Does Google Drive enable HIPAA compliance?

Google Drive has stated that it is HIPAA compliant and will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). It offers access control, allowing only authorized personnel to access ePHI, as well as activity logs and audit controls to register any attempts to access ePHI.

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Google Drive is part of G Suite, which has TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption to protect PHI. To adhere to HIPAA-compliant procedures, Google Drive users will need to sign a BAA and disable file sharing and syncing. The BAA does not apply to third-party apps that connect with G Suite, so an additional BAA from that app provider may be required to meet HIPAA compliance standards.

Google appears willing to sign a BAA with healthcare companies that use G Suite, but not until all security protocols are in place. Using G Suite to transmit or store PHI before you have the BAA in place is risky.

Healthcare companies have embraced G Suite because of its robust security features and low cost.

Setting up a HIPAA-compliant Gmail account
Simply purchasing G Suite doesn’t make your email HIPAA compliant. To use Gmail, even with G Suite, you must configure your account correctly.

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Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage and synchronization solution provided by Google.

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