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Did you know that the average software developer makes well over $100,000 per year? Paying someone that amount of money is easier said than done for new business owners, who aren’t expected to turn a profit for two to three years.

What if you’re not a business owner but just have an excellent idea? Should a lack of technical expertise prevent you from making your dream a reality?

If this is you, consider using a no-code app builder that helps you say goodbye to mockups and hello to impressive, professional apps. With more than 25 predesigned app components — including lists, forms, charts, and buttons — a builder like Adalo brings your vision to life, helping your customers book appointments, purchase goods, and chat with other users. And there’s no need for you — or anyone on your payroll — to produce a single line of code.

But Adalo isn’t the only app builder out there. Here are 15 Adalo alternatives.

1. Jotform Apps

With more than 200 app templates to choose from, Jotform Apps allows users to create, customize, and share apps without doing any coding. You can add elements from the extensive list available (such as forms, headings, and paragraphs) to your apps. And apps are fully customizable, so you can bring to life exactly what you’re envisioning, whether it’s simply a way to bundle and share forms easily or a sophisticated app that accepts payments.

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Build your own professional, no-code app with Jotform.

2. Caspio

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As one of the most popular no-code platforms, Caspio is a stellar Adalo alternative due to its integrated cloud database, visual app development tools, and limitless scalability on Amazon Web Services.

3. Lumavate

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With more than 150 visual elements and integrations, 35-plus app templates, and live training videos, Lumavate’s no-code platform gives even the greenest developer the opportunity to build their dream app. So whether you need an app to better engage job seekers, promote your product line, or communicate with your staff, Lumavate’s easy-to-use, easy-to-setup platform is a great option.

4. Quickbase

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If you need help managing your business workflows and operations, the low-code platform Quickbase is worth trying. It’s secure, innovative, and customizable, thanks to its hundreds of premade business apps and a drag-and-drop visual builder.

5. Kintone

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Kintone promises to release your data from constricting spreadsheets. This Adalo alternative is a no-code platform designed with teams in mind. Its user-friendly, visual app builder makes work fun again, whether you’re collaborating on a project, transforming boring spreadsheets into compelling databases, or staying organized by streamlining internal tasks and workflows.

6. AppSheet

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Comparable to Adalo in everything from ease of use and features to design and support, AppSheet is another great alternative. As a trusted, scalable mobile app builder, AppSheet lets users build dashboards, send emails, and track and log locations. What’s more, it enables users to sync apps with data from various popular platforms, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Smartsheet.

7. SpreadsheetWeb

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Need help transforming your spreadsheet into a web app? Check out SpreadsheetWeb, the code-free platform that supports more than 450 Microsoft Excel functions and provides users with a library of controls to create their apps, including list boxes, dropdowns, charts, maps, and grids.

8. Bubble

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Letting users develop, host, scale, and collaborate on their projects all in one place — without engineers — it’s no wonder the no-code programming platform Bubble has more than 1 million consumers. And thanks to its built-in, ready-made templates and plug-ins, you too can bring your app vision to life.

9. App-Press

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With mobile app clients like Nordstrom, Verizon Wireless, and Sally Beauty, App Press is another viable Adalo alternative, whether you need it to promote your new business or upcoming event or simply to engage with new or existing customers. Its website is also chock full of customer stories and helpful resources to aid in your app development.

10. Lightwell

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While creating apps without coding knowledge is difficult, platforms like Lightwell help simplify the process with 20-plus years of industry experience and expertise. Even better, you have app development options with Lightwell: Work one on one with a Lightwell consultant for your specific needs, extend your existing team to include some Lightwell developers, or give their developers complete control to create your app, beginning to end.

11. Fliplet

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By offering reusable prefab app components “that will probably cover 90 percent of your features” — like drag-and-drop editors, for example — Fliplet wants to save you time and money. What’s more, Fliplet handles everything from app security and user analytics to operating system (OS) updates and data integrations, so you can focus on everything else on your plate.

12. Appy Pie

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Another Adalo alternative — and one of the most comparable to its offering — is mobile app builder Appy Pie, which is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Offering solutions to meet any scale, budget, or industry, Appy Pie helps bring your app idea to life in five minutes with three easy steps.

13. Formstack

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Formstack boasts that it can help you “reclaim your workday” by providing you with everything you need — code-free, of course — to automate manual processes, collect data, and generate documents, like customer surveys and policy release forms. 

14. Thunkable

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Offering various design components, animations, logic blocks, and integrations (including Google AdMob, Firebase, and Airtable), no-code platform Thunkable helps users create fun, engaging apps that can be launched on Android and iOS operating systems or the web. And with its live chat support, resource-rich blog, and active discussion board, you’ll always find answers to your questions.

15. Swing2App

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With Swing2App, you can design and create your app, test it, launch it, and promote it, all in mere minutes. Additionally, Swing2App helps users create other app features, including push notifications, user management, and real-time updates, seamlessly building a beautiful, professional project from start to finish.

You may not have the coding experience of a software developer, but you can still do all the same things for your business with the help of an app builder. And with so many options for Adalo alternatives, you can find the right app builder for you and your business.

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