Top 21 brand survey questions

People say that perception is reality.

Whether you buy into that or not, how your target audience and existing customers perceive your brand really does have a huge impact on the success of your business.

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What is brand perception?

Brand perception, in a nutshell, refers to how your current customers — and even those you hope will become your customers — view your products and services, your online presence, your interactions with your audience, and your brand’s overall position in the marketplace. Essentially, it’s all the ways your company or business “shows up” in the world — especially in comparison to your competitors.

A branding survey can help you determine not only what current and potential customers think about your brand, but also how they perceive it in relation to other, similar brands. 

The benefits of brand awareness surveys

A brand awareness or brand perception survey is an effective tool for gathering important insights, including how likely customers and clients are to recommend your business to their friends and colleagues. And once you have your survey results in hand, you can determine which brand elements are working well and which aren’t, as well as pinpoint areas for improvement.

This is great intel to have because with it, you can bridge the gap between what people think of your brand and what you’d like them to think of it, understand the impact and reach of your marketing campaigns, and identify key areas for improvement, among other things.

That can help you create a stronger connection with your customers — and the more connected they feel to your brand, the more eager they’ll be to buy your products and services and spread the good word to others.

Here are 21 brand survey questions to get you started on your own brand survey, categorized by survey type. 

Brand perception survey questions

Brand perception survey questions are meant to gauge what customers and potential customers think about your brand, which can help you measure brand performance and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Here are some examples:

  • How does [your brand] make you feel?

This open-ended question will net you authentic, voice-of-customer data you can use to strengthen your brand’s messaging and optimize your current marketing campaigns, among other things.

  •  How likely are you to recommend [your brand] to a friend or colleague? 

Allow respondents to answer this question on a scale of 1–10, moving from “not at all likely” to “extremely likely.” The number they choose is known as the Net Promoter Score®  (NPS®).

  • When you think of [your brand], what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 

Responses to this question will give you insight into the values and attributes customers associate with your brand.

  • How would you describe your last experience with [your brand]? 

Use this open-ended question to assess how positive or negative a customer’s experience has been with your company.

  • Which values do you think [your brand] best represents?

The responses to this question will help you determine how your stated values align with how the market perceives your brand so you can adjust your messaging accordingly.

Brand positioning survey questions 

Brand positioning survey questions help you gather data on the unique value of your products and services to your target market, especially in terms of why customers would choose your brand over others. Here are some options:

  • Which brand of [your product category] do you prefer?

You can present this as an open-ended question or provide a list of similar brands in a multiple-choice list. The responses here will help you assess how your target market perceives your brand in relation to other brands in your category, giving you insight into how to differentiate your brand among competitors.

Other questions to ask in a brand positioning survey:

  • What three to five words would you use to describe [your brand]?
  • Why do you buy from us?
  • What unique value does our product or service offer?
  • What brand qualities stand out for you?
  • What kind of brand appeals to you?

Brand awareness survey questions 

Brand awareness survey questions can help you measure how popular and recognized your brand is for your target market. The data you gather can help you target your marketing campaigns to the right audience segments and improve your brand’s image. 

  • How well do you know our products/services?
  • When was the first time you heard about our products/services?
  • When was the last time you used our products/services?
  • What is your overall impression of [your brand]?
  • How often do you hear people talking about [your brand]?

Brand identity survey questions

Brand identity survey questions help you determine how well you’re conveying your brand’s image and core values to your target audience. For example, what attributes does your audience associate with your brand? Does your brand identity match your brand’s image in the marketplace? Examples include

  • When was the last time you used our product/service?
  • What is the main quality or attribute you associate with [your brand]?
  • What unique value does [your brand] provide?
  • How would you describe [your brand] to another person?

A few final survey questions to consider

You may want to provide your respondents with the opportunity to share their thoughts with a final open-ended question to round out your brand survey:

  • Please share a few things [your brand] can do better.

The responses to this open-ended question will give you valuable insights into how people perceive your products and services, website performance, shipping and delivery, ease of ordering, customer service, accessibility of product information, and a whole host of other elements. You can use the feedback to make improvements that should prevent customer dissatisfaction and win customers over to your brand.

These 21 brand survey questions will get you off to a great start. But if you’re feeling ambitious, here are a few other questions to consider adding to your surveys:

  • Have you used our [product/service] before?
  • What are the biggest challenges and pain points with using [products/services like yours]?
  • Why did you buy [product/service] from us rather than another company with a similar [product/service]?
  • Which competitors did you consider buying from before buying from [your company name]?
  • Which other companies have you purchased similar [products/services] from in the past?

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Whichever brand survey questions you use, be sure you phrase them carefully. You want them to deliver responses that will help you understand how people really feel about your brand and what motivates them to buy from you.

A brand survey is an excellent tool for aligning your brand with what your target audience wants, ensuring that your message is relevant in the market so you can outshine the competition and grow your business.

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