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Did you know you can create PayPal Payment Form with a FREE JotForm account?


Creating PayPal Forms with JotForm is quick and easy. Just follow the process below and you'll be integrated with PayPal in no time.

We have a few different PayPal payment tools available. If you have a personal PayPal account, use the Paypal Personal tool. If you have a business PayPal account, you can use PayPal Commerce or PayPal Checkout (if you’re using PayPal Checkout, refer to this user guide).

PayPal payment tools

PayPal payment tools

Basic Options/Gateway Credentials

Basic Options/Gateway Credentials
  1. PayPal Account - enter your PayPal account email address. If you're using PayPal Commerce or Checkout, you need to authenticate your Paypal account in the settings.
  2. Currency - select the currency.

Payment Type Options

Payment Type Options
  1. Sell Products - this option includes any kind of one-time payment:
    • Shipped goods like t-shirts, mugs, and pencils
    • Digital goods like e-books, PDFs, and videos
    • Event registrations like concerts, conferences, and seminars
  2. Sell Subscriptions - this option is for recurring payments. Once a user is signed up, their PayPal account will send you payments periodically. You can get these payments weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  3. User Defined Amount - this option allows users to input a custom amount as a regular payment.
  4. Collect Donations - this option allows users to input an amount as a donation.

Additional Gateway Settings

Additional Gateway Settings

Additional Gateway Settings

  1. Users Can Select Multiple Products - select "Yes" if you want users to be able to select multiple products.
  2. Show Total Price on the Form - select yes if you want to show the total amount on the form.
  3. Sandbox Mode - the PayPal Sandbox is a self-contained, virtual testing environment that mimics the live PayPal production environment. It provides a shielded space where you can initiate and watch your application process the requests you make to the PayPal APIs without touching any live PayPal accounts.
  4. Authorization Only - enable this option if you want to collect orders and charge customers at a later date. To learn more about this feature, check this guide: How to Enable Payment Authorization.
  5. Require Shipment Address - if you'll be shipping a product to the user or need an address for some other purpose, select "Yes".
  6. Checkout Language - select the language to be used on your checkout page.
  7. IPN Relay URL - if you are using PayPal with another provider that needs to get IPN messages, you can enter the provided URL in the box.
  8. Pending Payment Email - this option allows you to send an email to customers who fail to submit their payment on time. See this guide for more details: How to Set up Incomplete Payment Notification Email.
  9. Clickable Image Preview - enable this option to open product images in a lightbox window.
  10. Use Decimals - this is enabled by default. Select "No" if you don’t want to use decimals.
  11. Decimal Separator - you can choose to use decimal points or commas.
  12. Redirected PayPal Page Style - to learn more about this, see this page from PayPal:
  13. Checkout Logo - you can elect to display your custom logo on the checkout page. The image you upload will replace your email address and/or merchant ID.
  14. Checkout Cart Color - you can designate a border color to appear around the selected product items on the checkout page. Here's an example of the checkout logo and color.

    Custom Header

Setting up Your Products

Enter your product, prices, and options here. Each product must have a name and a price. You can also include an image for your product, set it as a required field, or make it selected by default.

To set up the quantity and additional options, see this guide: How to Add Options to Payment Forms.

Finalizing Your PayPal Form

After adding your product or subscription items, simply click the Save or Continue button to save your changes.

Optional Editing and Management

You can edit the label of your question by clicking on My Products. You can also click the wand icon to relaunch the payment wizard and update your product details.

Optional Editing and Management

Optional Editing and Management

Extra: Curious about the difference between PayPal Personal and Paypal Commerce?

Check out what you can do more with PayPal Forms.

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  • kloodge

    I setup the integration, and the money is going to PayPal on Submit of the Survey, but the data isn't going anywhere on Submit.

  • ryangoheen


    To whom it may concern, I'm trying to verify that my transactions are going through to paypal. So far my form has generate 5 payments to my paypal however I don't show any funds in my account. Is there a delay? Any help will be appreciated.


    Ryan Goheen

  • Yakutchik

    I need to set up a donation form with multiple products. Some will be a one time donation and others will be a monthly subscription or annual subscription. How can we set up this for paypal?

  • Rosemarie

    I set up the integration, but I listed it as a Personal PayPal instead of Business PayPal. Will that matter and, if so, how do I change it? I tried, but it wouldn’t let me back in.

  • abhishek.amiruddin1

    can i include cashapp to my payment option form?

  • sgpaul

    When I added the Paypal Checkout widget, the Submit button went away. When you complete a form and checkout via paypal, does the form data get submitted to the email, etc. just as it does when the Submit button is used? Thank you.

  • intlfieldstudies

    Can you use the PayPal Checkout with only a linked personal Paypal account? Or do you have to have a business account?

  • Mark Hayes

    I'm new to PayPal just need the basic sign up form for a non working disabled person

  • amcreg9

    I've tested several times and I keep getting a "Security Error" message. The form is also defaulting to a PayPal Pro and not allowing me to do a regular PayPal account. Please advise.

  • Dakotadrums

    I am not able to select any payment button (Paypal, Square, anything). Why is this?

  • bishopkldavis2

    ORDER ID is missing from the form submission.
    ORDER ID is missing!


  • bishopkldavis2

    Student Registration Fee:
    Registration Fee $ 75.00
    Total $ 0.00
    loading smart payment buttons..


    What does it mean when a payment says "client authentication failed?"

  • Vickie BAker

    User defined amount shows the word “free” if I don’t input a value. This is annoying as I don’t want it to show up because there are different values for different quantities. How to remove this?

  • Jbsp1231

    I have a payment submission. How do I collect?

  • BrandyR

    will a paypal button appear on form while in edit mode or after publishing ?

  • John

    I am facing some errors there.

  • portministries

    how can we separate the products on different pages?

  • Curvyclothingclearout

    I am trying to set up a paypal form but am getting an error.
    It says this intergration has not yet been configured. Please run the wizard for configurations.
    what can I do to get this working.

  • afariasg

    How much does jotform charges by using paypal, cause i got charged more than the total amout said

  • MAL2004

    I am creating a membership application form and testing in Sandbox mode using my own info. Using PayPal. When I hit SUBMIT it takes me to "Log in to your PayPal account" but has no option for them to just use their credit card thru PayPal with NO account. Your tutorial shows that there should be 2 options after submit - use their existing account or a one time use with credit card. Am I doing something wrong?

  • churroboss

    I can't get the subscription buttons to work. Once I select subscription and review and submit form it just gets stuck on please wait...
    It never redirects, submits, or anything.

  • drrobincash

    I am not able to see my paypal buttom - sigh

  • forloveofbaby

    I would like to add a paypal credit button to the checkout. Is that possible through here?

  • mclopez54

    how do I update my form, when I want to use another business Paypal account on my form for payment?

  • danettelayne

    I've read this about 12 times. I'm still not getting an absolute answer on whether jot forms can do installment payments - which is different than subscriptions.

  • delcon

    i have set up my form with a PayPal account with the regular PayPal method and i would like to change it to the PayPal Pro method. How do i change that?

  • narrowwei

    Hello, does not form integrate with PayPal Giving Fund? It is PayPal for nonprofits and does not charge a fee:

  • JulGlez


    I did a form for Inscription to a festival. There´re 3 type of inscripction.....

    I hope your answer.
    Regard. Jul Glez

  • JulGlez

    Hello my friend.,

    I custimed so that you explain in the tutotial, but don´t work me.....

    I put the API of my Pay Pal count, choose the image..... but after when I prove and when clic in the image, dont do anything. What I did bad?

    Regard. Jul Glez

  • khp101

    Hi I have participants that are trying to send a form to me to register for events I have, and it says it wont let them submit form as my paypal isnt set up. I dont want to accept paypal; they are just registering, can you advise?

  • PAWSStGeorge

    I'm trying to set up a fundraiser contest, but there aren't any products. Basically, users submit photos for the contest, but they pay $5 per photo upload. I can't seem to figure out how to make this work, could you assist me?
    Thank you!

  • DCsandra

    Hi Jotform Managers,

    I'm hoping you can help me.

    I've been reading up on the forums to get an answer, but without luck....

    1. I'm wondering how do I setup Paypal to ONLY redirect the people who want to use Paypal/to pay?

    Essentially, I only want the people who are opting to pay via Paypal to be redirected to the Paypal page or alternatively with the Paypal Pro is there an option to enter the CC details on my form and make it a non-mandatory/required field?

    2. I have been working on my partners jotform to create the Paypal options and when testing the Paypal option, we've found that if we get redirected to the Paypal payments page, that we loose all of our Jotform pre-entered data if we don't complete the Paypal transaction (when returning back to the original page).

    Is there a way to avoid the loss of pre-entered data after not completing a Paypal payment (ie. returning back to the seller's page). ?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    I very much appreciate it.

  • bunchofholmes

    Will I be charged a fee from paypal for using this service if I have just have a personal paypal account?

  • larr85

    estoy teniendo problemas con la integración de paypal en mi formulario, llevo varios dias sin respuesta.

  • charlescorn

    In the PayPal integration, there is an option "Use PayPal Checkout Buttons". I've chosen "Yes" but the form still shows the previous submit button I'd set up, and not the PayPal button.

    Why is this? I've tried to delete the submit button, hoping a PayPal button might replace it, but no luck.

    If I download a PayPal button and upload a button image to replace my Jotform button, crazy things happen to the sizing: the image expands beyond the form and pixellates because it's stretched.

    Why doesn't "Use PayPal Checkout Buttons" simply make the PayPal button appear automatically? Is there a bug or am I doing something wrong?


    Hello - I am trying to set up a PayPal PayFlow link - Is this possible? I have a merchant ID, that I would like the payments to go through, however I cannot get around the "email" aspect of the PayPal Log in on my form. Instead, it is going to a personal account, which is not ideal, due to the high percentage of paypal processing fees. The website can be found at:

  • Lakeisha

    My form is inserted on the checkout page I created but visitors are not being directed to paypal after completing the form. Is there something specifically that I am not doing?

  • Dweat40906

    I have created a form for donations for my church app. I have used the Jot plugin and inserted the publish link. However, when testing i enter an amount and my info. But when I click the "go to payment page" it says please wait. After 10 minutes of waiting it still does nothing. Any ideas?

  • sarahmaehall

    I'm trying to use paypal to gather money for a common payment towards a downpayment/registration for a class reunion retreat. No goods or services are being sold. Is there any way to get around the high fees being charged?

  • nama26986

    When will the indian currency be added in paypal form

  • WNCVPMembership

    Are there any issues adding a form+PayPal to a Wix site?

  • venco

    How to collect payment 30% only from total of multiple products(items) staight without to put any coupon codes?

  • sl2015

    What about a pick up & delivery service? I need to be able to authorize payment and then send a bill with the correct amount after the item is picked up and weighed.

  • Жопорук

    Спасибо за Ваш труд!!

  • SportsTravelExperts


    Do you have to create a paypal account if you are intending to only make a one time purchase. We have clients looking to just enter in their payment details and move on without creating an account. Any help would be great, thank you.

  • usacorporate

    I have completed this three times.
    it is not showing a payment or submit button on my form to complete the transaction

  • realfitness7

    Having all kinds of problems and can't seem to get anyone to answer me on here. Is there a phone number to actually call a tech?

  • officeadmin

    I just pressed Submit, paid in paypal (the seller got the money), and the submission is still showing as pending. What gives???

  • Andrew1294

    How about selling services????

    The PayPal widget wizard wants a fixed price. There's not such thing in cleaning apartments. The form I intended to use on my site is supposed to gather info to set a price that cannot be known ahead of time.

    You have to be kidding me.