10 FileMaker Pro alternatives for 2024

Getting your car fixed can be expensive. The parts you need might be pricey, but it’s often the costs of the mechanic’s labor that really add up.

Building an app for your business is like getting your car fixed, especially if you have no idea how to code. It’s an expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating task you have to turn over to an expert when you wish you could do it yourself.

In fact, once you tally up the total people hours and technology expenses required to create an app, software development can cost you anywhere between $50,000 and $250,000, according to Uptech.

Thankfully, no-code app builders like FileMaker Pro (now Claris FileMaker Pro) can help your business create an app in just a few steps, whether you need help tracking inventory or organizing projects. 

FileMaker Pro touts drag-and-drop features, built-in templates, and the ability to create and run apps on both Windows and macOS. And since it imports CSV and XML files and connects with SQL data, you can incorporate work you’ve already completed.

However, FileMaker Pro also has its cons, like glitches when loading, licensing costs that add up quickly, and a less user-friendly interface than some other platforms on the market.

If you’d like to consider another program that could better fit your needs, here are 10 FileMaker Pro alternatives.

1. Jotform Apps

With Jotform, you can use online forms to automate workflows and simplify your office tasks. Jotform Apps goes one step further by letting users share the forms they’ve created — even multiple forms at once — as a bundle through a web app. 

Jotform Apps

With more than 300 templates and 50-plus different app elements to choose from, you can create professional apps that are customized to your business.

2. Quixy


Quixy exemplifies the many benefits of a no-code development platform: Anyone can use it, it saves time and money, and it increases productivity, thanks to automated workflow processes. With its user interface builder, integrations, and mobile capabilities, Quixy’s app builder could be one of your top contenders.

3. Kintone

Screenshot of kintone

Kintone is a teamwork platform with a no-code builder that allows you to create all the applications you need — whether they’re for your accounting, sales, or marketing departments — and make them accessible to your team in a centralized dashboard. Kintone’s app builder is collaborative and flexible, and it keeps you organized.

4. Ninox

Screenshot of ninox

Another great FileMaker Pro alternative is Ninox, a no-code app builder. Fully customizable, Ninox automates business processes, manages workflows, and creates reports and graphs. Plus, it works from anywhere and on any device, both online and offline.

5. TrackVia

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No matter the industry — finance, healthcare, construction — TrackVia no-code workflow software helps businesses create apps that work specifically for them. TrackVia’s app building facilitates collaboration across departments. TrackVia apps work from anywhere (including offline) on any device and easily integrate with other apps and systems. 

6. Airtable

Screenshot of airtable

One of the most popular no-code platforms on the market is Airtable. In fact, many successful companies — including Time magazine, Expedia, and Netflix — use and trust it. 

Airtable offers templates for a range of workflows, from event planning and recruitment to legal and nonprofit needs. And whether you want to create an app from scratch or work off a template, Airtable has the tools you need to create, edit, publish, and share a fully customized app in minutes.

7. Betty Blocks

Screenshot of betty blocks

No-code development platform Betty Blocks has a vision that anyone will be able to build an app themselves by 2023. 

But if you can’t wait that long, the company can help you today, thanks to its User Interface (UI) Builder, visual modeling, and preconfigured blocks. What’s more, Betty Blocks easily integrates with all types of web services (like Slack and Twitter) and IT platforms (like Salesforce and Oracle).

8. Knack

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Another viable FileMaker Pro alternative is Knack, a no-code platform that helps you build apps to automate your business processes and workflows. 

You can generate reports and share data so everyone in your office is on the same page. And Knack integrates (though Zapier) with hundreds of other no-code services — including Google Sheets, Evernote, PayPal, and Mailchimp — giving your app tons of connection options. 

9. Nintex

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With Nintex, you can create your own mobile app in minutes, choosing your own logos and colors to match your brand. So whether you need an app to sell your products and services or to communicate with your staff about paid time off or IT issues, Nintex can help, regardless of industry or department. 

10. Caspio

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Named “the richest platform for business developers” by Forrester, Caspio is another great FileMaker Pro alternative. Caspio can help you build maps and geolocation into your application, as well as pivot tables and interactive reports. 

What’s more, Caspio makes it easy to embed your fully customized app wherever you need it, whether that’s on your website, internal network, or content management system.

While FileMaker Pro may not be the perfect no-code app builder for your business, one of these FileMaker Pro alternatives is likely to meet your app-building needs.

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