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Confirmation Letter

Whether you’re an employer welcoming a new hire, a private practice doctor setting up an appointment, or an online shop owner verifying a purchase, you need to confirm the right details with the right people. When you send confirmation letters, clients place more trust in you because you’ve acknowledged their application, order, or payment.

After people submit your online forms, they want to know their information has been received. What if there was a way to automatically transform submissions data into confirmation letters clients can view whenever they want?

With JotForm, you can configure forms to instantly send confirmation letters as PDFs that recipients can access on any device. All you need to do is choose from our collection of Confirmation Letter PDF Templates and customize the template to match your existing form. Using JotForm’s PDF Editor, you can easily rearrange the template layout, modify form fields, or add your company’s logo to give the letter a more personalized touch.

Once you’ve got a confirmation letter template that best reflects your business, you can set up an autoresponder email with PDF attachments enabled. Now when someone fills out your online forms, JotForm will immediately email their submitted information back to them as PDFs you’ve designed. You won’t even have to lift a finger to assure your clients they’re in good hands.

Income Verification Letter

Human Resources

The Income Verification Letter is a document that verifies the salary of an employee in a company or organization. The purpose of this document is to provide proof when the employee applies for a loan, credit card, and mortgages. This Income Verification Letter PDF Template is useful for your organization. This is normally requested by the employees so it is good that you already have a template in hand. This template contains the employee information like the job position, income, and contract type. It also has the employer name, phone number, address, and signature.

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Pet Boarding Confirmation Letter


Animal hotels and hospitals that offer overnight stays can use JotForm’s Pet Boarding Confirmation Letter PDF Template to automatically email clients mobile-friendly, professional-looking PDF confirmation letters. Confirming reservation details with clients will make it a little easier for pet owners to leave their best friends in your trustworthy care. We know it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, which is why you won’t need any coding skills to customize your confirmation letter with JotForm’s PDF Editor. Once you’re satisfied with your design changes, set up an autoresponder on your matching online form to instantly send clients PDF copies of their pet’s boarding reservation as soon it’s booked.

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Scholarship Application Confirmation Letter


No student should worry whether their application has been submitted successfully, especially if it includes important documents like transcripts, essay responses, and letters of recommendations. If you’re a scholarship provider, eliminate anxious student emails by sending professionally-designed confirmation letters summarizing all submitted materials.With JotForm, you’ll be able to automatically email applicants PDF copies of their submissions they can access on any device at any time. Simply use JotForm’s PDF Editor to customize this Scholarship Application Confirmation Letter PDF Template so it matches your application form. After you’ve set up an autoresponder, each applicant will instantly receive the confirmation letter you’ve designed as proof of a successful scholarship application submission.

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