Is Adobe Sign HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Adobe Sign has described itself as HIPAA compliant. Clients can access HIPAA-compliant security features through the Enterprise plan. Also, Adobe will sign a business associate agreement (BAA).

When using e-signatures for protected health information (PHI), you must institute security and privacy protections for electronic transmission and storage of data to meet HIPAA requirements. 

Adobe Sign offers configuration options that comply with HIPAA standards and allow organizations to meet industry-specific compliance requirements for e-signatures. Each client must configure features such as account time-out, password length, and accessibility settings.

Adobe Sign is HIPAA-ready, including all necessary security features to protect PHI from falling into the wrong hands. Covered entities can use authentication to manage user identities, certify each document’s integrity, maintain audit trails, and track document delivery. 

This tool is helpful for healthcare providers because the e-signature features can be integrated with other HIPAA-compliant software services.

Adobe Sign offers a business associate agreement (BAA) for customers on an Enterprise plan. If you don’t already have an Enterprise plan, you’ll need to upgrade before requesting a BAA.

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Adobe Sign provides e-signature functionality, allowing users to send, track, manage, and sign digital documents using various devices.


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