Is Quickbooks HIPAA compliant?

No, Quickbooks does not state that it is HIPAA compliant. Even though Quickbooks Online meets industry security standards, the security measures do not comply with HIPAA privacy requirements.

Quickbooks has many features to simplify business invoicing and bookkeeping. While this software is effective in a variety of industries, it isn’t recommended for medical billing. Since deductibles, cash payouts, insurance invoices, and copays include patient health information, you shouldn’t enter this information into Quickbooks because Quickbooks has never stated that it is HIPAA compliant.

Some medical clinics use Quickbooks for summarizing revenue and sales receipts. This tool can be a powerful way to track revenue by company, insurance, or even patient category. But you need to be sure that the information does not fall under the classification of “protected health information” (PHI).

For example, you shouldn’t use Quickbooks for patient demographic data, information about physical or mental health conditions of patients, health care services offered to each person, or payment for medical services. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, medical practitioners shouldn’t use non-compliant software services for the above information if there is “a reasonable basis to believe it can be used to identify the individual.”

Another reason why Quickbooks is not HIPAA compliant is that the company won’t sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

If you are in the healthcare industry and use Quickbooks, you should not use “individually identifiable health information” with this software. This information is best secured using HIPAA-compliant medical billing software.

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