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Promoting your brand through social media takes a lot more than just pressing the right buttons on your platforms of choice. It takes a thorough understanding of third-party apps that can bring your social media engagement to a new level of functionality.

Some of the most helpful third-party apps are those that provide multi-link solutions. Many apps, most notably Instagram, don’t allow you to attach multiple links — like e-commerce shops, fan pages, or general websites you want your followers to visit — to your profile or posts. Link-sharing solutions, however, can help you and your brand get around this obstacle. They enable users to click just one link on your profile that directs them to a list of all the other links associated with your brand.

To choose a link-sharing solution, checking out ContactInBio vs Linktree is a great place to start. Both have been around for years, with Linktree holding a slight edge in terms of maturity. Still, either app is a good choice for social media marketing. Here’s a breakdown of both (plus a look at an alternative solution).

More about ContactInBio

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ContactInBio is a mainstay of the social media marketing world. With it, you can change the theme and background of your link hosting page as well as customize links to your specifications.

The app lets you add icons for more than 100 types of social media links, and you can even create smart links that will help your audience move more easily from your social media platform to messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.

ContactInBio differentiates itself from Linktree through several features that allow you to

  • Add images and videos on your link page
  • Link to music services (think Spotify)
  • Integrate with e-commerce portals
  • Embed a contact form
  • Choose from various domain names —,,, or

ContactInBio’s monthly subscription services feature a free starter plan with a custom URL and several features like free themes and social media buttons. For $2.6 a month (billed annually), you can add email signup and image uploading, and for $13.65 a month, you unlock the Agency plan. This plan gives you everything the mid-tier option does, but you also get the ability to manage five different accounts at once.

In terms of pricing in the Linktree vs. ContactInBio debate, it’s an easy win for ContactInBio. That said, many users still prefer industry veteran Linktree.

More about Linktree


With a user base around 18 million strong, Linktree is a top-tier social media link-sharing solution that has seen widespread adoption on virtually every social media platform. Being on top has its disadvantages, though, and the market has become more competitive in recent years.

Linktree has updated its features to compete with those newcomers, offering third-party integrations, user analytics, and the ability to collect payments through the app with the help of Square and PayPal. And you can still create a landing page with all the links you need and customize it for your brand.

While Linktree also offers a tiered subscription plan, it recently updated its free service to include these features:

  • Video links embedded directly onto the link-sharing page
  • The addition of title and bio features to the link-sharing page
  • The ability to group links under headers
  • Built-in social media icons to take users to Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms so you can save space for other links
  • Customizable icons attached to links

Linktree’s free plan includes unlimited links and a customizable landing page. The Starter plan adds more customization and control features for $4.99 a month (when billed annually). The mid-tier PRO option offers a branded Linktree page with analytics for $7.5 a month and the Premium plan offers support for larger-scale businesses for $19.5 a month (both billed annually).

Linktree holds the entrenched position in the battle for the best link-sharing solution. However, its role as the frontrunner in the ContactInBio vs Linktree fight may be coming to an end with so many alternatives available on the market.

Migrate your existing Linktree account to Jotform Apps

ContactInBio vs Linktree

So who’s the winner between ContactInBio and Linktree, you ask? The answer depends on what you’re looking for. In terms of the familiarity and reliability of the platform, Linktree is superior — but many swear by the free customization features of ContactInBio.

As somewhat of a reigning champ, Linktree has been working to keep up with newer alternatives, through measures like adding the aforementioned customization features to Linktree’s freemium plan.

An alternative solution: Jotform Apps

If you’re not convinced that either of these options is the right fit for you, there are alternative solutions that approach link-sharing on social media from a different perspective. Jotform Apps, for example, is an online app-building service that provides easy-to-create, customizable apps for a nearly endless variety of uses — including a link-sharing solution.

It’s free (and easy) to get started, and Jotform Apps requires no coding knowledge. The app builder comes stocked with several prebuilt social media bio link app templates you can customize and work from, as well as a simple drag-and-drop interface that enables you to easily create your own app from scratch. You then just have to share the link to the app on your social media accounts.

No matter which option you choose — whether it’s the familiarity of Linktree, the customization features of ContactInBio, or the flexibility of alternative solutions like Jotform — making your full brand accessible on social media has never been easier.

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