Top 16 AppSheet alternatives in 2024

Top 16 AppSheet alternatives in 2024

Whether you want to create an app to establish strong, loyal relationships with your customer base, build brand awareness, or increase access to your services (since more than 6.4 billion people are smartphone users), app-building software can meet your business needs.

As a no-code app-building platform, AppSheet helps businesses create automated processes, multiplatform apps, and powerful, feature-rich customer experiences. Users can scan barcodes, accept signatures, and generate reports. And since people have already created close to 4 million apps using AppSheet, your app will be in great company.

But if you’re still looking for the best app builder for you and your business, here are 16 AppSheet alternatives.

1. Jotform Apps

Jotform Apps is a free, no-code app builder, which makes it ideal for organizations without experience or expertise in software development. Using this intuitive tool, businesses can create apps with forms, links, documents, images, videos, and more with an extensive array of widgets — and customize the apps with their branding.

With its drag-and-drop interface, Jotform Apps is easy to use and takes just minutes to get started with. Plus, you can extend your reach effortlessly. Share your app across various platforms via direct links, emails, social media, or QR codes, and tailor the access with detailed permission settings.

Jotform Apps enables the creation of multipage apps for better navigation and the integration of e-signature documents for gathering signatures on any device. Furthermore, users can connect their app with over 30 payment gateways for seamless transactions. The ability to manage data through Jotform Tables and the PWA technology ensures that the apps work across all devices, including mobile and desktop.

When it comes to creating bespoke apps that cater to your business needs, Jotform Apps emerges as a stellar alternative to Appian. Known for its user-centric design and comprehensive set of features, Jotform Apps empowers businesses and individuals to build custom apps with unparalleled ease and flexibility.

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Create and customize your own no-code mobile app in seconds with Jotform.

2. AppMachine

Another great AppSheet alternative is AppMachine, a no-code application builder that promises quick, simple app creation in just four easy steps: plan, build, test, and publish. With over 30 building blocks and several templates to choose from, AppMachine can help you match your app to your vision.

AppMachine makes sharing your app to any device easy, and you can customize the templates of your choice with design tools. The company’s Instant subscription is $15 per month, the Professional plan is $63 per month, and the Agency plan is $159 per month.

 AppMachine Interface

3. Caspio

Whether you need an app builder for business or pleasure, popular no-code platform Caspio is a viable option, thanks to its visual app development tools, plentiful customizable features, and limitless scalability on Amazon Web Services. And since you can embed it on any website, portal, or content management system (CMS), it’s worth consideration.

The other features that make Caspio competitive are its integrations, admissions management solutions, and agile methodologies. The Starter plan offers introductory pricing for new users at $45 per month. There’s also a Professional plan for $540 per month when billed annually, and an Enterprise plan for $2,025 per month when billed annually.

Caspio Interface

4. Appy Pie

With Appy Pie’s no-code app builder, users can leverage features like chatbots, offline capabilities, and user-friendly design and development tools to make the app of their dreams. Whether you’re creating an app for your company, restaurant, or retail store, Appy Pie can help.

The software includes a number of AI-powered features, such as a text-to-image generator, a text-to-logo generator, a photo enhancer, and an NFT generator, as well as AI-generated templates. Appy Pie offers a free plan to get started. It also offers a Basic plan for $16 per app per month, a Gold plan for $36 per app per month, and a Platinum plan for $60 per app per month. There’s also an Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

Appy Pie Interface
Appy Pie

5. TrackVia

Another great AppSheet alternative is TrackVia, an app-building platform that helps you build no-code apps for your business, no matter your industry. TrackVia helps you digitize everything — like paper or PDF forms, for example — so you can instantly turn data into an app with a simple photo upload.

TrackVia offers a drag-and-drop builder with tools for adding custom branding, code extension capabilities, expansive data control options, and more. TrackVia offers three plan options starting at $499 a month.

TrackVia Interface

6. Gappsy

With Gappsy, you can create your no-code dream app in just one hour. And with more than 100 templates and designs and various organization features (like planners and calendars), monetization features (loyalty cards and QR codes), and communication features (push notifications and live chats) to choose from, you can customize your app to match your business needs.

Gappsy offers five plans for lifetime access in exchange for a one-time payment: Gappsy AI at $97, Appbuilder at $87, Proof at $87, Analytics at $87, and Listing at $387.

Gappsy Interface

7. Glide

In just three easy steps, users can create an app with Glide without doing any coding. Connect your data, whether from a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets file, and then customize it using one of Glide’s hundreds of prebuilt templates. Finally, publish your app and share it easily with anyone you’d like using a unique link.

On Glide’s app builder, you can create portals, dashboards, and directories, with options to organize data in collections or menus. Glide offers a free plan, as well as Maker, Team, Business and Enterprise plans starting at $49 a month when paid yearly.

Glide Interface

8. Airtable

Code-free platform Airtable is another formidable AppSheet alternative, thanks to its countless design templates, tools, features, and integrations. Over 200,000 companies trust Airtable — including Levi’s, Expedia, and Shopify — and its simplified workflows, native AI components, and relational database, so you can be confident your business is in good hands.

You can start with Airtable’s free plan or move up to Team plan for $20 per user per month. There’s also a Business plan for $45 per user per month, and an Enterprise option.

Airtable Interface

9. Kintone

Kintone’s no-code platform prides itself on facilitating teamwork, as well as allowing users to collaborate on projects, communicate via group chats, and access the same reports and documents, all in one shared place. Since it’s accessible anywhere — whether you’re on your mobile device or desktop — you can complete your work in the office, at home, or on the go.

The platform has a robust app template library for rapid application development. The cost for each Kintone user is $24 a month, with a minimum of five users.

Kintone Interface

10. Appstylo

Whether you’re a business owner, user experience (UX) designer, or tech startup CEO, Appstylo can help you build an app that fits both your needs and budget. With customizable templates and layouts, widgets, and features — including push notifications, analytics, and RSS feeds — you can design exactly the app you (and your customers) want.

Appstylo offers flexible layouts, a widgets library, smooth navigation, and much more. Its progressive web app (PWA) option is $14 per month. Adding an Android version is $29 per month, and adding an iOS app as well is $39 per month.

Appstylo Interface

11. Ninox

No-code app builder Ninox is another helpful AppSheet alternative. It’s fully customizable, accessible from anywhere, and easy to use, allowing you to digitize and streamline your business processes to make your work life easier. Plus, you can access a blog, tutorials, and webinars on its website, so you won’t have to look far for answers if you have questions.

Ninox is compatible with any device, and you can integrate with other platforms, automate workflows, and process data securely. Pricing is in euros. The Starter and Professional plans are €10 per month and €20 per month respectively, and value added tax (VAT) is added to the monthly cost. There’s also an Enterprise option.

Ninox Interface

12. Quickbase

Quickbase is one of the most popular no-code app builders on the market, and with clients like Amazon, P&G, and CVS, it’s easy to see why. With Quickbase, if you want faster, more efficient operations in your company, all you need to do is upload your data (through a spreadsheet, for example), integrate your app with popular cloud services, and enable user access for your employees.

Built to solve problems, Quickbase is an ideal AppSheet alternative if you’re looking for a better organized, more streamlined workflow.

The Team plan starts at $35 per user per month with a minimum of 20 users and the Business plan starts at $55 per user per month with a minimum of 40 users. Quickbase also offers an Enterprise plan with customized pricing.

Quickbase Interface

13. Adalo

Adalo offers a no-code solution that allows users to create dynamic, custom apps with ease. Featuring a drag-and-drop interface, simple database spreadsheets, and 25-plus useful app components to add features like calendars and embedded videos, Adalo is a suitable competitor to AppSheets. Plus, you can easily build responsive layouts for any device and seamlessly continue editing your app even after you’ve published it to the web or app stores.

Adalo has a free plan to get started. After that, there are four paid plans to choose from, ranging $36 per month to $200 per month.

User interface of Adalo

14. Stacker

With Stacker, you can collaboratively build and customize business software in minutes while managing all of your team’s data in one place. You can also automatically create a working app with data populated from Airtable or Google Sheets and customize it according to your needs. Create custom dashboards to share updates with partners, speed up your internal processes, and keep track of contacts and accounts with a flexible CRM tool.

The Starter plan is $59 per month, and there are Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans available to add an additional suite of perks and features.

User interface of Stacker

15. Bravo Studio

Bravo Studio is an app-building tool that allows users to seamlessly develop Figma and Adobe XD prototypes into native iOS and Android applications. Over 100,000 users and businesses across the world trust it, including Unity, Novo Nordisk, and G42, and it’s easy to see why. With fully clickable prototypes that give you the feel of live mobile apps and the ability to test variations in real time with Bravo Vision, this is a great no-code app builder option for growing businesses.

There are plans available for both teams and individuals. Solo plan is $21 per month, Solo + Advanced plan is $119 per month, while Solo + Business plan is $239 per month.

User interface of Bravo Studio
Bravo Studio

16. GoodBarber

For users who are serious about design and user experience, GoodBarber is another great no-code app-building solution. GoodBarber offers app templates for e-commerce, restaurants, online courses, and much more. Plus, you can enjoy modular design features that make customization a breeze.

With perks like access to analytics in an intuitive dashboard and a robust content management system, GoodBarber is a competitive solution. Plans are structured based on your goals, with the Content plan starting at $30 per month, the eCommerce plan starting at $40 per month, and the Reseller plan starting at $215 per month.

User interface of Goodbarber

Don’t sacrifice your business’s efficiency at the altar of coding. No-code app builders like AppSheet and its many alternatives make it easy to automate your workflows and streamline your business processes.

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