Top 5 Thunkable alternatives in 2024

Whether it’s for your business, your employees, or simply a side project, you’re probably interested in creating apps. Both mobile and web apps are increasingly necessary for any business, which means a lot of time and money go into app creation. 

But what if you want to create an app without learning to code? That’s where platforms like Thunkable come in.

Thunkable is a no-code app builder (one of many that have flooded the market to address the increasing need to build apps without learning to code). Founded in 2015, Thunkable remains one of the most highly regarded app-building software programs. 

With Thunkable’s drag-and-drop features, users can visually move around app components, leading to a more intuitive app creation experience. Apps created with Thunkable are available as native apps on both Android and iOS devices, and the platform offers plenty of customization options. 

With more than 16 million monthly active users, Thunkable is a major platform many users swear by. However, Thunkable isn’t without its drawbacks, and it may not be right for your business. 

Some users find the platform difficult to navigate, and many of its competitors offer cleaner, more modern designs. Though Thunkable does offer a free plan, it’s limited, and the higher tiers can get pricey, ranging from $13 to $500 per month. 

Before signing up with Thunkable, check out some alternatives to see if there’s a better fit for you. Here’s a list of five Thunkable alternatives with some pros and cons to help you begin building apps that will take your business to the next level.

1. Jotform Apps

Jotform Apps is a no-code app builder that allows users to create and easily customize apps with drag-and-drop features and an extensive number of widgets.

The app builder stands out as a Thunkable alternative because of its design options, pricing, and integrations which allow users to connect with many other software tools.

With over 30 payment gateways, Jotform Apps lets you manage transactions seamlessly, whether for orders, donations, or service fees, right within your app, ensuring a smooth payment process for your users.

You can select advanced sharing options, including social media, QR codes, and custom URLs, paired with granular access settings, giving you unprecedented control over how you distribute and who can access your app.

You can keep your team on track with checklist apps and offer options for users to save and continue their form submissions later, boosting completion rates and user satisfaction.

Jotform is perfect for those looking to solve problems and streamline operations in their business beyond just creating apps.

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Create a sleek, easy-to-use mobile app for free with Jotform.

2. Adalo

If you have a smaller team and need to build a relatively simple app, Adalo might be right for you. Unlike Thunkable, Adalo is considered fairly easy to navigate, with virtually no learning curve. If you’re looking to create simple apps — to share forms, databases, or lists, for example — using complex software like Thunkable probably isn’t necessary. 

Adalo is perfect for uncomplicated projects. It offers a number of customization options and modern designs. In addition to being famously user-friendly, Adalo’s customer support team can help publish your app to any app store, while integrations with Zapier let you connect to third-party apps. 

Adalo also has a large library of features that it frequently updates, giving you a variety of options when designing your app. Adalo offers a free plan, a $36 per month for Starter plan, a $52 per month for Professional plan, a $160 per month Team plan, and a $200 per month Business plan.


3. Appy Pie

With its competitive pricing, easy-to-use interface, and 6 million customers worldwide, Appy Pie is another leading Thunkable alternative. Ideal for companies with 50–200 employees, Appy Pie is perfect for making the relatively simple apps most businesses need. 

Appy Pie provides a learning platform and training videos to guide users through the interface, and it offers a number of advanced features like chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented and virtual reality. Appy Pie apps also integrate with Google Analytics.

Appy Pie does have its drawbacks. If you want to build complex apps, this isn’t the builder for you. However, the pricing is competitive: The basic ad-free experience is $16 per app, per month, while the Gold and Platinum tiers are $36 and $60 per app, per month, respectively.

Appy Pie
Appy Pie
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4. Bubble

One of the earliest entrants into the code-free app-building market, Bubble is one of the best Thunkable alternatives for advanced app building. It offers application programming interface (API) integrations for third-party services and customer support for large development teams. 

Bubble also has a large and active community behind it, building plug-ins that you can integrate into your own custom-built app. No other app builder offers such an extensive list of plug-ins in the marketplace, and the community forums can help answer any questions about the platform. 

Bubble stores all data in the Amazon Web Services cloud, one of the most trusted cloud storage systems when it comes to data security and recovery. Bubble offers a free plan, a $29 per month Starter plan, a $119 per month Growth plan for two users, and a $349 per month Production plan for 5 users.


5. Kissflow

Kissflow is another good Thunkable alternative for those focused on building simple apps for their business. It offers a number of templates primarily geared toward workflow automation. 

Kissflow’s app builder also offers extensive integrations, so you can organically add Kissflow’s apps into your existing processes. The platform is designed primarily for larger corporations and is built to facilitate collaboration between users.

Kissflow’s pricing begins with the Basic plan, which offers simple use cases at $1500 per month. Custom pricing options are also available with the Enterprise plan. Additionally, you can schedule a free demo to test the software.

There are plenty of no-code app builders available to help make your business processes more efficient — the trick is finding the right one for you and your team. Be sure to check out these five Thunkable alternatives in your search.

Kissflow’s Workflow
Kissflow’s Workflow

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