How to add a WhatsApp link to Linktree

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you know that leveraging social media is an important marketing technique that can help you build your business. Plus, with so many people active on social media, your social profiles are a natural place to connect with your customers and start conversations with them. 

Linktree is a valuable tool that can help you maximize the results of your social media marketing and help customers connect with your business. But the platform lacks one key element that would make it ideal for business use: a chat or messaging function where customers can easily reach you. 

Luckily, there’s an easy way to fix that. Understanding more about how Linktree works can help you modify it so it truly meets your needs as a business owner or social media influencer.   

Why Linktree is helpful for your business

You can use Linktree to build your business in multiple ways. With Linktree, you can help your audiences connect to the content that you want them to see — through a single link. 

This is particularly helpful on social media platforms like Instagram, where you’re limited to just one clickable link in your profile. When you add Linktree to your Instagram profile, your followers can click or tap your Linktree link in your bio to see all of the links that you want them to have access to.

Linktree is a valuable addition to other social profiles, too. You can share links to content like videos, recipes, and new products, but you can also use it to collect payments, including tips and donations, for your content.

Linktree features a simple drag-and-drop editor and is intuitive to use. It’s easy to create and modify, so you can refresh it with new content daily.

Pro Tip

Have users message you directly in your app with Jotform’s free WhatsApp integration.

How to make Linktree work for you

To make Linktree even more valuable for your business, consider customizing it with colors that reflect your branding. That creates a coordinated look across all of your social media profiles.

Be aware that Linktree isn’t perfect as-is, though. While the platform makes it easy to share links and content, it lacks a simple way for your audience — your customers, especially — to connect with you. For example, a Linktree page would benefit from an in-app chat or messaging function that conveniently keeps communication right within the platform.

But until Linktree developers decide to add that feature, you can enhance your Linktree profile using tools like WhatsApp and Jotform.

How to add your WhatsApp link to Linktree

Unlike Linktree, WhatsApp offers excellent in-app messaging capabilities. By directing your Linktree viewers to your WhatsApp messenger, you can open a line of communication with them. 

To add your WhatsApp link to Linktree, you’ll need to have a profile with both platforms. Log into both, then follow these steps:

  1. In Linktree Admin, click Add New Link.
  2. Create a title for the link that makes it easily identifiable. A title like “WhatsApp Me” is a good idea.
  3. Copy the WhatsApp chat URL and paste it into the Linktree link 
  4. You’ll need to edit the WhatsApp URL to include your full phone number in international format. You’ll need to remove brackets, plus signs, dashes, and any zeros in front of your phone number (e.g.
  5. Save the link and test it to make sure that it works.

How to use one Linktree alternative 

While you can add your WhatsApp link to Linktree to establish direct communication with your customers, Jotform lets you achieve that same result in a simpler way.

Jotform Apps offers a WhatsApp Button that lets your customers quickly and easily message you on WhatsApp. There’s no need to open a new app and search for your name or bring up your website on a new browser — the button takes your customers right to where they need to be. Your app can serve as a landing page that you can link to in your Instagram bio as well.

To start, you’ll need to sign up for a Jotform account, if you haven’t done so already. This account is free to use. Once you’ve created your account, sign into Jotform and follow these steps:

  1. To add the WhatsApp Button to any app, drag and drop the WhatsApp element into your design.
  2. Next, enter your WhatsApp number into the button.

That’s it. Your customers will be able to reach you easily through WhatsApp, and you’ll have established an important means of instant communication.

Migrate your existing Linktree account to Jotform Apps

How to get the most out of Linktree

Used strategically, Linktree can complement and enhance your current social media marketing efforts. It can boost your profiles and make it easier to direct your customers to the content that you most want them to see. 

Since customer communication and conversations are an essential element of building your brand and providing a great customer experience, modifying Linktree with a WhatsApp link or button can help you get the most out of this marketing tool. 

Lee Nathan is a personal development and productivity technology writer. He can be found at

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