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Musician Instagram Bio Link App

Wondering how to sell music online through Instagram? Add ordering links, forms, and more to your Instagram bio with a free Musician Instagram Bio Link App from Jotform. Whether you want to list upcoming concerts, collect orders for your merch store, or share album releases or other announcements, do it in a free downloadable app that followers can access in a single click. All orders and submissions through your Musician Instagram Bio Link App, and forms are stored in your secure Jotform account, ready to view on any device.Need to customize this app template? Add order forms for concert tickets, merch, or to sell music online, links to your website, or other app elements like images, documents, or text boxes at the touch of a button with our drag-and-drop builder. No coding knowledge necessary. Once your Musician Instagram Bio Link App is ready to go, add it to the bio of your music page to give your followers an easy way to access all of your important links at once.

Social Bio Link Apps

Nail Art Bio Link App

Looking to find out how to sell nail art online? Give your customers an easy way to order nail art through your social media profile page with a free Nail Art Bio Link App from Jotform. By including a custom order form or pre-order form in your app link, you can gather orders and payments seamlessly from your customers on any device. Simply customize this app template to match your branding, add the link into your Instagram bio, and start collecting responses instantly.Make this Nail Art Bio Link App look as flawless as your nail designs with our drag-and-drop app builder. With no coding, you can upload your logo, change colors to match your branding, integrate your payment forms with 30+ popular payment processors to sell nail art online, and make other changes in a matter of minutes. Then just copy and paste your custom Nail Art Bio Link App into your Instagram bio, and you’re good to go!

Social Bio Link Apps

Brand Instagram Bio Link App

Add an app to your Instagram bio with a free Brand Instagram Bio Link App from Jotform. Whether you’re looking to share company promotions, campaigns, announcements, or sell products through your Instagram bio, bundle it all together in an app that your followers can view or download on any device. Any responses submitted through your app’s forms will be stored securely in your Jotform account, so you can view them and get in touch with your customers fast.Make this Brand Instagram Bio Link App template match your branding by uploading your logo, changing the app icon, uploading a new background image, and adding as many links, forms, images, documents, and buttons as you’d like. You can then copy and paste the app link directly into your bio for easy access. Create a custom app to gather information and sell products through your Instagram bio in a few quick clicks with Jotform’s free Brand Instagram Bio Link App.

Social Bio Link Apps

Author Marketing App

An author marketing app is used by authors and writers for sharing their work with their readers. Want to know how to sell books online? This Author Marketing App from Jotform allows authors to create a one-stop-shop for their readers to order books, message the author, follow the author’s social media accounts, or join an email list. Authors can also create a bio page, announce upcoming books, and showcase other titles on the app’s main page by uploading book covers to an image carousel.Personalize this app template with just a few clicks using Jotform’s no-code app builder. Simply drag and drop to add or change form elements, choose fonts and colors, upload a custom avatar and background image, add payment integrations, and much more. Once you’re satisfied, easily share your app with your readers by embedding it in your website or social media, or by sharing the app link in a newsletter email. Create a fully customizable app for marketing your writing and connecting with your readers with this Author Marketing App from Jotform.

Online Store Templates

Business Instagram Bio Link App

Create an app to add to your company’s Instagram bio with Jotform’s Business Instagram Bio Link App. With this app template, you can make company announcements, showcase webinars and events, create pre-order forms, and have your followers submit feedback — all accessible from a single app in your Instagram bio. Submissions made to your app are stored in your secure Jotform account, which you can view on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop.Make this Business Instagram Bio Link App your own by adding your own branding. Just use Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder to upload your logo or a background image, choose a custom app icon, change fonts and colors, and more — no coding required. You can also fully customize your app’s splash screen by adding or changing form elements or installing widgets. After you’re finished, simply copy and paste a link to your app in your Instagram bio and you’re off and running. Create an all-in-one app that your followers can access on any device with this free Business Instagram Bio Link App.

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Restaurant Instagram Bio Link App

Want to add a mobile app for your restaurant to your Instagram bio? Get started with our free Restaurant Instagram Bio Link App! This ready-to-use app template includes an online order form and feedback survey that customers can easily fill out from any device. You can add the app link to your Instagram bio, so customers can always access your restaurant’s forms and information while on the go. Stop wondering how to sell restaurant dishes online and start doing it today.Customize this Restaurant Instagram Bio Link App for your restaurant without any coding. Using our drag-and-drop builder, it will only take a few clicks to add or remove forms, include your branding and links to your website, and update the app name and icon to better represent your website. When it’s ready, just copy and paste the app link into your restaurant’s Instagram bio for followers to open and download onto their mobile smartphone or tablet. Save time creating a mobile app for your restaurant to share on social media with this Restaurant Instagram Bio Link App — you'll be able to sell restaurant dishes online in no time.

Social Bio Link Apps

Personal Portfolio App

A personal portfolio app is used by professionals to list their resume and showcase their portfolio. With this ready-made Personal Portfolio App, you can quickly generate a downloadable app that shows off your work and downloads instantly onto iOS and Android devices. Just customize the design and share it with a link!Feel free to add images, upload a personal logo, change fonts and colors, split the app into multiple pages, and make other design changes in seconds with our intuitive drag-and-drop app builder. You can even add links to all of your social media channels! Take your job applications to the next level with a custom Personal Portfolio App.

Social Bio Link Apps

Copywriter App

A copywriter app is used to book a copywriter’s services. If you’re a copywriter and want to create a free downloadable app for your clients to use, get started with this Copywriter App from Jotform. You can add your services and pricing, collect quote requests and appointment bookings, and gather payments on any device.Want to make changes to this app? Feel free to add your branding and logo, showcase your portfolio, include your social media links, and more. You can even integrate with a payment processor to gather payments from clients — while paying no extra transaction fees to Jotform. Take your copywriting business to the next level with a convenient Copywriter App for iOS and Android.

Service Apps

My Memorial App

Has a loved one in your life passed away recently? Or perhaps you’ve been tasked with creating a memorial for someone at your organization? With Jotform, it’s easy to put together a thoughtful digital memorial — perfect for sharing with people who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to participate. Create and share your own My Memorial App in just a few easy clicks.Want to customize your memorial app to better fit your needs and requests? Simply drag and drop to design your My Memorial App — upload images and videos of the departed, choose a meaningful app icon and backsplash, integrate with helpful widgets, and much more. Then simply share your app with loved ones of the departed. You can even include a form for others to leave heartfelt messages and memories to be shared.

Social Bio Link Apps

Freelancer App

A freelancer app is a mobile app that freelancers use to advertise and sell their services. Whether you’re a writer, a graphic designer, or a consultant, you can use a Freelancer App template from Jotform to find and connect with leads — completely for free. Choose from one of our 30+ payment gateways to immediately collect deposits or full payments from customers. Plus, all submissions made in the app will be stored securely in your Jotform account for safekeeping.Make the Freelancer App template your own with Jotform’s drag-and-drop app builder. Upload branding logos and assets, rearrange app elements, choose fonts and colors, change the icon and backsplash, and more without any coding. Get your freelance business off the ground with a custom app from Jotform Apps today!

Service Apps

Bartender Tip App

A bartender tip app is a type of app that collects tips and payments from bar patrons. Collect tips seamlessly at your establishment with this Bartender Tip App from Jotform Apps — perfect for contactless transactions. Add a Donation Box element to your app to easily track and manage tips. Add a tip progress bar if you have a goal amount in mind, or input your own custom tip amounts to really personalize your app.Want to customize your own Bartender Tip App? No problem. Simply use Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder to add a personal touch. Upload branding assets and images, add customer reviews, change fonts and colors, integrate with trusted payment processors, and so much more. Once you’re finished, all you need to do is send your app to your clients — share via QR code or direct link.

Donation Apps

Valet Tip App

Gather tips for your valet workers seamlessly with this custom Valet Tip App from Jotform Apps. Add a Donation Box element to your app to collect tips from guests and clients alike. Include a tip donation tracking bar or input custom-giving amounts to give your app a personalized feel. Once you’re done, simply send it via direct link or print out a QR code for your customers to scan at your valet station.Need to customize your Valet Tip App? No worries. With Jotform’s easy-to-use app builder, making your app unique is a breeze. Drag and drop to switch up colors and fonts, add a custom app icon, upload images or videos, and more. You can also integrate with payment processors like PayPal, Square, Stripe, and more to collect and manage donations for your employees.

Donation Apps

About Social Bio Link App Templates

Create a custom app to add to your social media bio with Jotform’s free Social Bio Link App Templates. Whether you need a bio link app for Instagram, Twitter, or another platform, select a free app template below to make one in minutes. All templates are easy to customize with our drag-and-drop builder — you can update the app background or icon and make other design changes, all without coding. Add links, forms, documents, buttons, and more with a custom Social Bio Link App for your social media page.