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Whether you’re an influencer, a solopreneur with a budding Etsy shop, or a small business owner trying to compete against more established brands, being your own boss has its perks. You get to set your own hours and decide who you hire and which brands you work with.

But as with any job, being a small business owner comes with its challenges too. It’s demanding, time-consuming, competitive, and financially unstable.

One of the biggest challenges is building and maintaining a strong following of customers and prospects on social media, which is a large part of how you ultimately make more money. To do that, you have to find your niche, create high-quality, relevant content, and be active, consistent, and engaging across major social media channels.

Fortunately, link-in-bio tools like Shorby and Linktree can help you showcase your engaging content and capitalize on your social following. Since many social media sites like Instagram only allow users to have one link in their bios, Shorby and Linktree provide a solution: the ability to create landing pages containing multiple links that you can add to your social profiles.

To find which linking tool is best for your blossoming small business, let’s do a Shorby vs Linktree comparison.

Shorby vs Linktree: Features

With Shorby, you can create a custom landing page for all your high-priority links and content, including

  • Logo and brand name
  • Links to contact your business on popular messaging services — like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp — and other social platforms for cross-promotion
  • Content sections for buttons, text, GIFs, stickers, and videos for extra pizzazz
  • Automatic content feeds to display your most recent posts from other platforms, like Shopify products or Apple podcast episodes
  • Ad-tracking pixels to retarget visitors after they leave your page
  • Powerful analytics that allow you to see which links on your landing page received the most clicks

Founded in 2016 as one of the first link-in-bio tools on the market, Linktree touts an impressive 23 million global users with a wide variety of third-party integrations and powerful measuring and reporting capabilities. Linktree’s fully customizable landing pages allow users to

  • Display, animate, and schedule an unlimited number of links, including links to music, video, online stores, and forms
  • Choose from a selection of free or paid themes
  • Collect email signups for newsletters and fundraising
  • Collect payments for their products and services
  • Create a quick response (QR) code to drive offline traffic online
  • Measure marketing performance with detailed, revenue-based insights (like page views and link clicks)

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Shorby vs Linktree: Price

When it comes to pricing, Shorby has three plan options — Rocket (its most basic plan) at $12 per month, Pro at $24 per month, and Agency at $82 per month (when billed annually). The features differ for each plan, such as the number of pages you can create (five with Rocket and 250 with Agency), how many tracking pixels you can add to links or pages to collect data (one with Rocket to seven with Agency), and whether or not a custom domain web address is included.

Linktree has four plan options to choose from — Free, Starter, Pro (the most popular plan), and Premium — which range from free to $24.99 per month. Though Linktree’s Free plan offers unlimited links, it has limited color options and themes and doesn’t include personalization or most analytics features.

With both Shorby and Linktree, as you go up in price, you get more features — more customization, reporting, integrations, and customer support options. For example, Shorby’s most expensive plan (more than triple the cost of Linktree’s priciest plan) enables you to embed more engaging content, like YouTube videos and Shopify links, within your landing page.

Shorby vs Linktree: The bottom line

For the most part, a comparison of Shorby vs Linktree shows they’re similar in terms of features and cost, which can make it hard to choose between the two.

However, they do have some differences:

  • If you’re looking for a free plan, choose Linktree. Shorby doesn’t offer a free plan — only a free 14-day trial.
  • If you’re a small business investor who wants to promote multiple businesses or you’re an influencer manager (instead of a solo act influencer), you should consider Shorby. While it works for solopreneurs or regular influencers, its bandwidth, pricing, and advanced features are better than Linktree’s for those who need to create multiple customized bio pages for several clients.
  • Linktree’s site is much more informative about its offerings, while Shorby primarily requests account information (or asks you to sign up) before giving you a full look into its capabilities.

Shorby vs Linktree alternative: Jotform Apps

Though Shorby and Linktree are two of the most popular link-in-bio tools on the market, if you’re really just looking for a one-stop page you can customize however you want, consider Jotform Apps.

With mobile app builder Jotform Apps — and its powerful, easy-to-use visual editor — you can build a landing page in a flash. You can add multiple links and forms, change colors, fonts, and overall layout to better match your brand, and even embed payment options and videos. Jotform Apps is affordable, fully customizable, easy to navigate, and completely code-free, enabling you to design a stunning landing page regardless of your programming experience.

These days, having a link-in-bio landing page is more than just a nice touch for any influencer or organization — it’s essential to growing your brand. What’s more, the right linking tool can make your brand stand out and help make your dreams a reality.

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Offer does not apply to Jotform Enterprise

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