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How to Integrate Form with Square

How to Integrate Form with Square

Square payments is an online payment gateway. You can accept credit and visa debit card payments from your customers and processed entirely through Square. Payments can be immediate or authorized for later capture.

By connecting your form to your Square account, customers can securely make online purchases or make payments without ever leaving your form. Orders can also be easily tracked directly in your Square Dashboard.

To integrate your form with Square, here's how:

1. In the form builder, click Add Form Element button on the left side of the page.

2. Go to Payments tab then add Square to your form

3. Connect your form with your Square account by clicking the "Connect with Square" button then login to your Square account in the popup window.

*Change Live Mode to Test Mode if you want to test your payment form.
*Test Mode does not process actual payments.

4. Select either you want to sell products, sell subscriptions (for recurring payments), collect custom amount or collect donations.

5. Let's create products as an example. Continue to the next page to create a product.

Click Create New Product

Then enter the product details. You can also add product options like quantity, size, color and etc.

6. After creating the products you want, save the changes and you're good to go!

We also have guides that tackle about CouponsShippingTax and Product Options.

If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment below.

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  • marloweruritan

    Square, like other online payment options, has a transaction fee associated with each purchase. Where can we find the transaction fee associated with these options? I'm looking for Square for my form.

  • Vicki Piersol

    I am not trying to sell products using jotform and accept square. I HAVE products on my Square store and I want a customer information form on my square store. ???? How can I do this?

  • NBCDanceTN

    Are we able to use products we already have loaded in our square account or do we have to create a new product?

  • mooselodge602

    The credit card information fields are not working on my form I created and linked to my Square account.
    Here is the website link:

  • artexperts

    We are using the Square App on some websites.

    American Express uses a 4 digit CVV Security Code and is not supported by the app:

  • GardenValleyCenterfortheArts

    I've tried these steps but it won't accept the name and password we have on file and it won't send me any communication to tell me how to change the password so it will work. Billie Davolt set up the account but I am the member of the art center setting up the form on the website so I need to be able to get this done. We's rather use our new Square account but will use pay pal if we cannot get the help we need to complete the process. I have sent numerous inquiries over 2 weeks. Please respond or I'm done trying and will choose pay pal. or 208 358-1302

  • ryancrittenden

    How do paying customers receive receipts once they have made payment through JotForm and Square?

  • CollegeMetro

    With the free form option it says "receive three payments" as part of the package. What does that mean exactly? Three free payments received? Or three payments per month? If three payments free, then what is the charge for those above three per month?

  • LisaLauck1

    How do I change the payment option from PayPal to my Square account without having to delete all the products and start over? I've already created my form and realize I need to use Square instead.


    Is there a way to pull the actual credit card information that was entered while I was in test mode to process those payments. here is my form I had several people purchase tickets while i was in test mode and didn't realize I as in test mode and those payments didn't process. Please help


    I didn't realize I was in test mode. SEVERAL people purchased tickets and made payment. Is there a way to go back to process those payments??


    Is there a way to go back and process payments made while I was in test mode??

  • FOWL

    I am trying to use JotForm to set up online donations with Square but when I tried to test it, I received the following warning:
    Square Payment Error
    Access token is missing: Please contact form administrator.

    I don't know what that means or how to correct it.

  • IStation

    Square has "items" filed into "categories". I have successfully set up several items in Jotform to integrate with Square and make sales. However, they go into Square as "uncategorized". Is there a way to add the Square category to the Jotform submission? Alternatively, is there a way to get Square to take the transaction from Jotform and recognize it as having a category?

  • chrissunglee

    I am a medical practice and we use square to authorize a card to be kept on file and charged in the event of a no-show or cancellation. Can this integration work for this purpose?

  • oliviaDae

    my Square options are dimmed and cannot be added

  • TiffanyTara

    Is there a way for the program to auto add tax based on the address provided without me having to enter tax rate in for all 50 states in my tax tab?

  • kferguson77

    I've created the form and all fields work except card number, security code, expiration date and postal code. It's not letting me enter any data in those 4 fields.

  • mamalatinausa

    How can I show the Square logo in the payment section so people pay with confidence?

  • therecyclery

    Can Jotforms help me send customer satisfaction surveys to customers who use a credit card?