Donation Apps

8 Templates

Manage donations for your church, nonprofit, gallery, or pet shelter with customized Donation Apps from Jotform. No matter what type of business you run, you can choose a ready-made online store app to customize without coding. Just drag and drop to add your logo, set up a donation link, automate confirmation emails, and change the app icon and color scheme for a personalized touch. Then you can integrate with one of 25+ payment processors — including popular platforms like Square and PayPal — to accept donations online while paying no extra transaction fees to Jotform. Your downloadable app works seamlessly on iOS and Android, or it can be embedded in your website to securely collect online donations.

Church App

Build an app for your church without any coding. Collect donations, get prayer requests, and more. Easy to customize and share with your congregation.


Museum App

Create a mobile app for your museum or gallery. Free customizable app template. Schedule visits, collect donations, and more. Works from any device. No coding.

Booking Apps

Donation App

Create an app for collecting charitable donations on any device. Great for non-profit organizations and churches. Easy to customize and share. No coding.


Community Membership App

Build a mobile app for your community. Register members from any device. Free customizable app template. Add forms, links, and more. Easy to share. No coding.

Donation Apps

Activism App

Free downloadable app for activists, volunteers, and organizers. Collect online donations. Easy to share. Drag-and-drop to customize. No coding knowledge required.


Podcast App

Create a custom app to list recorded podcast episodes and collect donations from listeners. Easy to customize and share. Compatible with any device. No coding.

Donation Apps

Animal Rescue App

Create a custom app for your animal shelter. Customize without coding. Downloads onto any iOS or Android device. Gather applications, requests, donations, and more.

Donation Apps

Food Donation App

Create a custom app for donating food or money to your food bank. Works on iOS and Android devices. Drag and drop to customize. Easy to share. No coding required.