Is Square HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Square is HIPAA compliant because the company offers a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for users.

Square takes things seriously when it comes to HIPAA compliance and aims to protect both their users and the customers of their users. That's why they took the necessary measures in order to provide HIPAA compliance to its users. If the user is subject to HIPAA (as a covered entity or business associate) and dealing with Protected Health Information, the user needs to sign Square HIPAA BAA. The responsibility to decide whether they need to comply with the HIPAA requirement or not belongs to the user. The user can get more information by checking Square's HIPAA BAA. The user doesn't need to apply for PCI compliance since Square is already PCI compliant by its nature.

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Square is one of the most popular online payment gateways for small businesses. It also offers POS devices for easy credit card processing. With Square, businesses can reach more customers and safely accept card payments online and in person.


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