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How to Integrate Form with Square

How to Integrate Form with Square

Square is an online payment gateway. You can accept credit and visa debit card payments from your customers and processed entirely through Square. Payments can be immediate or authorized for later capture.

By connecting your form to your Square account, customers can securely make online purchases or make payments without ever leaving your form. Orders can also be easily tracked directly in your Square Dashboard.

To integrate your form with Square, here's how:

1. In the form builder, click Add Form Element button on the left side of the page.

2. Go to Payments tab then add Square to your form

3. Connect your form with your Square account by clicking the "Connect with Square" button then login to your Square account in the popup window.

*Change Live Mode to Test Mode if you want to test your payment form.
*Test Mode does not process actual payments.

4. Select either you want to sell products, sell subscriptions (for recurring payments), collect custom amount or collect donations.

5. Let's create products as an example. Continue to the next page to create a product.

Click Create New Product

Then enter the product details. You can also add product options like quantity, size, color and etc.

6. After creating the products you want, save the changes and you're good to go!

Get started with a Square payment form now!

We also have guides that tackle about CouponsShippingTax and Product Options.

If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment below.

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  • Lbmils

    Hello, I just integrated a form with square and the information is not syncing with square as it should. The name and email along with other info shows up in the wrong places. It does not create the customer as it should. All line items are blank when I click view customer info. Shouldn't it populate the amount charged, email and customer name and other info into Square?


    I'd like to create a form with different options to pay via CC. Full amount, divided into 3 payments, or other amount the customer fills in. Can you give me some insight on how to do this?

  • hotpinkz4

    I found my 3 integrations, 2 are checked off with bright green check, the 3rd one which is SQUARE however is checked of but with a muted green, not bright green.
    What does that mean? Is square connected to jotform or not??

  • Kevin

    The payment fields are locked on registration form.

  • EliteInsites

    Is there a way to use Square to just collect users CC info without having to create a product for sale? I integrated my Square account successfully and created a product, but I made the price $0 and it wouldn't show the fields to enter the credit card data.

  • agjost

    Hello, I am setting up a new order form with Square integration. I did this by first cloning a form I have used before, and then modified the product details etc. Can I assume that the Square integration that I had set up for the original form is still valid for the cloned-and-modified form, or do I have to repeat the Square integration process?

    Also I am confused a bit about how to use test mode. Do I simply set the mode to "test" and then do a dummy form submission with one of the test card numbers at the Square website, or is it more complicated than that?

    Thanks, Allan

  • lycboater

    Thank you! every helpful

  • Kevin_cafe

    I want to populate more fields in Square Customer Directory from the form when the customer signs up for my beer club. Birthday and phone-number, specifically. I also want the Group attribute in Square to be assigned the same fixed value of "Beer Club" when a customer signs up. How can I pass these values through to Square using your integration?

  • Expressform

    I used before, but now the button to CHARGE CUSTOMER NOW it isn’t working.
    Thank you

  • Tatyana Mironov

    Hi! I’m trying to create a form that I can attach to new appointments made in square automatically. Is this possible to do?


    I am trying to set up multiple products on jotform/square, but when I test it, I can't "purchase" multiple items. I can only purchase one item. How do I get around this?

  • bethelightforpapa

    Have a question. How do I create a form to capture credit card information without listing products? Is there a way to do that? I have several different products to list them all. I am having them input the items they want.

  • Joe

    I am interested in converting our company's paper rental form into a digital contract using Jotform and the Square integration. On our rental form, we collect data other than the customer's name, email, address, and phone number. Is it possible to connect data entry fields in Jotform to custom data fields on a customer's account in Square?

  • Cassandra Bell

    I am not receiving payments with Square. I am connected and completed the integration.

  • Stacey

    If we choose to use the Square payment integration, does the Square card swiper or the contactless chip reader feed the credit card information directly into the jot form OR does the credit card information have to be entered manually?

  • envytans

    I have a jotform set up as a subscription and has just revived an email to say that my OAuth token has expired.
    I understand I need to reconnect it to the square but I’m not sure how to do this?

  • Sachin Chauhan

    I want to integrate 2cc payment gateway in my jotform form. How to eneble this service ?
    I have not taken any plan yet . I m using the the free version of jotform.
    Kindly provide me the detailed information

  • raytownbmx1498

    Is there a way to have the buyer pay the processing fees?


    Hello, Is there a way to indicate on the form that we are using Square or that the transaction is secured? Right now I only see the form entry, but nothing else.

    Another question - not related to Square - where can I modify the font/size of the product type and cost?

    Thank you, Iska

  • wildthingsmicro

    I know what Square charges per transaction, but are you also taking a percentage?

    I am using the free version of jot note right now, but I plan to upgrade to a paid service right away. Is there a level of paid service I have to have to include square as a payment option?

  • zosianalytical

    I'm connected with Square, but the fields to enter credit card information are not editable in my form. I feel like I'm missing a step, but can't figure out where.

  • ashrithgreddy

    How do I Stop Jotform from sending an email receipt to my clients?

  • chris.hobbs

    I calculate the amount to be charged using the conditional logic in my jotform. How can I feed that amount to Square to be charged?

  • estevez.damian

    Hello Experts: If I have a form where I sell, for example, seeds. The prices of the same are variable, what option do I have to configure a Form where I send Client A a form with one price and the same form of sale of seeds to Client B with another price, using Square ... I am afraid that if I send it to the first with a value of 10 usd, then I edit it and I send it to the second with a value of 5 usd, because both when they access, see my product at the last configured value. Cheers

  • calebschutz

    We are a nonprofit. Do you have gift certificates so, for example, someone could purchase a yearly membership for someone else?

  • emski72

    Hi My tests using square keep failing despite getting the áccount'connected image

  • NNSWFComps

    All payments synced with Square come through as 'custom amount' and the persons name rather than the product or description provided when setting up the Square payment in the form. This is increasing the time spent reconciling payments as they aren't traceable straight away as they should be.
    It would be very helpful to have this functionality available. Is there any update on an ETA for this to be implemented?

  • marcomm1965

    My jotform is currently synced with my square account, however, I can't see item/product names or details in my square dashboard. I can see the price of the transaction and the name of the person who purchased, but it gives no detail as to what was purchased or the quantity. The product name doesn't even show up on my square reports... everything says "uncategorized". How can we ensure that our product names show up on our square reports?

  • infokaratelafayette

    How many free payments may I process using the square integration?

  • allthatjazzinc

    Will Jot Form transfer customer data to my Customer database in Square? Can I see in Square once a person has completed the form by looking them up as a customer?

  • epochproductions

    Is there a way the Square integration can "pull" products/items that we've already created in the Square Store?

  • flycoastalballoons

    HOw do you test the form?

  • jay.meyer

    I am having a hard time verifying that I have completed the intergration

  • Writers

    This isn't working for me. After I attempt to log into Square, it says "Initializing Square Connect, please wait.." and nothing happens. Please help. I have made several attempts and am frustrated. Thank you

  • Ready4bed

    This isn't working for me. After I attempt to log into Square, it says "Initializing Square Connect, please wait.." and nothing happens. Please help. I have made several attempts and am frustrated. Thank you

  • NISO

    how do i reconnect my form to Square
    so it can start accepting payments again

    i have received an email saying that access tokens for the form ...has expired and can no longer be renewed.

  • thecharmingcatcafe

    I have done all this but when I try a purchase, I get the message about the token. I cannot connect to Square or PayPal. JotForm just spins and spins.

  • thecharmingcatcafe

    I have done all this but when I try a purchase, I get the message about the token. I cannot connect to Square or PayPal. JotForm just spins and spins.

  • owamembership

    Like other people who have commented, I strongly feel that there needs to be a way to have the items showing as what they are rather than as uncategorized in Square to properly record the sales. If we are setting up products in the payment widget in Jotform, the product name needs to appear in the Square receipt or report.

  • Impireum

    I followed the above instructions and selected "User Defined Amount" because I am not selling a product.

    I just would like my patients to be able to pay their invoice by credit cards through this form. I am not selling a product. It won't remain logged in to Square.

  • diamondevent

    If I select 'Send Receipt" and also select "Authorize Only" when does the customer receive the receipt? I was thinking it would be once we capture the payment, but am not sure. Thank you.

  • John Koehler

    How do I get the product items to match with the items in square? Currently the products go to square as uncategorized and as a custom amount.

  • diamondstudio2017

    After the client pays will he get an email? I suppose he will get the invoice from Square cause I opted it, but will the client get a thank you letter or something like that? Just interesting......

  • LANKing

    Is there a way to add a note to the transaction or another way to track these in Square?

  • WPRV

    Are you setting up products in square, or jotform?

  • Swazetta Williams

    I was receiving an error code after attempting a test payment online. You all responded with:

    Answered by Jed_C
    We apologize for the inconvenience. Kindly try to disconnect the integration and re-integrate it again. Let us know if the issue persists.
    Referenced guide:
    Let us know how it goes.

    I have tried again and the issue is still happening. Can someone please help immediately otherwise I will go ahead and delete the account. Thank you!

  • JCCPreschoolPA

    We are getting an error message on our form that’s integrated with Square. It says “Access Token Missing.” Please advise.

  • marloweruritan

    Square, like other online payment options, has a transaction fee associated with each purchase. Where can we find the transaction fee associated with these options? I'm looking for Square for my form.

  • Vicki Piersol

    I am not trying to sell products using jotform and accept square. I HAVE products on my Square store and I want a customer information form on my square store. ???? How can I do this?

  • NBCDanceTN

    Are we able to use products we already have loaded in our square account or do we have to create a new product?