10 Kintone alternatives for building no-code apps in 2024

Not too long ago, business owners either needed to learn how to code or dole out a ton of cash to hire a team of developers if they wanted a new business app. This process required time, resources, and capital to make it work.

Thankfully, because of low-code platforms like Kintone, anyone — regardless of their coding knowledge — can now create an app. With features like drag-and-drop functionality, powerful plug-ins and extensions, an app template library, and dedicated communication threads to keep everyone on the same page, Kintone has all the tools you need to build a valuable, user-friendly app.

However, Kintone isn’t the only app builder on the market. Here are 10 Kintone alternatives to consider.

1. Jotform Apps

Perfect for businesses of all sizes and sectors, no-code app builder Jotform Apps helps you build powerful, useful apps in minutes. Build your own app from scratch or choose from 300-plus ready-made templates to get started. Just drag and drop elements to customize the app to match your needs and your brand. Then, when you’re ready for your app to go live, share it via link or QR code to access it from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

2. Clappia

screesnhot of clappia

More than 300,000 customers worldwide use Clappia, a no-code app builder that helps employers replace manual workflows and antiquated filing systems across their organizations. Simply create the app interface you want from a group of pre-coded modules, use a visual editor to set approval permissions and automation rules, and set up a live dashboard to track and manage all your data regularly.

3. Appy Pie

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If you’re on the hunt for a flexible, practical app development platform, then look no further than Kintone alternative Appy Pie. Built for both Android and iOS users, this comprehensive solution helps you design an app in as few as five minutes — whether you’re a store owner, radio DJ, or taxi driver. Features include unlimited app editing, 24-7 customer support, detailed analytics on app performance, and offline capabilities.

4. Bubble

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Since powerhouse companies like HubSpot, Lyft, and L’Oréal use app development tool Bubble, you can trust it’s well-equipped to help you create stunning, dynamic business apps. With Kintone alternative Bubble, you’re able to customize your app by changing its colors, fonts, and overall look to better match your brand. Bubble even allows you to include chat, news feeds, and other interactive features in your apps for the ultimate employee or customer experience.

5. BuildFire

screenshot of buildfire

Boasting 10 million users — from Fortune 500 companies to neighborhood community associations — mobile app builder BuildFire is jam-packed with impressive features to create a powerful app. Use BuildFire to deliver push notifications to boost engagement, authorize third-party logins from Facebook and Twitter for a more convenient user experience, and even enable in-app purchases to monetize your content.

6. Shoutem

screenshot of shoutem

App builder Shoutem is more than equipped to help you create business apps that will improve collaboration and communication company wide. All you have to do is pick a customizable template from Shoutem’s library of options; brand it with your company logo, colors, and images; and then publish it to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in just a few clicks.

7. Bizness Apps

screenshot of bizness app

Designed for small businesses of all industries, app maker Bizness Apps helps business owners expand their brand reach and increase profitability. Bizness Apps includes an intuitive drag-and-drop app builder, e-signature capabilities, multilanguage support, and interactive add-on features to make your app stand out from the competition. These add-ons include everything from tip calculators and event promotion functionality to RSS feeds and image galleries.

8. GoodBarber

screenshot of goodbarber

With app builder GoodBarber, you can send push notifications to your team, connect your app to a wide variety of extensions, and safely export your data to other platforms — all from one secure, centralized platform. For a great employee communication app, add a company blog, online courses, and even a team calendar to your GoodBarber app.

9. Google AppSheet

screenshot of appsheet

Using no-code app builder AppSheet, you can build dynamic business apps to automate workflows, streamline processes, and share data and information through third-party platforms. This comprehensive platform, which connects with all Google Workspace tools, includes customizable design features and premade templates to create stunning apps and workflow logic.

10. Caspio

screenshot of caspio

Kintone alternative Caspio enables customers to create apps, reports, and even dashboards from one easy-to-use, code-free platform. Use Caspio’s point-and-click app-building tools and fully integrated online database to help your organization simplify its everyday operations — whether that’s building a better recruiting program, minimizing IT service backlogs, managing events, or processing payments.

More than ever, you need to be able to create and share business apps quickly and efficiently, which is why app builders are so critical to business success. These solutions allow you to track and manage tasks, projects, employees, and finances to keep operations running smoothly — right from the palm of your hand.

Fortunately, no-code and low-code app builders like Kintone, Jotform Apps, and the rest of the options on this list allow you to effectively run your business — regardless of your budget or programming experience.

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