Nonprofit App Templates

12 Templates

Need a hand managing your nonprofit? Do it with Jotform’s free Nonprofit App Templates! Select an app template below and customize it using our drag-and-drop app builder to match your nonprofit’s needs and branding — with zero coding knowledge required. You can then share your app with a link to be downloaded onto any device, so you and your team can collect important information on the go. Make the switch from paper forms to online forms and speed up your nonprofit’s workflow with a free Nonprofit App.

Church App

Build an app for your church without any coding. Collect donations, get prayer requests, and more. Easy to customize and share with your congregation.


Charity Management App

Build an app for logging new donations and managing volunteer sign-ups. Great for charity organizations and nonprofits. Download on any device. No coding.


Donation App

Create an app for collecting charitable donations on any device. Great for non-profit organizations and churches. Easy to customize and share. No coding.


Online Church App

Build your own church app without any coding. Collect new member applications, donations, prayer requests, and more. Easy to customize, share, and download.


Volunteer Scheduling App

Create an app for recruiting local volunteers for upcoming activities and events. Easy to customize and share. Download on any device. No coding.

Scheduling Apps

Secret Santa App

Organize Secret Santa for your company or classroom. Create your own app for Secret Santa in just a few clicks. Easy to download and share. No coding.


Activism App

Free downloadable app for activists, volunteers, and organizers. Collect online donations. Easy to share. Drag-and-drop to customize. No coding knowledge required.


Christmas App

Plan holiday events for your organization with a fully custom app. Download on any device. Drag-and-drop customization. Easy to share. No coding.

Human Resources

Blood Donation App

Make your own custom app to keep track of your organization’s blood donations. Easy to create with our drag-and-drop builder. Compatible on iOS and Android devices.


Food Waste App

Prevent food waste and donate to charitable organizations with a free downloadable app. Customize with no coding. Works on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Booking Apps

Food Donation App

Create a custom app for donating food or money to your food bank. Works on iOS and Android devices. Drag and drop to customize. Easy to share. No coding required.


Auction App

Free downloadable mobile app. Gather registrations, auction bids, and more from any device. Works for iOS and Android. Drag and drop to customize without coding.