for a gift card or free product.

Don’t forget to explain the reason you’re conducting the survey, such as stating that you want to make sure you’re delivering quality content and that you need your audience’s feedback to help you improve your newsletters. Express your gratitude for the time readers have taken to complete the survey.

The types of questions to ask on a newsletter survey

When deciding on the types of questions to ask on a survey, think about your goals for it. Are you looking to learn about your audience demographics, buying habits, or their thoughts on your existing content? It can be tempting to ask questions about many different topics, but focus on one single topic per survey.

Once you’ve identified your topic, create questions that are brief, easy to understand, and applicable to most of your audience. Be as specific as possible and use clear language. Avoid using leading questions, too. It can be helpful to include an open-ended question at the end of the survey that gives your audience a chance to provide any additional feedback or thoughts.

Top newsletter survey questions

As you design your survey, consider incorporating these top newsletter survey questions to gain valuable insights from your readers.

What do you most enjoy about the newsletter?

This question helps you find out what you’re doing well and what types of content your audience appreciates most. It can also help you determine what you should include more of in future newsletters.

What do you least enjoy about the newsletter?

Asking about what isn’t working can help you identify content you may want to avoid in the future, which also creates room for other content that your readers value more.

How satisfied are you with the newsletter’s overall layout?

Asking about a newsletter’s layout may alert you to issues with mobile responsiveness, image display problems, fonts and colors that are difficult to read, and more.

What would you like to change about the newsletter?

This question gives your readers a chance to identify what they’d remove and what they’d add to the newsletter. It can be a valuable source of ideas for new content.

What is your marital status, and do you have children?

When you better understand your audience, you can better write relevant content for your readers. Asking about details like marital status and children can give you a clearer picture of your audience’s lives and lifestyles.

What is your approximate annual household income?

Understanding a reader’s household income can help you determine your audience’s potential spending power and how well your products or services fit within their budget.

What is your most important priority when buying [insert one of your products or services]?

This is an excellent question to help you better understand the qualities and features that motivate your audience to purchase one of your products or services. You can use this information to improve product design and appeal.

How do you feel about [insert product type]?

Asking for specific feedback about a product can help you gauge its performance, identify weaknesses, and improve the product or its future versions for better sales.

What do you dislike about [insert product type]?

Gathering information about specific dislikes may help you identify certain weaknesses and features to avoid in future products.

A tool to make surveying your newsletter audience easier

With Jotform and Jotform Survey Maker, you can easily create surveys without any coding. Jotform’s drag-and-drop survey builder lets you easily design a professional-looking survey that you can then share through email, with a direct link, by embedding it into your website, and more.

While you can design your survey from scratch, the customizable newsletter satisfaction survey, newsletter preferences survey, and newsletter feedback form templates can also save you time and effort, as they include some questions to help you get started.

Surveys are excellent tools to help you collect valuable feedback from your newsletter audience. With Jotform, you can easily create and share surveys, then collect and review data to improve your newsletter.

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