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Church Donation App

No matter what type of church you run, create your own online application with our free Church Donation App! You can share all your church forms — such as donation forms, contact forms, prayer request forms, and more — through your app, making it easier to stay connected with your community. Current and new members of your church can open the app from any smartphone, tablet, or computer and even download it for future use.Want to customize this Church Donation App to better represent your church? Your prayers have been answered — using our drag-and-drop builder, you can easily make this ready-made template your own! Feel free to create and add new forms, update the app name and icon, change the background image or splash page, embed links, and much more. When it’s ready, share your app with members of your church via link. Keep in touch with members of your church on the go with a custom Church Donation App for your congregation.

Donation Apps

Donation App

A donation app is used by nonprofit organizations and churches for collecting charitable donations. This ready-to-use Donation App comes bundled with two forms for donating either money or physical items. Donors can fill out general contact information, specify how they would like their donation to be used, choose a donation package to add to their cart, and leave comments. Collect donations by debit or credit card, or integrate your app with over 30 different payment gateways including PayPal and Stripe. Submissions are kept confidential and are stored in your secure Jotform account.Customize this app template with no coding using our drag-and-drop form builder. With just a few clicks you can add or swap out forms, upload your organization's logo, add images and social media links, and more. You can also include donor testimonials on your splash page. When it’s ready, simply embed a link in your website or social media, or share it in a newsletter — donors can then access and download your app on any device. Empower your donors to make real change in the world with this Donation App from Jotform.

Donation Apps

Online Church App

No matter which faith you belong to, share all of your church’s forms in a single Online Church App with Jotform! You can use the app to collect new member applications, gather donations, receive prayer requests, and more from any device to stay connected with your church members and community. Members can open the app from any device and download it for future use, and submissions are stored in your Jotform account which you can view as a spreadsheet, calendar, or cards using Jotform Tables.Feel free to customize this app template using our drag-and-drop app builder. Create or add readymade forms, update the app’s name and icon, change background colors, and add images with no coding. You can also change the app’s splash screen and icon, embed links, share information about your church, and much more. Then share the app with your community via link or email. Keep in touch with your church members using a free, fully-customizable Online Church App.


Charity Management App

A charity management app is used by the charity and nonprofit organizations to record and track volunteers and donations. This Charity Profits App contains two forms for community organizers to fill out: a Donation Tracking Form for recording new donation details and choosing donation packages, and a Volunteer Application Form for registering new volunteers. Donations are automatically synced to an easy-to-read Donation Tracking Sheet, while volunteers’ contact information, schedules, and availability are stored in a Volunteer Sign Up Sheet.This Charity Management App is ready to use, but you can customize it to meet your needs with our intuitive form builder. No coding is required — just drag and drop to add new forms and buttons, pick from different color schemes, upload images, and more. You can even personalize your splash screen by adding a mission statement, announcements, or a donation button. When you’re finished, share a link to your app with your organization, where they can then download it on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Manage your charity organization from a single app using this Charity Management App from Jotform.


Volunteer Scheduling App

A volunteer scheduling app is used by communities and organizations for recruiting volunteers. Our Volunteer Scheduling App allows individuals to volunteer for upcoming activities and events by filling out a form with their general contact information, availability, areas of interest, and any helpful talents they may have. This app template also includes an interactive event calendar and an event request form. Volunteer registrations are organized in an easy-to-read spreadsheet in your secure Jotform account, where you can sort and filter volunteers by name and availability.Jotform’s drag-and-drop app builder makes it easy to customize this app template to suit your needs. You can add and swap out form elements, choose fonts and colors, upload your organization’s logo, use your splash screen to include testimonials and photo slideshows of past events, and more — all without any coding. When you’re done, share your app by attaching it to an email newsletter, or include a link in your website or social media bio, and volunteers can download your app on any device. Start making real change in your community with this fully-customizable Volunteer Scheduling App.


Food Donation App

Take your nonprofit organization to the next level with Jotform’s free Food Donation App. Donors can download this app on any device and fill out a form to donate money, food, products, services, and more. You can collect donations directly through your app with Jotform’s 100+ payment processors, including Square, PayPal, and Google Pay — with no additional transaction fees. Submissions are stored in your secure account, which you can easily share with other members of your organization.You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to make changes to this ready-made Food Donation App. With Jotform’s no-code app builder, just drag and drop to add or change form fields and checklist items, choose fonts and colors, upload your unique branding, and create a custom app icon and splash screen. After you’re finished, you can share your custom app with donors by sending email invites, embedding it in your website, or posting the app link in your social media bios. Broaden your donor pool to help those in need with a custom Food Donation App that works on any device.

Donation Apps

Activism App

Do you run a nonprofit or activist organization? With our free Activism App, activists can easily organize different activities, discover how to sell donation packages online, volunteer applications, survey responses, or share their contact information — all from a single convenient app. Download this app onto any smartphone or tablet and take it on the go to fundraisers, events, and conferences. All form submissions are instantly stored in your secure Jotform account, ready to be viewed and shared with anyone in your organization.Need to make some changes to the look and functionality of this Activism App? Jotform’s drag and drop app builder makes it easy to add or change form fields and checklist items, create additional pages, choose fonts and colors, upload your own branding, and collect donations directly from your app with our 100+ payment integrations. After you’re finished customizing, share your app with other activists by sending email invites, the app link, or by embedding it in an internal website — you'll then be able to sell donation packages online and gather other information you need. Start making big changes in the world with the help of this fully-customizable Activism App that works on any device.

Donation Apps

Blood Donation App

Does your nonprofit or hospital need an easy way to keep track of blood donation requests? Give your volunteers a seamless way to sign up with Jotform’s free Blood Donation App. Your customers can download your app on any Android or iOS device to fill out your forms. All your form submissions will be stored on your Jotform account in one easy to manage place – great for sharing access with all your employees. Review donation schedules, feedback responses, volunteer applications, consent forms, and many more.Need to make some changes to your Blood Donation App? No problem. With our easy to use drag-and-drop builder tool, you can change your app’s design without having to code. Upload your organization’s logo, update time-sensitive forms, or pick a fitting app icon and background image. For easy sharing, you can send your app through a direct link, via email, or even through a scannable QR code. Make blood donations for both you and your volunteers easier with Jotform’s Blood Donation App.


Auction App

Running an auction? With Jotform’s free Auction App, you can create a mobile app that lets people register as bidders, make an auction bid, donate an item, and take other actions from a downloadable app for iOS or Android. Instead of gathering information in time-consuming phone calls and emails, you can gather it all in a single app and view submissions instantly on the go.Updating this Auction App template is easy. Drag and drop to get the look you want with our no-code builder — whether that’s adding a logo, choosing a new icon or splash screen, or updating the forms within the app. Once you’re ready to go, share your personalized Auction App in your social media bio, via email, or with a link.


Food Waste App

Run a nonprofit organization that deals with food waste? Take action to prevent food waste and donate food to charitable organizations with this free Food Waste App from Jotform. Send food requests and schedule pickup times and locations with restaurants, airports, and catering companies by filling out online forms. Responses are stored in your secure Jotform account to be viewed and shared within your organization.Make this Food Waste App your own without any coding knowledge. Drag and drop to add or change form fields and checklist items, create new pages, choose fonts and colors, upload your organization’s unique branding, install helpful widgets and integrations, and much more. After you’re finished, share your app by sending email invites or the app link to businesses. Prevent food waste and help those in need with a fully-customizable Food Waste App that works on any device.


Christmas App

Planning holiday events for your company or organization? Get started with Jotform’s free Christmas App for internal use! This premade app template includes an event invitation and Secret Santa form that your employees or coworkers can fill out using any device. Submissions will be received instantly and automatically synced to your secure Jotform account, where you can view responses in a spreadsheet, calendar, or as cards. Get into the holiday spirit by customizing this Christmas App for your company! In just a few clicks, our drag-and-drop builder lets you add forms, pages, links, photos, and other app elements to the template. You can even change the app fonts, colors, name, icon, and splash page to better represent your branding or event. When your app is ready to be shared, send it to others via app link or email invite. Make event planning a breeze this holiday season with a fully-featured Christmas App made just for your company!


Secret Santa App

A Secret Santa app allows a group of people to participate in an anonymous gift exchange by collecting wish list information prior to assigning “Secret Santas.” Get your company or classroom holiday party started with our free Secret Santa App! This ready-to-use app template comes with event details, price limit information, and an online form that guests can fill out with their name, address, and interests. Submissions will be received instantly so you can quickly assign Secret Santas as the event coordinator.Get into the holiday spirit by customizing this Secret Santa App for your organization. No coding necessary — just drag and drop to add new forms, include more party details, change images and app settings, and even upload your branding for a more personalized design. When it’s ready, share the link with your employees or students to download the app onto their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Make sure this year’s Secret Santa runs smoothly with a fully-custom Secret Santa App for your holiday celebration!


Women Empowerment App

A women empowerment app is used by charities or nonprofits whose goal it is to empower women. With this free downloadable mobile app, you can give supporters of your cause a more convenient way to donate, sign up for your email list, see upcoming events, or view contact information. Use the app as is or customize it in a few easy clicks, then share it for download on iOS or Android.Feel free to add your logo, enter event information, and personalize the look of the app with our drag-and-drop builder. You can even connect with 30+ payment processor integrations to receive donations with no extra transaction fees! Once your custom Women Empowerment App is ready to go, you’ll be free to start collecting donations, event registrations, and more on any device.

Donation Apps

Volunteer Sign Up App

A volunteer signup app is a mobile app that businesses, schools, or programs can use to collect volunteer signups. With a free Volunteer Signup App template from Jotform, you can easily connect with volunteers, schedule their appointment times, collect waivers, and more. You can even collect donations with one of our 30+ payment gateways! All submissions made in the app will be stored securely in your Jotform account — ready to view, edit, or share on any device.Need your Volunteer Signup App to match your company branding? Not an issue. Use our simple drag-and-drop app builder to make design changes like choosing fonts and colors, uploading branding logos and assets, changing your app’s icon and backsplash, and more — all without coding. Streamline your volunteer activities with a custom app from Jotform Apps.


Prayer Request App

A prayer request app is a type of mobile application used by congregations and other religious ministries to collect prayer requests. With this free Prayer Request App, you can collect prayer requests, list recently submitted prayers, gather donations from your community, and so much more. Once you’re satisfied with your app, all you need to do is share it with your community to start collecting requests.Customizing your Prayer Request App is a breeze with Jotform’s no-code app builder. Drag and drop to make changes like adding or removing forms from your app, changing fonts and colors, choosing a unique app icon, and more. You can also add a Donation Box element to your app to easily track and manage prayer donations. Collect prayer requests from one centralized location with this free app from Jotform.

Payment Collection Apps

Petition App

A petition app is a mobile application that is used to organize and manage a petition. With Jotform Apps, you can create and design your ideal Petition App. Share information about your petition, collect petition e-signatures, share images and videos, and so much more — all from one centralized application. Just share it to start collecting e-signatures for your petition. Need to make changes to the look and feel of this Petition App template? No problem. Drag and drop to change the app icon, add a background image, switch up fonts and colors, add or remove forms, and more. You can even integrate with 250+ platforms to take your Petition App to the next level. Start collecting petition e-signatures now with Jotform Apps.


About Nonprofit App Templates

Need a hand managing your nonprofit? Do it with Jotform’s free Nonprofit App Templates! Select an app template below and customize it using our drag-and-drop app builder to match your nonprofit’s needs and branding — with zero coding knowledge required. You can then share your app with a link to be downloaded onto any device, so you and your team can collect important information on the go. Make the switch from paper forms to online forms and speed up your nonprofit’s workflow with a free Nonprofit App.