Top 15 Appy Pie alternatives in 2024

Today, a whopping 4.66 billion people have access to the internet through smartphones and computers. And as technology continues to evolve, your business needs to keep up, whether your company is small, big, or somewhere in between.

But technology can be confusing, and it’s expensive. If you’re just starting out, the last thing your business needs, let alone can afford, is a software developer or engineer with a high salary.

Fortunately, no-code web platforms like Appy Pie can help. Regardless of your technical skills or development experience, these platforms make building high-quality apps, websites, or chatbots easy, fun, and code-free.

Unsure if Appy Pie is the right platform for you? Here are 15 Appy Pie alternatives.

1. Jotform Apps

With Jotform Apps, you can create the app of your dreams, thanks to 600-plus available app templates and extensive customizable app elements. You can quickly build an app to share multiple forms at once as a bundle. Sharing your apps and setting access privileges for them is easy. Plus, all apps can be used on any device.

Jotform Apps helps increase your business’s productivity. It simplifies selling products and collecting donations through an intuitive online store builder and donation app builder, supports over 30 payment gateways for secure transactions, and allows full customization of your mobile app to match your brand’s identity.

In Jotform Apps, enhancing your application is straightforward with the addition of various elements like links, text fields, documents, images, and buttons. Specifically, button elements can perform actions such as navigating to URLs, sending emails, initiating calls, navigating through app pages, or opening forms within the app itself. This functionality enriches the user experience by allowing you to effectively organize and present content within your application.

With Jotform Apps, you can customize your app to match your branding and include widgets that offer an image gallery, video, social follow, maps, and testimonials. Also, you can create a custom splash screen and app icon.

You can download your app directly to a mobile or desktop device using a link or QR code. App owners can control who has access to their apps with public, private, or company-only permissions.

Pro Tip

Create your own downloadable app for free with Jotform. No coding required!

2. Flowfinity

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Flowfinity is a no-code platform that lets users create flexible, scalable forms, apps, and workflows to help streamline their everyday operations. It works both onsite and in the cloud, and was designed for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

3. BiznessApps

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Mobile app builder BiznessApps helps companies find and keep loyal customers with features like mobile ordering and loyalty programs. And with popular integrations for multiple functions, including food ordering (Seamless and Grubhub), reservations (Groupon), e-commerce (Shopify), and payment options (PayPal and Stripe), BiznessApps works well in any industry.

4. Forms on Fire

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Another Appy Pie alternative is Forms on Fire, a one-stop shop that lets you grab information both online and offline — including photos, signatures, and barcodes — and share data to more than 1,500 systems. The best part? It’s completely code-free.

5. ClickUp

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Whether your background is in healthcare, retail, nonprofit, or tech, your business is in good hands with ClickUp, a no-code project management platform designed to make your work life easier. Calling itself “the one app to replace them all,” ClickUp offers various customizable, pre-built templates, document imports from other applications, and a drag-and-drop feature for easy use, all from one simplified platform.

6. Webflow

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Another Appy Pie alternative is Webflow, the code-free web design and development platform that gives your business the professional look of a software developer’s touch without the price tag of one. With Webflow, you can build a completely customizable website or web app, launch it, and watch it grow, thanks to built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tools and integrations.

7. GoodBarber

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More than 30,000 apps, including content management and shopping apps, have been published through GoodBarber, a no-code mobile app builder. Are you looking to include push notifications on your app to interact with your users? GoodBarber can help with that. What about a chat channel? Or an auto-login feature? GoodBarber can help with those too. 

GoodBarber is also compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, as well as all web browsers.

8. AppInstitute

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Do you want to create an app with Android or iOS compatibility but have absolutely zero coding experience? AppInstitute can make that happen in just four easy steps: pick a customizable template; add your branding elements (AppInstitute will even save you time by pulling your logo and colors from your business’s social media pages); edit; and publish.

9. AppGyver

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“You will never go back to coding. Seriously,” boasts no-code platform AppGyver. And with features including drag-and-drop style controls, powerful animation options, and custom font support — not to mention design compatibility on mobile, desktop, and television screens — that may be true.

10. Appenate

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No-code platform Appenate is another Appy Pie alternative that promises to accelerate your business processes, increase productivity, and improve service quality, all courtesy of easy app creation. Whether you need help staying organized or maintaining inventory lists, Appenate can help with its variety of app development features, including a drag-and-drop option, barcode and QR code scanning, and near-field communication (NFC) compatibility.

11. Ninox

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Join the 250,000-member Ninox community — with backgrounds in real estate, engineering, and healthcare — to build custom, no-code apps for your business. Ninox is easy to use, fully customizable, and chock full of resources (including a blog, webinars, and tutorials) to help bring your app vision to life.

12. Bubble

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With Bubble, another Appy Pie alternative, users can create interactive, engaging, multilingual, scalable apps that grow as your business does, thanks to Bubble’s hosted infrastructure. And if you want to share the workload, you can bring on as many as 40 teammates to help, providing them whatever permissions and access rights you see fit.

13. BuildFire

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No-code mobile app builder BuildFire knows how hard — not to mention time-consuming and costly — it is to create apps. But with its user-friendly app design, a team of strategic consultants to assist you, and cloud-based infrastructure, your organization is in good hands.

14. Bravo-Studio

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Do you have a design prototype you’d love to turn into an app? Bravo Studio can help you do so in three easy steps. And with features like push notifications and dropdown forms — all code-free, of course — your app will look like a million bucks (but won’t cost nearly that much to create).

15. Andromo

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Andromo, a no-code app development platform that works on Android and iOS operating systems, boasts powerful stats. According to its website, 1 million people use Andromo to build their apps. With customizable features to add to your app, including photo galleries, QR code scanners, location links, and multiple dashboards, it’s no wonder Andromo is so popular.

There are many app builders, like Appy Pie and its alternatives, available for those of us without coding skills. You’re sure to find the right one to fit your business.

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