Trip Planning Templates

Don’t start packing those bags just yet! If you’re planning a big family vacation, arranging a field trip, or booking travel for others, Jotform’s trip planning Sign Templates are your key to getting organized. Simply choose a template below to turn collected travel form submissions into downloadable, printable, and shareable PDF documents. With all of your travelers’ information made easily available, you’ll know exactly what to book to make the trip run smoothly.

Whether you work at a fancy travel agency or are planning a trip from your bedroom, your travel documents could do with a personal touch. Choose a template that most closely matches the trip you’re planning, then get rolling on customization. With Jotform PDF Editor you can drag and drop form fields, allowing you to securely collect important data like traveler information, departure times, and essential documents. Don’t forget to personalize the look of your template — add photos, logos, and colors to make your PDFs truly pop.

Why not take things up a notch with one of Jotform’s many widgets and integrations? Accept booking payments online with PayPal , add a set of terms and conditions, or collect signed travel consent agreements with an e-signature . While saving this information in PDF format is useful for your own records, you can also use autoresponder to send customized travel plans to travelers — including important information like a trip outline, itinerary, or list of items to bring. Streamline your trip planning process with Jotform’s PDF templates.

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