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Conditional Logic for Online Forms

Conditional Logic for Online Forms

What's a Smart Form?

In the most basic sense, smart forms are dynamic. Instead of static words on a screen, smart forms can change based on how a user answers a question. Want to segment questions to different types of users? Perform complex calculations? Smart forms get the job done.

Smart forms function according to if/then conditions, for instance, if a user is paying for a subscription, then they will be asked about their usage; if a user is not paying for a subscription, then they will be asked if they want to sign up for one.

Here are some use case scenarios:

🔘Sending emails to different addresses according to user answers

🔘 Showing additional questions when a user chooses a specific answer

🔘 Skipping pages in a multipage survey depending on user answers

🔘 Offering different PDF downloads depending on the user's choice

🔘 Showing a different Thank-You message based on user answers to a quiz

🔘 Password protecting a form 

🔘 Not showing the submit button until the user makes a particular choice

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How do I set up conditions on my forms?

Just follow the "Conditions Wizard" to smarten up your form.


Click SETTINGS in the top menu, then CONDITIONS in the left menu.


Select the condition you need.

What each conditional logic option does


The Show/Hide field shows or hides a field when a specified condition is met. For example, if a user answers "Did you use our product?" with "Yes," then the form will show "How would you rate it?" If a user answers "Did you use our product?" with "No," then the form will hide "How would you rate it?"

Here are some guides related to this function:

🔗 How to Show or Hide Fields Based on a User's Answer

🔗 Hide or Show Multiple Fields at Once

🔗 Show or Hide Multiple Fields at Once Using the Form Collapse Tool


You can create conditional logic rules to perform calculations. Let's say you want to add values from two different fields and have the solution appear in a text box labeled "Total." You can specify the fields to be added and when they should be added.

Check out the guides below to learn more about this conditional logic option:

🔗 How to Insert Text or a Mathematical Calculation into a Field Using Conditional Logic

🔗 How to Manipulate a Text String with Conditions and Calculations


This option allows you to set a form field as REQUIRED or NOT REQUIRED depending on the user's input. You can also ENABLE or DISABLE form fields. This option can be used to conditionally set or change a field's Content Mask. The Content Mask helps users enter data by ensuring a predefined format, such an international phone number, will be followed.

Here are some guides related to this conditional logic option:

🔗 How to Make a Field Required Based on a User's Answer

🔗 How to Set a Content Mask on a Form Field Based on Another Field Input


Allows you to skip or hide pages based on a user’s answers. You can ask additional questions on a new page or simply end the form.

Below is a guide with more details on how to use this feature:

🔗 How to Skip Pages Using Conditional Logic


In this option, you can redirect to a different Thank-You page according to the form submission. Let’s say you list your white papers in a dropdown list and prompt the user to select one. After the form is submitted, the user will be redirected to the white paper they selected.

You can also display a customized Thank-You page according to the form response. If your form is a quiz and the user’s responses for the quiz are not correct, it might be useful to provide the answers or additional resources on the next page.

Here are some guides that might help you with this feature:

🔗 Change Thank-You URL Based on a Condition

🔗 How to Change Thank-You Message Using Conditional Logic

🔗 How to Change Thank-You Message Depending on the Language Used


Send different email alerts based on your users’ responses. Let’s say you have a dropdown question with options like "Sales", "Support", etc. If a user selects "Sales," then a response will be sent to the sales department.

Here's a comprehensive guide on how to set up email alerts with conditions:

🔗 How to Send Email Based on a User's Answer


This screen is a dynamic form. The fields you've added and the choices you have set determine the IF / THEN fields. For example: If the department field is equal to sales, then the notification email goes to

Once you complete a condition, save and test your form. Make sure that the condition is working properly before adding more conditions or your smart form will turn out to be not so smart.

How'd you do? Did you have any difficulties understanding this guide? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    IF any of the drop downs are equal to billable,
    THEN the box is automatically checked by the form.

    Then say there is a mistake and clicked billable when they didn't mean to and someone needs to correct the form:

    IF all of the drop downs are equal to Non-billable or blank.
    THEN the box is automatically not checked by form.

    Please let me know if I am overlooking how to do this. Thanks!

  • sunshinepeds

    I've tried searching this elsewhere but can't find it. I have 2 conditional logic questions, and they're working fine, but when I go to generate a pdf to print it, those 2 questions are printed at the very bottom of the form...which makes no sense.

    What do I do to keep it where it is on the form and not print separately all the way at the bottom?

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    Boutique = A1, A2, ... A30
    If Boutique are A1 or A2 then email E1 (Already working)

    I would like to add the following but I am not sure the condition will be executed.
    if Boutique is A1 the email E2
    if Boutique A2 the email E2

    If Boutique are A3 or A4 or A5 then email E3

    I would lik to add the following
    if Boutique is A3 the email E4
    if Boutique A4 the email E5
    if Boutique A5 the email E6

    Thank you and kind regards

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    The employee would select a department and then the Division drop-down box would appear. So if some selected Administrative Services they would have the HR, Finance, IT to select from; if they select Police Department they would have Records, Investigations, Patrol to select from extra.

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    I followed exactly you instructions but they probably work differently for the payment field.
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